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See the light and love it.

Have you ever walked into a home with a beautiful chandelier in the entry and thought wow this person has some class and must have some money. Guess what they might have class, but they may not always have money.

People judge you by what is in your home and what it looks like. Most people can’t tell a good dollar store find from a more expensive piece and the same goes with lighting. Most of the time with lighting you do need to spend a little more then you would for artwork at the dollar store, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a priceless chandelier, unless you have that much money to waste. For good lighting check out sites online or your local retailers to see what bargains you can find.

Lighting creates a mood and a feeling that is why when you see a chandelier you think money, you see warm light you think cozy and welcoming. If you see colored lights you thing fun and funky. Remember when looking at lighting think about the room it’s going to be in, what it will be used for and what you want that light to say to someone coming into your home.

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Design for collage kids

I will grantee you this post is not what you are thinking. This is not about dorm design but about a friend of mine and a contest they were involved in recently with some kids from a local state collage.

The contest involved designing the perfect collage guy home complete with huge couches, big screen TV’s and oh the ever popular beer pong tables yes more then one was required. I am shaking my head as I write this, but I will have to say that what they came up with actually looked good. The guys I know got advice from me and a few other people as to what they should do. Really the whole house is very well done and stylish, we all told them to put the beer pong tables in the basement along with any other weird drinking game stuff.

The point if this story is that you really never know what you may end up designing as an interior designer. Sometimes it will just be very strange.

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Simple Saturday

Right now most people don’t have much money to spend, but soon those rebate checks will be out and you are suppose to spend them on stuff. Not bills, Hydroxycut or debt. If your one of those who are able to spend it on stuff I think I can help you out with a few simple ideas, that won’t break the bank.

Check out the dollar store, they always have some interesting and cheep things to buy. I have actually bought some of my artwork I have in my room from them. Most people don’t know the difference. Art work can add a mood to a room and works great to cover up that bare wall.

Yard sales are a great place to find simple accessories for your home. Someone trash is another persons treasure. My aunt is great at finding doors and windows at yard sales. She even once found a tractor. We live in the middle of no where so I’m not extremely surprised.

The point of this simple Saturday is that not everything has to cost hundreds of dollars to be worth something. With the artwork splurge on a more expensive frame, and no one will know you only paid $5 for it, unless you tell them of course.

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Design and charity

Interior design is not all about the money, sometimes it’s about helping people who don’t have the money to get the job done or passably don’t’ even have a home. One of my classmates has taken on the task of finding a bus for sale so that she can redesign the inside for a church group. Not only does it get her some exposure and a great project for her portfolio but she’s helping people who need it. This church as over 300 youth members and they really need a good bus to travel to outings in. They also have a youth choir with 150 members. She’s got a great design in mind now all she needs is for them to get a bus.

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Cool Your Home With Less Air Conditioning

There are many ways to cool your home where you can save energy and money. One way is to just open the windows. Of course many of us don’t like do this anyway so there are other options. One idea I really like is using window tinting. This can dramatically help to improve your homes energy efficiency and save you money. 

I’m sure you are wondering where you can get this tint for your windows. Well Snap Tint has a great selection of not only Solar window tint, but decorative film and car tint. Most people I think will really like the Symphony Neutral tint that doesn’t look like a tint at all, but still reflects the sun away. This is a wonderful product for anyone who has large windows with a great view.

Stepping away from the solar tint we have decorative window film. This is not an energy saver, but for a feng shui tip, use it in your bedroom if you have closet mirrors facing the bed. This helps to stop the reflection and helps create a good balance in your bedroom.  Decorative film can also be used in a bathroom, kitchen or along any glass surface.

Window tint is easy to install and does not cost much compared to the savings you will get. Warm sunlight though a window can raise the temperature of a home by 10 degrees or more. If you can block that sunlight your energy saves will cover much more then the cost of the window tint.

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Feng Shui Friday, beams and the harm they cause

Having structural beams overhead may seem like a great architectural feature, but when it comes to good fung shui you better cover them up. Exposed beams can cause unhappiness in your home. This means that there will be increased fighting with all of your loved ones and friends. People who come into your home may misunderstand you or a family member. This could create more problems.

There are a few ways to solve the exposed beam problem. One is to just make a ceiling with drywall. Sometimes though you are renting and can’t do anything permanent, in that case use cloth to cover the beams. As long as they are hidden they will not cause you problems.

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Fun with design

A friend of mine just lost a bunch of weight using diet pills and exercise. I’m really proud of her and as a joke me and another friend decided to redecorate her room for her. I say it was a joke because we had a lot of fun with it. We decided to place hoodia bottles all over the room as accessories. One held up a few small flowers. We used some to make a picture frame and one we turned into a night light.

We actually did redo her room for her. It looks really great once you take out all of the hoodia bottles! She loved the whole thing and even kept the hoodia night light. The point of this story is simple. Have fun with your design, make it something that is special to you. Maybe it will bring back memories of a trip or accomplishment. The more personal your interior design is, the more you will love it.

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Organize your home

Electronics are one of the best things to have in your home, but they can cause a home to look cluttered if you don’t make sure they are organized and tucked away. One of the best ways to do this is to tie up lose cords and make sure there is a spot for each piece of equipment.

Using cabinets to hide the bigger items such as a TV or DVD player and surround sound system. If you have a more modern style in your home you can get away with displaying these items, but sometimes in a home that has more of a traditional style it’s harder to get these things to fit in.

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Golf and Home Decor

One of my friends dad loves to play golf. She wanted to surprise him by redoing his study/office with a golf theme while they are away on vacation. She had most of it figured out, but she couldn’t decide what to do with the huge potted plants he has. She asked me about it and I came up with a great idea I had to share. Use golf bags to put them in. Get a pot that will fit the plant and the bag. Make sure to take off the wheels though as you want the bag to stay in place. My friend had her husband cut off part of two golf balls and put them on the bottom of the bag so that it would stand.

I really wish I had pictures to show you, but she hasn’t sent me any and I live to far away to go check it out. From what I can picture it would work well. She’s very happy with it and can’t wait to show her dad.

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Simple Saturday: Simple outdoor accessories

This is something new I’m going to be starting. I’m going to be giving you a few ideas for simple decor items or changes you can make to your home. I hope you enjoy.

The weather is getting warmer and many people are starting to get outside. Right now is a great time to add a few simple decorations to your yard that you can enjoy both indoors and out. One simple decor item are wind chimes. They are a great addition to any yard as they have soothing quality’s to them and can really help you to relax. You want to find one that works for you and there are many to choose from, my favorite are the bamboo ones just because I like the sound of them.

Another simple accessory to add to your yard is a small fountain. You can buy these at most stores and they don’t take up that much space and are very easy to use. I will talk about larger fountains in a future post.

Those are just two things you can add to your yard so that you can start enjoying it. Both of these would actually work well inside also, so if you have an apartment you can still enjoy these items.



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Selling Floor Plans

I found out the other day that I may be able to design homes and sell them. I like this idea, but it takes a lot of time to do all of the planning. I would have to draft out everything, decide where plumbing and lighting and everything goes and then sell these plans to people. That would mean I would have to find someone to buy them. I of course could also put an ad in the paper or online and design on a customer basis, this would make me feel better, but I know right now it’s not something that would make much money in my area.

This is an example of what an interior designer with a bachelors degree can do. We can design homes, inside and out. We can make plans and actually have these homes built. Most of the time you want the approval of an architect or engineer for your plans, but you don’t have to have that. If this is something that interest you, you will need to know how to draft and general building codes, you also want to put a clause on your plans that say they need to be reviewed by a local contractor or engineer as building codes vary by area.

The best part about this job is that you can work from home and be your own boss. Not a bad situation I think.

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Wedding design and interior design

I have met many people who have gone to school for interior design and become wedding planners or help design wedding chapels and so on. This area of design has always seemed like a fun thing to do for me until I think about how many brides get angry or become monsters. Even then I wouldn’t mind doing it. I have thought about specializing in this field before, but I have never had enough money to do so. You have to have money to start a business like this. Not a lot, but a good amount.

Being a wedding designer requires many different things, you have to find interesting wedding table decorations that fit the theme and the bride and grooms taste. Something like wedding plant favors that you can personalize. You also have to have good contacts in the wedding industry and come up with good wedding favor ideas.  Many times you are asked to do things that you may not know much about. You also have to be able to eat cake, this is where I would have a problem as I can’t taste cake all day, but I could find ways around it. This is not an easy job, but if your someone who likes creativity and a job that constantly changes this could be a design Field for you.

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Use rubber on your floor

Rubber is not just for tires and Nora Rubber is proof of that. Nora systems produces some of the most interesting designs in flooring and it is all made from rubber. Right now this is mostly for commercial use, though I do see it becoming popular in homes eventually.

I am big on anything Eco friendly and this product is just that. Rubber can be recycled into many things so if the flooring is removed it could be used for something else. In fact Nora flooring does recycle it product into another product they produce once it has been removed. This company does some great things and if you have a business or our looking to start one, check them out for some great flooring.

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Get a bunk bed and good service

When people think of bunk beds they usually think of children’s rooms or maybe a pre teen room. Most of the time that is where we see bunk beds, but I have found there is a trend now where people are buying small vacation homes with only one room and putting in bunk beds to hold them and their children.

If your in the market for either a children’s bunk bed or one for a vacation home you may want to check out, they have a great selection of bunk beds, I have 2 pictured on this post and they have amazing customer service, just check out their testimonial area there is some great feedback. They also provide more then enough information on their products and offer white glove service in case you don’t want to put it together and clean it up yourself.

Bunk beds are a great way to save space and allow for extra storage if you get the right kind of bed. The best part is most children love a bunk bed. I’m not sure why but they do. Even I did as a child.


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Live outside and feel like your inside

Comfort is something people usually think about when they think about the inside of a home, the outside they usually don’t think of comfort as much as they think of the experiences they have. They remember playing with their kids, being kids themselves or the back yard barbeque’s.

When designing your outdoor area you need to think of comfort. Century Furniture is one of my favorite brands and they have some wonderful out door furniture and you know it’s a quality brand as many wealthy homes have their furniture in them, including the White House.

They have some wonderful styles such as the set pictured to the right. This set makes you feel as if your inside on a cozy summer night, but you still get to be out in the sun and love all that time in your yard, you work hard on it, you should enjoy it. For an outdoor space you really should think of big furniture like this set, it’s inviting and comfortable.




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Fly Away with a Design Job

Interior design is just not about homes, sometimes it’s about the business you visit and how you feel in them. An example would be an Airport Lounge. You want to feel comfortable enough if your there for a few hours, but you don’t want people to feel comfortable enough not to want to leave. Unless your doing a club section.

The same thing goes with the plan you fly in. Most commercial airplanes are about the same, but did you know that interior designers actually are involved in the design of these planes? If you didn’t your in for a surprise, many time people with interior design degrees help design the inside of these planes. Of course many don’t do much commercial work, they usually design private jets for corporations or wealthy people. These are people who want bars, tv’s and beds in their planes. They use them to go anywhere and want the same comfort on board as they have at home. How about that for a job?

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