Mirrors and There Use in Feng Shui


Mirrors have an important use in feng shui, they help move chi and make a room bright. Mirrors represent the water element, just as water can calm you so can a well placed mirror.

Mirrors have other great benefits when used with feng shui. Look at the area of your life you want to enhance, then find a mirror with the element for that area.

  • Use a wood frame if you want to promote creativity
  • Use a metal frame to bring energy to a space and your life.

Best areas to have a mirror:

  1. East (Health & Family)
  2. Southeast (Wealth & Abundance)
  3. North (Career & Path in Life)

Areas to avoid placing a mirror:

  1. South (Fame & Reputation)
  2. on the wall directly facing the Main Door
  3. on the wall(s) facing the Bed.

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