What Makes a house a colonial revival

Colonial architecture is unique to the United States. It is something that we created out of necessity and our own grand ideas. Colonial Revival Architecture is the most popular type of architecture in the United States. It combines many unique to the country elements such as an symmetrical appearance, the homes may have a gabled, hipped, or gambrel roofline, they also are large homes, usually two stores and you may recognize them by their notable decorative entrance.


What started the Colonial Revival?

In the 1840’s people started thinking more about the past then they had previously. They were ready and willing to find items from the past not only to collect, but to use in their home decorating. This also helped to slowly fuel a need to preserve our past and historic homes in the 1920’s. During this time not only were many plantations saved from ruin, such as  Monticello, Stratford Hall, Montpelier, and Oak Hill in Virginia, but this was also the time of the founding of Dearborn Michigan’s Greenfield village by Henry Ford and when John D. Rockefeller Jr started his preservation of Colonial Williamsburg.

The public felt at this time that America was at is best or had it’s Golden Age from the first Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock to about 1826 when the last 2 of the founding fathers passed. Furniture styles from the past such as Federal, Heppelwite and Sheraton were popular along with the more historic colonial style of William and Mary or Chippendale

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there became a new idea that the architecture and home furnishings would shape a persons character. People believed that if they wanted their children to be noble, honest, sincerity courage and strength, all colonial virtues, they need to surround them with colonial style homes and furnishings. At this time people believed that luxury and opulent furnishings would create lazy children who would crow into idle adults.

Now we know why this style of architecture and home furnishings became such a big part of American architecture, but how do you know your are looking at or living in a colonial revival home?


Features of a Colonel Revival Home
  • A symmetrical façade, but may have side porches or sunrooms on either or both sides.
  • Rectangular mass, most of the colonial revival homes are huge box looking structures. They don’t have much to them.
  • They are usually at least two stories high, some are three

  • Usually the will have a medium pitch, side-gable roof with narrow eaves. they may also have Hipped roofs and dormers.
  • Multi-pane double-hung windows with correctly proportioned shutters, they may also have bay windows.
  • The entrance is always centered and accented with columns, pilasters, pediment, and/or maybe hooded to create a covered porch.
  • The door may have sidelights or panels
  • Brick or wood clapboard is the most common siding found in Colonial Revival homes.
  • Other design elements you will see in this type of home may include classical columns, two-story pilasters, quoins at corners, dentil trim under eaves, or Palladian windows.

Colonial Architecture is simple yet very beautiful in it’s understated way. We have come to know many of these homes as a symbol of wealth and they will continue to be beacons to remember the past and what made the United States the country it is today.




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Odors are no more with Enviro Klenz Odor Eliminator

Odors are no more

Moving can be a hassle, not only do you want to clean the home you are leaving, but you want to clean the one you are moving into as well. This was me, though I was moving out of a home of a family member, I still felt that I should clean up as best I could before I left.

I also have two cute kittens and I knew they had left smells behind and that is why I was so excited to try Enviro Klenz Odor Eliminator. When I moved out a couple of weeks ago I was able to use this product to make all the cat smells go away, including where their litterbox was. When I went back over this weekend you had no idea the cats had been in that area.

I still use it in my new place, I have my cats litterbox in the main bathroom as that is the only place with room. The problem is that they are kittens and still like to go outside the litter box, even though it’s a tile floor it can still leave a smell so I clean it up and use some of the Enviro Klenz to make the smell go away. You of course have to keep your litter box clean to notice the difference.


I have also used the product in my kitchen and I love it there too. I cook a lot and I chop and dice and make my kitchen smell great, until dinner is done and all I smell is onion or garlic. Just a swipe of Enviro Klenze takes the odor away.

Now I have been talking about hard surfaces and using it there, but this is also a great product to use to freshen fabrics, just add it to a spray bottle and go. I have used it when I have people coming over to get rid of pet smells, I also have used it just to make my home smell good for myself.

I also bought a new mattress when I moved and I knew it was going to have that smell, you know that one that hits you and makes you open the windows and leave the room until it goes away, but it takes days to go away! Now it doesn’t just spray the Enviro Klenze on the mattress and the odor is gone! That is something that really sold me on this product, I work in a furniture store and that is something that is always an issue, people call all of the time saying there mattress has a smell, well I have just found a great solution that I and the sales staff can share with them!

Overall I really love this product and recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want chemicals in their home, this product is earth friendly! Something many of you know I am passionate about.

Check out this video about Enviro Klenze Odor Eliminator and then check it out for yourself.

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add a little marble to your more modern look


Will this be a new trend? Marble is usually reserved for a more traditional look, but now you may just want to add a little marble to your more modern look. Not only does it create in my opinion a very cool look, but you can get the Marble look at home without the marble cost and that makes this a really great design trend.

Cracked-Natural Fitzgerald




You can find this amazing marble at Atra Floor. What do you think of this new old meets new trend?

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Finding a House that Works for Your Budget and Family Size

Searching for a new home to make you and everyone in your family satisfied can be a challenge.  You want to find somewhere that you can afford but also offers all of the space and amenities you want to keep your children and spouse happy.

Whether you plan to buy or rent, you might want a centralized online location that offers plenty to choose from so that you can find a place that suits your needs exactly.  You can find that location and get that array of choices by going online today.

Finding a Place to Buy

If you are in the market to buy a new house, you want to know what kind of price ranges are available to you in the market in which you are searching.  Knowing the prices lets you know what kind of mortgage you need to apply for or if you need to look for cheaper housing in a nearby town.

The website shows you houses for sale in the area and also displays the price for each one.  You can narrow your search by the price range in which you want to stay.  Once you set your search boundaries, you can then find a house that works best for your budget.

Finding a Place to Rent

If you are not able or choose not to buy a house, you may be interested in renting a house rather than an apartment.  The website shows you all of the property for rent in the area.  The listings come with rental amounts as well as pictures of the home so that you get a preliminary glimpse of the residence.

Based on the pictures and descriptions, you can determine if the houses at which you are looking can suit your family’s needs.  You can look at the kitchen space, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more on the website before actually visiting the house.

As with buying a home, you can set your search by how much money you want to pay in rent. This search option lets you avoid looking at housing that is outside of the budget you have available for renting.

Choosing a home that can accommodate your family and budget no longer has to be a long drawn-out search.  You can simplify it and find housing that suits what you want to spend by searching on the website today.

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Get Cash Back on Your Home Improvement Project


You know there is a great way to get a amazing deal on the home projects you’re working on or gardening supplies you need for your next outdoor project. Right now you can get a 10% cashback when you purchase Lowe’s gift cards from MyGiftCardsPlus, which is a site that gives you cash back when you buy gift cards to your favorite retailers.

The cash back is paid in the form of SB points on Swagbucks, which you can turn into free gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, or PayPal. You can take advantage of this deal by clicking here, and if you don’t already have a Swagbucks account, you can create one there so you get your SB points for your purchase!

This is a limited time offer that’s good through this Friday or until supplies run our, whichever happens first!

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Why I want to Invest in Real Estate

My dream since I was in my early 20’s was to own my own home, that grew as I continued threw collage, to me wanting to flip homes. At the time I had an idea of what house flipping was, but it was not as well known about as it is today.

One of my resolutions this year was to fix myself, I had lost track of my goals, my wants and my dreams. I had gotten use to not getting what I had hoped for and gave up. These last few months have led me on a journey of discovering my self again, realizing that my dreams could really happen, if I take action and do something to make them happen.

I have done some research and I still want to do a little more before jumping into flipping and investing in rental properties, I have time as currently I don’t have the income to fund it myself and I need to start networking to see who may be interested in helping me get started.

One thing I know that is very important to have is a why, why do I want to invest in real estate? My why and my end goal is to be able to help people who are like my mother, who because of no fault of their own they can not rent a home or apartment. They can not buy, and they are stuck living with family or in very low cost housing in bad areas.  This is my why, but not my start goal. I would not feel comfortable taking the risk these people do bring with someone else’s money, this why will have to wait until I myself own the homes.

Another reason I really want to invest in flipping homes is that I love design, that is my degree and my passion, but I have found that I would rather fix things based on my own ideas, then deal with others at this point in my life. For me this has to do with my anxiety, I may one day be able to do design work for others, but right now, it’s reserved for myself and friends and family.

The best part about me doing this research and hopefully soon getting into real-estate investing is that I can share my journey with you, my readers. I have some amazing ideas for post that I hope will inspire you and of course once I do get started I plan on showing you my progress with each home.

Have you invested in real estate or flipped homes? What tips do you have for me?

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Organize your home with Yocopia

The holidays are done and now it’s time to look at ourselves and our homes. The top new years resolutions are to lose weight, get healthy and get organized. We are already a week into the new year and it’s time to start working on that organization resolution! I have some amazing products to help you do just that.

I received a few products from Yocpia to review for you all. I’m really very happy with what I have received. I have been able to organize my home with ease and really make myself feel like I have control over something this new year.


The first item I was excited to try out was the spice steps. It’s a simple step up product that allows you to see more of your spices in your cupboard. I was excited because I am currently living with my brother and our spices were all over the place. This helped us because we could put the spices we use the most up front and the ones that we don’t use as much in the back, but we could still see them, making not only cooking easier, but grocery shopping as well.


The next item I received was a lid holder for your pots and pans. I have needed this in my life for a long time and I may buy another one when I get my own place so that my brother can keep this one. It’s amazing and really helps keep my pots and pans organized. I’m someone who can’t seem to ever stack the pots and pans with lids on them, one I don’t have a cupboard that is big enough to do that and two I’m lazy when I get home and don’t want to take the time to do that. The lid holder makes it so easy to store your lids and really who uses the lid every time they cook anyway!


The last item I received is really very cool it’s a Drawer StoraStack and it helps keep your food containers organized, now I will say there is a downside to this one as my drawers are not big enough to put it in, but I have it sitting in my cupboard and it works well. It’s great for those that have gone out and bought container sets that fit into each other, if you randomly buy them though, this may not work as well for you, though I will say it’s great to hold lids for all those random pieces.

I hope you take a look at what else Yocopia has to offer. They have such great products and great prices that I really don’t see why you wouldn’t look at them, All of the pieces I received were of amazing quality. They were not flimsy, but very sturdy and I have yet to feel like they would break if I dropped them or put something in wrong. I have had all of these products for a few weeks and really have enjoyed using them and seeing how much they have helped me organize.

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Five Quick Tips For New Year Organization

Tips for new year organization

It’s the new year and now is the time to get into your home and organize it. You know it’s been crazy over the holidays and you were not worried about how things went as long as your home looked clean and ready for guest, now though as you enjoy the day after Christmas you may realize you need a bit of help in getting your home back to normal. Below I have a few tips to help quickly organize your home for the new year.

My Five Quick Tips for New Year Organization

1. Get your Holiday decorations in order

There are many ways to store your holiday décor, but many people don’t know how to do it. It’s actually very easy and can be cheap. My tip here is to hit up the dollar store for storage and bubble wrap. You can also order great storage for your decorations on Amazon.com

2. Do one room at a time.

You are not going to be able to organize your home over the weekend. It’s going to take time and there is going to be a bit of a mess for a while.


  • Get a piece of paper and create 2 columns.
  • Write down each room in your home, put the smaller rooms in one column and the bigger rooms in the next.
  • In the smaller room column circle every 2-3 rooms, each circle represents one week of time spent on those rooms.
  • The bigger room column should be one room each week. If you have an overly large kitchen then add another week.

Yes this is going to take a month or two, but you will appreciate the outcome when you are done.

3. Get rid of non-used clothing

  • I’m sure you have heard this tip before, but it’s easier said then done. Here is how I do it every year.
  • Go though all of your clothing, throw out or donate anything you hate, anything that is too big (exceptions are big sweaters but only one or two!) or too small.
  • Once that is done, do the hanger trick, place all of your hangers the opposite way you normally do. Then as you wear the clothing put the hangers the other way. In 6 months see what clothing you have worn and what you have not. Donate what you have not. (again, exceptions are formal wear and other special occasion things)
    4. Have your kids help with their rooms
    Many people think that mom or dad have to do all the organizing in the kids rooms, but if your children are old enough have them help. Let them pick out the storage and ask them questions about how they want their rooms to look. When a child has an input in what is going on they are more likely to take pride in their space and keep it looking good.
    5. Don’t Stress

Organizing takes time, but when you take the time to do it, the next time is so much easier. Lets start 2017 the right way and get things done. Don’t stress about the mess. Just go into another room, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and think about how nice it will be when it’s all done. It will get done!

I hope these tips help you with organizing your New Year. Make sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get more tips on organizing your home this new year!

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Why a Career in the Art Industry?

A career in the art industry can mean many things to different people. For some, a successful career involves working at a design company. Others may prefer to work for an advertising agency. Still, you might be among the ones who desires to have your own art gallery. Owning your own business in this industry is even better when you want to use your talent and passion for art to create your own. While this sounds like a terrific idea, starting a business in any field can be stressful and fraught with difficulties. Nonetheless, overcoming the obstacles that an aspiring art business faces is very rewarding.

Understanding Basic Principles to Running a Business

One constant for most artists who decide to run their own business is admitting that selling art is not the hardest part. Many will tell you that the trick is to grasp the basic tenets of business. Things look different when you are at the steering wheel.Any independent venture requires more focus on the smallest thing that could lead to success or failure. The goal of every business is to make a profit. For this to occur, you need to accurately price your art so that it sells. Beyond the sales, you also need to know how to manage accounts payable and receivable, among other things that can help you keep the doors open.

Build a Network of Successful Art Business Owners

Any type of support system that you can maintain will help you during seemingly dark moments. Networking with other industry professionals who have overcome the challenges you will face can make a big difference. Their insights and warnings are invaluable. Why learn a lesson firsthand when you can avoid pitfalls learned from someone else’s mistakes?In addition to offering advice, networking may potentially increase your customer bases and brand exposure.Things can go wrong even if you have the best structure in place. However, having multiple art professionals with whom you can reach out to for support can make those challenges a little easier to bear.

Never Give Up on Yourself

No matter how much talent you bring to the business, starting from scratch can stretch you beyond certain limits. However, always remember what motivated you to start the art business. If you believed in yourself then, continue to believe that you will build a successful business. Your creativity in making this venture work will eventually pay off in positive dividends.

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Questions You Should Ask Your Contractor.



Your contractor will be the person in charge of your home renovation project. He or she will tell all of the other workers what to do. Needless to say, your decision regarding which contractor to hire is a big one. You need to know the right questions to ask the contractors you are considering for the job. Getting the right info will help you to make a decision that you will not end up regretting at some point in the future. Here are the crucial questions that you should pose to all prospective contractors.

1. Do you have a current contractor’s license?

You should always avoid doing business with any contractors that are unlicensed. Some people disregard this detail and hire an unlicensed contractor because they are offered a very low quote. The homeowner thinks that he or she is getting a great deal. What the homeowner does not realize is that there is probably a very good reason why the contractor does not have a valid license. The money that the homeowner is saving by hiring a cheap contractor will be lost when a different contractor needs to be hired to repair the mistakes of the unlicensed one. A contractor with a license has passed all of the tests that are required by that particular state. This means that the contractor is very knowledgeable and less likely to make an expensive mistake. Always ask to see the contractor’s license.

2. Can you provide examples of your previous work?

Ideally, you should always make a point to closely examine the previous work of any contractor who is in the running for your job. Seeing their work with your own eyes will give you a good sense of the level of skill that the contractor has. You must then ask yourself if you want this person to be in charge of the attic renovation in your home. Do not hire a contractor who is unwilling to show you his or her previous work.

3. How long will the project take?

You need to get a good sense of what the length of the project will be. You do not want to get yourself into a situation where you have no idea when the contractor will complete the work that needs to be done.

4. What materials will be needed?

It is important for you to know about the required materials because you might be able to save yourself some money. You would be wise to call the various construction supply companies in your area. You might be able to find the materials you need at a far lower price than the contractor would have charged you for them.

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