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Time To Get A Home Improvement Loan

Do you want to get a home improvement loan, but don’t know where to start? Well there are many different types of loans you can get for your home improvement needs and many banks will talk you though them and help you decide what is right for you. If your like me though you like to do some research and maybe even apply online.

The types of home improvement loans you can get are a refinancing, where you take equity out of your home. A Secured home loan and an unsecured home improvement loan. An unsecured loan is one where you don’t need a down payment. A website that has some great information is They have unsecured loans and even offer a free pre approval in case you are just wondering if you can get a home improvement loan, but are not ready for it. They also allow a stated income, that means no documentation, this helps people like me who are self employed.

What I recommend you do if your looking for any type of loan is to do the research and know what you are getting into and the legal side of it. Go with a bank or company you can trust or at least research them a little. Make sure you do everything you can to make your loan process simple and easy for you.

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Feng Shui Friday: Remove Negative Chi

Chi is something that can stay with a home or be brought into a home by neighbors or friends. There are many ways to remove bad chi from your home. An example of bad chi is the vibe coming from a neighbor who has loud parties or children that keep you awake at night. One way you can combat this kind of Chi is to place a urn of water on the side of your house that the noisy neighbor is on. The urn must have a wide mouth and small base. Place a fish, light or both in the urn to give it light. It is said that the urn will absorb the bad chi.

If you have just bought a home and want to remove the negative chi from it you may want to try using bells, cymbals or singing bowls to help clear the home of the bad chi. The bell is probably the best one to use and is also very easy. To use the bell ring it in a rhythmic way and walk around all of the rooms three times clockwise.

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Summertime Fun In An RV

What does an RV have to do with interior design? Well everything, did you know that you can get paid as an interior designer to design the inside of an RV? New RVs are stylish and fun to use. Some are even designed to be environmentally friendly. This about this as a career for a minute. It’s fun as you can help a family connect and grow with your design. Just picture them in their RV camping, fishing and getting to know each other, something many families now don’t do.

Another great reason to get into the RV field for design is not only do families use RV’s so do many celebrates. You can design the next rock and roll RV or maybe one for a rapper or country artist. Most of the time it is the music industry that uses them, but if your a nascar fan, like me you may be interested in designing one for a driver or crew chef. Definitely a career to think about right?

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Design with the environment in mind

Now that even the white house has decided that man made global warming is real you should take a look into eco friendly design. Sometimes simple things like changing the light bulbs and getting new
VivaTerra - Eco Living With Styleenergy effect appliances are great, but not everything you can do.

Buy things that are produced in ways that are environmentally friendly. There are many new companies out there that would love to sell you things that you can use in your everyday life. Also buy as many home items as you can locally. Furniture made by the Amish 20 minutes from your home or that local guy who makes amazing tables in his garage. Don’t live by the Amish or know someone? Talk to people you know or just kinda know, they probably do know someone.

The last tip I have and one of the best is to buy from estate sales and antique stores. These items are wonderful things to have and to fix up. The best part is technically you are recycling them!

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Insure Your Home Against Everything

As I watch the news I find myself still wondering how many of these homeowners or renters in the areas flooded had insurance.  I know for a fact that renters insurance is cheep and home insurance is not too bad either. I’m sure many did have insurance and the ones that did were probably forces to get flood insurance, but what about those that don’t have it. Really they are out of luck and may lose everything they have with no way to get any of it back and no money to replace it.

This is why I right now I’m looking at home owners insurance, before I buy a house. I want good coverage and a good price. I recommend you do the same. Protecting your home is just as important as making it look good.

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Why use primer?

When painting many people forget that they should use a primer before they start painting. Of course some people know that you should but don’t know why, so they skip it. There are a few reasons you want to use primer. The first one is because if you already have a painted wall you don’t have to scrap off anything, you can prime it and paint over it. If you don’t use primer the paint color you have tried to hide may just start to show through the new color.

The next reason you should use primer is because drywall will absorb most of your paint. This will make it so you have to use more coats and more paint. Primer will prevent this by creating a barrier between the drywall and the paint so that you won’t have to do as many coats and you will use less paint.



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Color and mood

Sometimes you walk into a room and you think this is great. I love how I feel looking at this room, I love the color. Color can really make or break a room and your mood. If you don’t like the color in a room you tend to think that it’s dull, boring or sometimes you may even get mad and not even realize that color was to blame!

When you paint you really want to test out the color on one wall before you decide to do the whole room. The last thing you want is to waste good money on paint that you hate and have to redo. Instead you can spend it on those self defense products you have been looking at getting.

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Tips to sell your home

Right now as many of you know the economy stinks and it’s very hard to sell a home. Most people who are looking for a home are looking for something cheep and nice. Personally I’m looking for cheep and sturdy. I want something to fix up a little.

The following are a few tips I have to help you sell your home.

  • Clean things up. Dirty homes do not sell. You want the buyer to believe that there is more space in a home then there is or at least not to think there is less because of all the clutter.
  • Use promotional products to advertise your home. People love free stuff and even if they don’t buy your home, they may tell someone who does about the cool item they got from you.
  • Use business cards. This does fall into the above category, but I wanted this one separate. You can leave business cards anywhere and they are very inexpensive to make. All you need to put on it is home for sale, price asked address and phone number of your Realtor.
  • Throw a open house with food and entertainment. Invite your neighbors and have them meet your potential buyers. Some people may just decide to put in an offer if they like the people who live nearby.

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Simple Saturday, use food

I have a great tip for you. If you are having problems finding color combinations you like check out food magazines or make a plate of food up for yourself. If you figure out what food combinations look good to you. You can use those colors to decorate your room with. Now keep in mind you do need to use caution when doing this. Sometimes things look good because you like that type of food, not because the colors are a good match.

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Save money on your next buy use coupon codes

I write a lot on my other blogs about saving money with Coupon Codes. I think this concept applies also to design and decorating your home. Ordering things online is a great way to get items you normally may not be able to find close to home and at a good price.

There are many online coupon code sites out there, do a search and find one you like. I have saved a lot of money ordering things online with coupon codes, in fact I’m going to be using a code to buy my laptop next month along with ordering though a cash back shopping site.

If your looking for good deals on a home improvement buy, decor or furniture check out the many coupon codes available and see what deal you can get and how much money you can save.

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Feng Shui Friday: Let the room flow

When arranging your room you want to make it so that the flow of the room is good for the flow of Chi. Chi is energy that can help improve your home and life when used correctly. You want Chi to flow slowly though your home without hitting any roadblocks. Keep doorways clear and create paths though your home that do not have obstacles.

One way to think about this is to arrange furniture in a room so that when you walk into a door you don’t have to immediately turn and go around a piece of furniture. There should be a clear path. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be against a wall either. Move furniture away from the wall and see what  a difference it can make in the feel of the room.

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Go Green With Dirt Devil.

I am always looking for ways to save energy, so is my mom. I think that is why we always make my little brother vacuum the house. That way we have energy to do something else. Okay so I’m not actually talking about that kind of energy I’m talking about the energy you buy.

If your looking to save energy anyway you can you should check out Dirt Devil. They have the only energy star approved vacuum. This means that it will save you money when you use it. It uses 70% less energy then other vacuums and it look pretty cool too. It’s smaller then some vacuums so it will also be easier to store.

When you look for any new appliance or electronics type product, make sure it has an Dirt Devilrating. This will help you save a lot of money and usually the product will pay for itself within a few years or less. I’m going to be buying this new Dirt Devil when I move, unfortunately it doesn’t include a little brother.

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Furniture Friday: Resolute Desk Part II

Recently it was pointed out to me on my post on the Resolute Desk that I wrote back in December that the other desk that was made from the HMS Resolute is located in new Bedford MA. Not in London at Buckingham palace as the information I had at the time told me. (I have fixed the original post)

This second desk called the Grinnell Desk or the Queen Victoria Desk was given to Henery Grinnell’s widow as a thank you for her husbands financial help in finding the ship. In 1983 the desk was given to the New Bedford Whaling Museum as a gift and is now in their collection.


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Make something for yourself

Today I was thinking of a clock that a friend of mine had it was just a small clock for her end table but it was really nice looking. She made it herself out of wood and old gold watches. She found one that had a large face and used that as the clock. Then she took the bands from two other watches and covered the top of the wood base with them. It actually very interesting and goes well with her decor.

She said it was easy to make and you can use anything you would like. The women she got the idea from made her clock with a silver pocket watch and metal pieces she had found.

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Feng shui and changing your life

A few months ago I decided I was going to try something out. I needed to make more money so that I could pay bills. I decided to try one method at a time to see if I could make more money using feng shui.

I planted some seeds and set them in the south east corner of my home. Unfortunately they didn’t take off very well and I had to try again. This time they took off and so did my income. I was able to get an auditing job, advertising offers on my blogs and more. I now I’m going to try planting more seeds just to see what happens. I love plants anyway and want more in my home so it’s not a big deal. The next thing I am going to do is try to also boost my career luck by adding blue to the north area of my home. Luckily for me that is my desk and work area so who knows what may happen.

Feng shui is a great way to enhance your home even if it doesn’t help you to be successful it will help your home look and feel better and I’m sure if your reading this blog that is what you are really after.

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Buy a book or two

You don’t have to actually read the books you buy, but books do make great accessories and go with any decor. Having books around can also make you look like you know more then you do. There are many places to find cheep books to use, garage sales, Amazon books and library’s selling overstock. If your not sure how to use books as accessories here are a few tips.

Stack them: Put them in stacks on the coffee table, end table or side table. Don’t stack them nice and neat move them around so they are at different angles.

Stand them up: Set 2 or 3 on a shelf upright and add a few other touches to the shelf such as a vase or collection. You can do this will multiple shelves.

Stage them: Use them to set plants or pictures on, make sure the book has something to do with the item you are propping up.

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Simple Saturday: Make something

One simple thing you can do to make your home yours is to make accessories that reflect you. One way to do this is to make your own picture frames out of items that mean something to you or just don’t work anymore like a used Rolex if your lucky enough to have one, or a old necklace or ring. The reason you want to use something that you already have is that it will reflect you and your personality. All you have to do is glue it on a frame from the dollar store and you have a great accent piece or an even better gift.

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Organizing your desk

I’m sitting here looking at my desk and thinking wow, what happened. Needless to say my desk is cluttered. pens are thrown everywhere along with the paper I needed yesterday and couldn’t find. I have no room to set anything that is actually useful. So after I am done with this post I will be cleaning it.

A clean work area is a must for any good design. I know I don’t have enough organizational tools on my desk to keep things where they should be. Using pen holders, and other organizational items can really help not only make your workspace look better, but can also increase your productivity. Pretty much you won’t waste time looking for that missing paperwork like I did yesterday.

I’m going to work on my office area this week as I am off from school until the 18th when I start online classes for summer. I’m hoping to have things in better order by then. I will have pictures when I’m done promise.

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Update your look, go modern

Modern style is not just about the latest fashions and trends it’s about a look that is sophisticated, clean and simple. If you are going to update and switch to this look you want to start with modern furniture first, as it is much easier to find the large items and fit them in the room. Then you get the accessories and go from there.

A great example of modern style is the modern corner sofa from Denelli pictured to the right. It has simple clean lines and of course is classic black. Having it up on a platform only adds to the modern look and completes the design. Looking closer at this picture you can see that the flooring and the table complement this look also. Accessories are very important in modern design, but you must keep them simple.

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Quick tip: Remove the bad things

One way to make your home feel better and look better is to remove the bad things. Most of the time this is clutter and other odd things you just don’t need anymore. Right now is a great time to clean things out as everyone loves to have yard sales during the summer. The key to this though is not to buy a bunch of stuff to replace what you sell.

Another thing you want to get rid of in your home are allergens. Use a air purifier like  IQAir to get all of the harmful things out of your air. Not only will it help your health, but it can keep the look and feel of your furniture and other fabrics.

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