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Why you want to try Flipping

You have probably seen the TV shows about house flipping, where you buy a home fix it up and sell it in a very short period of time. Many people right now are very interested in this business, yes it is a business, but they don’t think that they can get started in it, for a few reasons, lack of funds, lack of knowledge and possible they just don’t think they will succeed. I have always thought it would be fun to do this type of work and apparently I am not alone.

So what do the experts say about house flipping and what you need to do to get started, well there are a few great sites that give you tips. I’m going to give you two of them, one is from the cast of Flip This House on A&E, here the owners of the house flipping businesses give you there top 10 tips for starting your own house flipping business.

The next site I found that has some great tips is a site called House Flipping Tips. This site has lots of information about house flipping.

These are the two sites I have found very helpful in my research on this subject, so if your interested in doing this check these sites out. Get the information you need to get out there and try.


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Need an engineer?

I was looking though some blog today and I found a great blog that, I think, all of my wonderful readers, meaning you, would like. It is called Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement, yes a mouthful I know, but still a good name. It has lots of helpful advice for your DIY’s.

The posts I found most intriguing for me were the post about building a farmers porch, My mother would love to put that kind of a porch on the front of her home, which she just had built 2 years ago. I have bookmarked this for my step-father, who really doesn’t know much about this stuff, but thinks he does, I’m sure I’ll have to reference this a few times if they ever get the project going.

So if your looking for more building and construction ideas, then interior design ideas check out this blog, it’s really a great find.

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Why live in luxury?

Everyone is always after one thing when it come to designing, something bigger, better and flasher then what they or there friends have. If you look at most new design jobs, they have the best of everything, as long as the client can afford them.

When dealing with Home Remodeling you always want to see what you like and what it does, from high end appliances to decorative accessories. For you a nice new bar area for entertaining, for the kids, a brand new game room complete with chalk board wall. Or maybe you would rather have a huge stone fireplace with a large wood mantle and a reading area for you and your children.

One thing to remember when you are trying to get that something bigger and better with your next Home Improvement project is to make sure it fits with your lifestyle. If it doesn’t work well for you and help your life be more enjoyable and easier, then at least think before you buy it.

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Go Green with good design

No I’m not cheering for a sports team even though my high school colors were green and white. I am talking about green design. What is green design, you ask? Well it is when you use all natural products and products that reduce energy use in your home.

It is very easy to go green as we in the design industry like to say. One of the easiest ways to start is by replacing your appliances with energy star ones. Yes this can be expensive, but for most people it will not change there habits too much, but it will save you money in the long run and help the environment at the same time.

What else can you do to go green? Well if your thinking about putting in hardwood floors opt for bamboo flooring as bamboo is a strong wood that is great for flooring, but it’s also considered a weed, and grows very quickly, bamboo can be harvested after only 2 years, so it is considered a renewable resource.

Another way to go green and save you money is to replace all of your light bulbs with the new florescent ones. This can save you so much per year that you can get your money back in less then 2 years, and they last up to 7 years, much better then those other light bulbs.

The last thing I am going to talk about is windows, are your windows drafty and let out that warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer? Well if your thinking about replacing them go for the energy star windows, they insulate and keep all the air you want to stay in your home in, and the air you don’t want out. They also will cut down on your heating bill and help the environment at the same time.

There are many other ways to go green, so start with these and find some more, good luck!

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Fiddle with your pictures

Accessories make a room or brake it. So you want to pick out some really great accessories when you can. One way to to personalize them, when you find out what you can do with your pictures you will be amazed at how you can change the look and feel of a room. Do you want to know how you can use a great service to make then into professional looking wall art?

The site is Photo Fiddle, what they do is take your photo and turn them into different types of photo art, you choose and there are many types to choose from such as pop art and watercolor. You can even have the photo size enlarged so you can really do anything with them. They use canvas or they can frame them and use art print. You really have a great selection to choose from and you can really personalize it. No one will have the same picture as you, unless you let them. If you do want to share they also offer gift certificates.

So why is this so important, well if your looking for great design, and want people to remember you, you have to stand out, and photo fiddle can really help you. I am not the only one who is excited about this, they have also been favorably reviewed by, USA today, Better homes and Gardens and have recently been added to Oprah’s Olist.

Just remember Accessories make or break a room, so why not check photo fiddle out, and see what you can get your visitors talking about for weeks maybe months.

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