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Heat Your Home with Radiant Glass

Many people right now are trying to find ways to save energy and still keep their homes warm and livable. I have a great new product for you to try called Radiant glass. This glass is made in Colorado by a company called Radiant Glass industries. The product is called Power*e Glass and it is very easy to use and install.

The glass uses a save low voltage current that would be the equivalent of running 2 light bulbs. The current heats the window and allows that heat into your home. Many people who have used it claim that there heaters hardly ever run after adding just a few of these windows. This is a great product for anyone who has a lot of windows in their home. I would recommend having a separate thermostat installed for any interior rooms that have no windows though. These windows will also help keep your home cool in the summer by blocking the heat from outside.

Besides helping with energy cost these windows also will stop condensation and fogging of windows. That way you will always have a clear view outside. This type of window would work well in a bathroom where you may use a shower or tub that could cause fogging and block a view.

Power*e windows can be made any way you would like. They work in most types of frames and can even be tinted. Check out this new unique product and see if if will work for you.

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Light up your yard with wind.

I was looking at the new post on one of my social blogging sites when I came across a post about wind lights on design spotter. This interested me so I checked out the post then I checked out the product website.

Firewinder is a light that works by using wind power. You can hang it in a tree or on your porch and every time the wind blows you get light. I live in the country and we get a lot of wind, so much that my mother has considered putting in windmills for energy use. In fact the state has some up about 20 miles from my home for energy use.

I think this is a wonderful addition to any yard as you don’t have to worry about wiring and it’s a great talking point for parties. Firewinder is a UK based company so it’s a little more expensive for US citizens but it could be worth it.

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Cheep Energy and you

Yesterday I talked about cheep electricity and making money from this cheep energy on one of my other blogs. I wanted to share with you how you can benefit as a homeowner from this type of program. The program is run by stream energy they work with different energy companies to get you the best rate possible. They are regulated by the department of energy and they offer a month by month program where you can leave at anytime. I like this part of the deal as you know there is nothing to lose and you can try it out without the worry of a contract.

Another program they offer that works with the cheep energy program is a green and clean plan that will give you energy from renewable sources. In this way you can help keep the environment clean and have energy for your home. I hope to see more programs like this from other companies soon.

I believe this is a great way to  get cheap electricity and to help you save money that can be used for other things, like bills, additions and new furniture or energy saving appliances. If you can get these appliances and use the renewable energy that stream energy provides just think of how much you are doing to help save our earth and save yourself some money.

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Move outside

The weather is getting nicer every day and I keep thinking about all that wonderful patio sets that are coming out at many local stores. When designing a backyard I think finding a perfect patio set is on of the most important things to do. It will help you to get a feel for your style and what you may want to do with your yard. Have you ever been in a store and seen a patio set that just puts this wonderful picture of summertime in your head?

I do this all the time. That is one reason I loved working in the lawn and garden department when I worked in retail. I could not only check out the new garden furniture, but I got to play with all the plants too. In high school I took floral and greenhouse classes so this was great for me.

One suggestion I have when you are looking for a patio set is to measure the area you are going to want it in. Make sure to include space for a grill or other outdoor accessory you may want in that space too. Then shop from there, if you measure you will know what will fit and what will not.

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Design, comfort and style

For me the most important part of design is that it be usable and comfortable. This is the main reason why commercial design does not interest me as much as residential. I love seeing someone walk into a room go wow and then sit down and be comfortable in their surroundings.

There is an interesting product out now called a zero gravity recliner that is suppose to be the biggest thing in comfort. I plan on getting one for my mom if I ever get enough money to. They are called Zero gravity because they can recline back to zero gravity. This makes it much easier to relax and unwind after a long day. They come in many different colors so you can be sure to get one that will fit your home.

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A great accessory

I love kitchens and would love to do kitchen design when I’m done with school. One thing that I really love to have in a kitchen are wine racks. Most people drink wine at least once a week now. It’s good for your heart and can help to relax you after a long day.

Wine racks have come a long way since the rack on the counter. Now they are small refrigerators under your counter or above in the upper cabinets. Some people have wine drawers that pull out like a spice rack. It’s really amazing where they put wine racks now. I have also found that some people are using them to store wine they use in cooking. That way it’s right where they need it instead of in a cellar or pantry.

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Find something new

You always want to be on the lookout for a new product. Usually it is something that most people don’t have and want. When your boss or your potential boss walks into your home you want them to remember you. Sometimes you can do this by having something they want, but don’t have yet.

How do you get these new product. Find out where the interior designers go to get their products, remember many places don’t serve the public so be prepared for a no, you can’t have that answer. Some designers may even find just one item for you, you of course would have to pay a mark up and I would recommend letting your friends know who you got it from that way you drive business to the designer and that may make them help you more later when you want the next new hot thing.

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Win a $20,000 Home Makeover

Do you wish you could actually do some of the things I talk about without making it look like a hurricane went though your home? Well now you can! Renuzit is having a $20,000 home makeover contest. I love when business do this as sometimes people really need the help but they can’t afford to have someone come in and do it.

Now I’m sure your wondering how you can enter to win? Well all you have to do is have a video camera and a home that really needs a makeover. Submit a video of your home at and tell Renuzit why you need a home makeover you also have to write an essay that is 250 words, thats not a lot it’s just a little longer then this post. There are also few videos up at the site if you need some inspiration. See official rules

If your not interested in the contest you still should check out the TriScents site as you can get a starter kit coupon for Triscents. It’s very easy to download, just make sure that there is a store near you that will take them and who knows maybe having a fresh smelling home will inspire you to become a do it yourselfer!

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Keep your home clean

I have said before and I am saying this again. I huge key to fung shui and good design in general is to keep your home clean. Dust at least once a week, and make sure your air is clean by useing an air exchange system

I’m I talking top to bottom over the top spring cleaning? Nope, just the general pick me up type stuff. If you can try to set aside two hours a week to sort through all the mail piling up. Get the important stuff out and throw the rest away.

Choose one room a month to clean throughly. This can help the flow of Che and make your home look and feel better. The best part is you don’t have to worry about spring cleaning, it’s already done!

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Do you need a change?

With spring on it’s way and in some places already here many people are thinking about making changes to their home. My mother has already picked out paint to redo the bathroom and I’m going to be picking out paint to redo mine.

The best thing to do is do a self assessment of your home and decided if something does need to be changed. Pick one room if you decide to redesign something and do that room first. Don’t take on more then one project at a time unless your selling your home, hiring someone or flipping a house. There really is just no point to do more then one thing at a time. It will only cost you time, money and sanity.

Once you decide what needs to be fixed figure out a budget and stick to it. You can find so many things online that are cheaper then in your local store or sometimes you can find very good deals at your local store, shop around and see what you can get.

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Save Energy and Keep Your Home’s Style

Living green can sometimes make you stand out from the homes around you. You have a windmill on your roof or in your yard, you have a huge solar panel next to that roof windmill or you have other strange devices attached to your home that make you look space aged and very strange.

There is a way to fix part of this weird look and that is to use Solar shingles. These shingles fit right into your shingles on your roof. They can be blended with exsisting shingles or you can use them over the entire roof. The best part is that they look like regular shingles and blend in well, they work best with dark roofs, the picture shown here is with a light roof so you do see some contrast. The best part about these is they eventually will pay for themselves either by saveing you money on your electric bill or haveing the electric company pay you for any extra you put into their system. Check with your local company to see if they offer a program before you buy.

Going green is said to be hard and frusterating, but there have been so many advancments in the design of these green products that you may want to think about it again. Not only is going green good for the envirionment, but it’s good for your pocket book and your health.

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Fitness in The Home

Not everyone can afford a gym membership but some people can offered to get good exercises equipment for at home use. Treadmills are a big seller for home gyms and so are weight benches but you need to think about what space you have before you buy any type of exercise equipment.

If you have a huge basement and a lot of room you are able to go crazy and get the big machines that do everything you could ever think of, but if you don’t you need to really think about the space you have. Space saving technology is a great thing, but sometimes it doesn’t save much space. Recently I saw an ad for a stair climber that is said to be space saving, but it still took up about 3-4 feet of room when closed. Yes it did save space, but not that much. When designing a workout area you have to think of these things. If it’s a small room you have to think of space more. I have a space saving treadmill that I love, it’s folds up well, but still takes about 2 feet of space. That I can live with. If I got a weight bench when I was in my apartment I would have had to get one that folds up. So that really left out a lot of equipment that I could use.

So next time your out buying that fitness equipment think about the space you have, how you will actually use it and if the equipment will fit and work with your lifestyle.

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Interior design and weird things

I was talking with a women in the store today about her design business. She use to have a small interior design business in a close by city and she was the one I talked to when I decided to go to school for design. She retired a 2 years ago but wow does she have some interesting stories.

The one she told me about today was one of a women who would always wear her chemise whenever the workers were around. The women was single and in her 40’s so she was looking for a husband. She ended up marrying one of the workers a year later. Just after their wedding she decided that she was going to try her hand at design. Eventually she did well enough on her own that she bought the business of the designer who did her home, the women I know.

The point of this story is that you never know who your going to meet and when. If your looking at getting into the design field watch out for people who are already there, they may just give you a push up or they may leave and you can help fill in their spot as this women did. I guess this would apply to anything though.

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Tips for some good design

A huge trend right now is to go into business for yourself. When you do this you need to think about not just your logo but your business interior design as well. You want it functional, good looking and you want it to show what your business is all about. As a designer it is my job to figure out what would make all of this work. I look at things like what you have on your imprinted promotional products such as paper, pens and so on. Do you have a symbol you use regularly. If so I may design a rug that will go in your reception area or have it imprinted on the counter top of your register.

There are many ways to get ideas for design in your home and business. If you take a look around you and find things that are either used a lot or are something you like, you can see if you can use them in your design.

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Update on my mother

My mom was suppose to come home from the hospital today, but they are keeping her there another day so no luck there. The good thing is today I have time to put some of my feng shui things into place. This will I hope help her once she gets home. I haven’t had time yet this week to do anything. It’s been crazy!

One tip that is suppose to bring good luck and good health is to put a dragon image next to water on the east side of your home. I may try this with an image I print off the Internet with a dragon and a waterfall. Maybe it will help. Try it your self and let me know what you find.

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The truth about air conditioners

I learned a lot in my class this term. One thing I found interesting is that Air conditioners don’t actually cool your home like a refrigerator would cool, they just condition the air to a lower temperature. It’s complex and hard to explain but it was still very interesting.

After learning that I started to understand how they could make a Portable Air Conditioner that can be used anywhere. My mother just ordered one for her classroom as they get way to hot during the spring. They have no cross ventilation so she was able to get approval for one. That is a nice thing about these small conditioners you can use them anywhere. I am always thinking about working on homes in hot areas. A portable air conditioner would be a great way to keep things cool until you got the main one set up. The best part is you can then take it with you.

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Feng shui Friday: Antidotes

Below is a list of commen antidotes in Feng shui. (taken from Total Feng Shui)

  • Use bright lights to dessolve negative energy. One way is to keep lights on for at least 3 hours at night.
  • Windchimes help overcome illnesss.
  • Colors improve element imbalance.
  • Curtains and blinds delect negative energy so use them where there is an unpleasent view.

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Find your dream real estate

If your looking for homes for sale, one place you should check out is They have real estate in may different areas including Detroit Michigan and Houston Real Estate. I like using them because I can compare home prices in different areas and it makes me get an idea of where I would like to move to eventually.

Finding your home is the first step in finding yourself and starting a new or continuing a good life. Once you move in you customize your home with flooring, paint and furniture. You make memories in that home that your children or grandchildren will remember. Make sure when you are looking for that first home that you don’t just settle for anything. In this market you can get what you want at a good price. Right now there are so many homes for sale that you can be picky. Remember when you buy a home from someone you are helping them right now no matter what you buy it for, so if you have been thinking about it and have the credit to do it, try to find that perfect home. Just please make sure you can really afford it.

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Save space with compact appliances

If you have a small dorm or apartment you are always looking for ways to keep as much space as possible. With compact refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves you can keep all of that space and still be able to have good food and a clean area.

One thing you should remember when buying these is that it’s usually best to buy them together, sometimes they work as a set and interlock to save even more space. Most college kids don’t care much about looks but if you are one that does buying them together will help keep the colors matching and your space looking good.

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