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How You can Use The Bagua Map to Improve Your Home

The Bagua map is a very useful tool in Feng shui. It is used to show where the 5 elements should be placed in your home, office and your yard, yes you can even Feng Shui your yard.


Here are some great ways you can use The Bagua Map to improve your home

The North

The north element is water, water can be represented in paintings, by small or large fountains or by a fish tank, make sure that the water is kept moving if it’s not it will harm you instead of help you. The north color is black , use this colors in the north area of your home or room. The north section effects your career and life path, keep this area well kept if your looking for a promotion.

The Northeast

The Northeast Element is Earth,you want to perk up this area if you are looking to get better grades in school, or are looking for the knowledge you need for a promotion. The color to use here is blue, but you can also use black and green.

The East

When you want to improve your family ties, have better luck having children, or just looking to improve your sex life, look to the east. The color here is green, you can also use black or blue. The best Element for this area is wood, but you can also use water.

The Southeast

The Southeast area is the “I want money!” area, if you are looking for wealth perk this area up by using wood or water elements, and these colors, purple, green and gold.

The south

The south part of your home, office or yard is in my opinion, the most important one, This area effect your reputation. If you want that promotion, or just to be liked more, this is the area you need to improve. The element here is fire, use red or green in this area.

The southwest

If you are looking for love and friendship, the southwest area is where you want to perk things up. Earth is the element here and it can be very helpful, use red and pink colors here.

The West

The west is one of the most powerful areas, I think because of what it helps with, Children problems and creativity. If your children are not getting along with you or other children perk up this area. Use metal, for your element and white for your color.

The North West

This is the wealth area, you want to locate your office in the part of the home if you can. You also want to fill it with wealth sybols like the

Even if you don’t believe in the art of Feng Shui, using these ideas does really help make your home more comfortable and inviting.

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