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Fall Decorating

One of my favorite times of year is fall, the leaves turn colors and everything just has this nice look and feel to it. The best part about fall for me is Halloween. I love the decorations and the kids getting dressed up.

Halloween decorationOne thing I love to do is decorate outside my home. I do a lot for Halloween and for fall in general. The problem is Halloween Decorations can really start to look the same when you live in a small town and everyone buys theres at the local store, but I found a great site that will work wonderfully for me and maybe you will find something you like to. The site is online discount mart and they have a really nice selection of outdoor and indoor decorations. If you check it out now you can save alot on your purchase with there end of summer sale.

Don’t you want this fun mailbox cover?

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Live Outside

When it comes to your home, fixing up the outside is just as important as fixing up the inside. The outside is the first thing that people see when they get to your home. Because of this the landscaping needs to be just as good and the interior design.

Many people think that they can do this on there own and make it look wonderful and a few can. They have the time and energy to make the landscape design work. Most people though do not have the time or energy to put into there yard. That is where a landscaping company comes in handy. 

Wooden bridgeI know you may be thinking, I don’t want to work with a landscaper, they will take over my yard and make it look horrible. Well take a look at this picture. Doesn’t it look nice and relaxing? A landscape architect did this, and they are actually very easy to work with. Remember there job is pleasing you. If they don’t listen to your ideas at all and seem to go in another direction get rid of them and hire someone else who will do the job the way you want it done.

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Hide it Away or Open it Up

Wooden curtain rodWidows can hide a room from the outside or open it up to the world. Curtains help you to do this. There are many things that people think when they want to get new curtains, but most of the time they forget that you also should take a look at your hardware such as curtain poles This is a cheep way to update the look of your window and keep your room stylish without having to invest in all new drapery. Of course if your drapery is out of style you will be needing some new ones.

metal curtain rodWindow hardware is relatively inexpensive and easy to install, unless you get into many different layers or high window, in that case get help. If you are just doing one or two layers you can usually install these things yourself. So next time your looking for a great new look for your room, check out your window hardware it may be the only change you need to make.

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The Safety in Design

Lighting is a wonderful way to accent you home, you can create drama by having lighting that shows off areas such as tall walls or pictures. Lighting can also create a safety net for you and your family. Lutron Electronics offers a great selection of lighting accessories and remotes that help to keep you and your family safe.

 There products allow you to control lighting in many different rooms from one spot. They also have a system so that you can control your lights when your away from home. They have a few different systems but the one that stands out to me is there homeworks line.

 With this system you can connect your lights to your security system so that they will turn on in case of a fire or break in. The best part is that you can have the indoor lights stay on and the outdoor lights flash to draw attention to your home. Another great feature is the vacation setting, this setting can be set to randomize so that your lights do not turn on at the same time every day. It can also remember the last week or two weeks worth of information and use that to work from while you are away from home.

The last feature I am going to talk about with this system is one that I really like as an extra, you can set this system up to work with not only your lights, but your shades, if you have electronic ones, and your audio and visual equipment. So you only need one remote, not 20 like many people have.

So if your looking for a way to make your home safer or you just want to add a flair to your next party. Check out Lutron Electronics and find a retailer near you.

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Upgrade and Sell Faster

One way to upgrade your home is to update the fixtures, this includes lighting, cabinet handles and the faucets in your bathroom and kitchen. This is a cheep way to update your home and really does have a great impact on it. If you have an old plastic faucet, change it out for a new metal one as they have a look that will work for years.

BathroomAnother way to upgrade your home is to change out other aspects of your kitchen or bath. Bathrooms are a huge selling point of a home, If you have a master bath it could sell your home, so you want to make it look as good as possible. One way is to check out, they are a website located in the UK that sells some wonderful things for your home and bath. They have a great selection of Bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs, saunas, showers and even the wonderful heated towel rack. Whats better then getting out of a hot shower and into a warm towel?

Also depending on your area and the type of person you are hoping to sell to, a hot tub is also a great way to up the value of your home. Many people see those and think “Now I don’t have to buy one” Of course sometimes this is not always the case, so if you are looking to sell check with a local Realtor as to how many homes have sold with hot tubs in your area.

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Celebrities are Looking at Green

No I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about green design. Recently Brad Pitt was seen visiting the site of a green designed home. This home is being built because of a competition he started to help victims of hurricane Katrina. This home was the winning design, The 43-year-old actor walked through the house, pointing out its many “green” features, including blue walls treated with a nontoxic repellent.  

Celebrities pushing green design are really helping the movement forward. There are many who have been doing this for many years, but those celebrities had the money to do these things. Now the average person can start to afford to do these things also. The cost of solar power has come down as research has found ways to make the panels cheaper. One other thing that has helped solar power grow is that electric companies are paying you for providing power, if your panels get enough energy to send into the power line. This has helped make the return on the solar investment come back so much faster.

 So if your one that likes to follow trends, check this one out, and help save the world and be in on the “new” thing to do.

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Create Warmth in Your Home

Nothing gives you that warm feeling quite like a fireplace in your home, it heats the room, and gives you a feeling of being cozy and safe. Fireplaces also provide entertainment and light to a room and can brighten up the holidays or the warm the cold winter nights very well.

Adding a fireplace to your home is not only nice for you, but it can had tremendous value to your home as well. There are many types of fireplaces, electric, gas and wood burning. The most popular one today is a gas fireplace, but I would suggest one that is both gas and wood burning as then it also works well when you lose power or don’t have money for that high gas bill.

Belive it or not adding garage heaters to your home also helps up the price as many people like to use a garage to store things in a garage or have it as a work area for other things.

If your looking for a cheep way to keep warm this winter without breaking your budget or if your hopeing to sell that home, check out a fireplace and enjoy the cold winter from the warmth of your own home.

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A Window is Just a Window

Until you put something on it. Designing the perfect window treatment is hard, you have so many different things to choose from, curtains, blinds, shades or even nothing, if your brave.

Recently I took my search for window treatments on line and I found a great site called they have a great selection of blinds and shades. I love it because I found the perfect shade for my window, a must for any room that you have carefully designed or paid someone to. In my case I carefully designed it!

They don’t sell discount off brand blinds, they have Bella, Riviera and Santorini. They also have a great selection of bamboo shades, I love bamboo it’s great for the environment because it grows quickly and looks wonderful in a home.

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Put The Floor on The Wall

I do sometimes watch HGTV, There are a few shows on there that are really great and give you great ideas, one that stuck in my head was from the show Divine Design. What she did on this show was use wood flooring on the walls to make a headboard. I think it was a great idea and really made a huge statement in the room.

 I kept thinking of other places you could use wood flooring as an accent. Some places I thought of were behind a bar or behind a display area. You could also use it in an entry behind a fountain, for more of an outdoor look. I like the flooring better then the wood paneling because it just looks better. Paneling tends to make us thing of trailers or the 70’s.

It’s actually really easy to install, just make sure you build a good frame on the wall for the flooring to be attached to. You need the frame because you can not hang flooring on drywall, it will just fall down. Then just nail the flooring to the frame and your good to go.

So thats my first design tip. Try it out for yourself

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Night Time Design for your Indoor Space


Have you ever thought about how your newly designed bedroom would look when you turn the lights out? I know your thinking black, dark, duh! Well guess what it doesn’t have to be anymore. I recently stumbled across a man who does Night Sky Murals for homes. Hence, Night Time Design!

Now your thinking right? Well not only can these be put in your bedroom so you can sleep under the stars, but there also great for home theaters and entry ways. Think about it, it’s nighttime and your guest walk into your home, only to look up and see the stars! Nice idea right?

Another great thing about this is that they can paint the constellations on your ceiling, perfect for children who need to learn them right? Plus most kids just like the idea of sleeping under the stars, and these murals actually look real not like those plastic glow in the dark stars you buy at the store.

If you would like to see some great photos of the work done by this man and his company check out there website Night Sky Murals. The photos are really amazing and I’m sure you will want to check them out.

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