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Head Into The Future And Be Creative

Do love the futuristic look of those 70’s TV shows and movies or are you a huge Austin Powers fan? Well if you are I have a great solution for your home that will bring it into the 21st century yet still keep some of that same style. I introduce to you the Ball Chair.

This chair looks very comfortable and is fun to use a look at. The best part is you can custom design your own chair. If you head over to you can find a few things you can customize but today I’m talking about this great ball chair that is also a great gift for any soon to be collage student. Some of the options you have for this chair are color of both the inside and outside meaning they can customize it to match collage colors if they are into that. There is also an optional ottoman and an mp3 package that will put your music right into the chair. This item of course is not cheep, but it’s still pretty cool, lets just say that you can get them a laptop bed and TV for less, but if you have the funds and want to splurge on them do so. Of course you can always just get one for yourself or you can use this coupon code and get 50% off your order of $500 or more: modern50

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Kitchen Prep Made Easy With Kohler

If you do a lot of cooking then you know that sometimes clean up can take much longer then the actual cooking does. Well now there is a great solution from Kohler, the Crevasse. As you can see from the photo the sink does not look like any normal sink. It’s design has a couple of great features that can help cut prep time in half. The first one is that it is an angled sink that allows you to toss in all of that excess food and waste and watch it go right down into the drain without having to push it there.

The other feature I like is that you can push one button that will cause a rush of water to be let out at one side of the sink that will push all of the left over food into the drain while also starting the garbage disposal. A quick and easy fix for cutting prep time in half.

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Feng Shui Friday: Kitchens

Feng shui is a powerful tool that can help make your life better and keep your home looking and feeling wonderful. The kitchen is now considered to be the center of the home. Most families spend their time in the kitchen eating, cooking and just hanging out. It’s also the place to be when entertaining that is why the open floor plan is so popular. People entertain more and want to be able to spend time with everyone, not in a kitchen making food while everyone is in another room.

What can you do to make your kitchen the best it can be. Well start off by looking at the color of your kitchen. If you have red you may want to change it as red is the color of fire and there is already enough of that in the kitchen with your stove and other cooking appliances.

Position your cooking area so that you can see your guest as you cook. Having your back to the other room or to the doorway can bring you bad luck.

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Design your own faucet!

Do you want your kitchen to stand out more, but you just don’t have a ton of money to put into a kitchen redesign? Well now you can have a unique centerpiece for it without spending thousands of dollars. California Faucets offers a custom design center that allows you to choose the style of faucet that you want and select custom finishes, and handles for it.

The process is simple, you go to their custom faucet website and you pick a pre-made faucet. Once you do that you are taken to the screen where you can change the faucet around. You can choose I different spout or different handles. You can also change the whole thing around if you decide you like something else. Then once you get the style figured out you can choose a finish for it and your good to go. I have a few examples of some I made on this post.

I love this tool as you can also save your designs and come back for them later. When I finally move into my own home I will be using this program to buy my faucet as I really like what they have to offer. Not just the custom design, but the limited warranty that covers the finish and workmanship for 10 years. Not a bad deal.

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Stage Your Home To Sell

Right now the housing market stinks in most places it is a buyers market and while that is great for the new home buyer, it’s not so great for the seller who is having to keep dropping the price on a home that they hoped would get them though retirement or there selling to avoid Foreclosure. I have a few tips for you home buyers to get the best price you can for you home.

Staging your home to sell is not hard, the first thing you want to do is clean, you would not believe how many people don’t do this. They figure the home will sell no matter what, but guess what a dirty home will not sell. I have looked at many homes and if it’s dirty I think cheep and look at all the work I have to do before I can even move in. If you have a clean home people like it as they feel they can move right in without having to do any work.

If you paint the rooms of your home a neutral color more buyers will be interested, that is just the way the market works, you can still use some color, but keep it to an accent wall or in accessories. Yes you will have accessories, homes tend to sell better when it’s staged in a way that makes you feel like you already live there. If you have already moved all of your things out, rent or borrow some nice Furniture for the day or days of your open house. You can sometimes rent decent Furniture for $500-$1000 for a month. This could really help add to your sales.

The last tip I have for you is a simple, but hard working tip. You want to make sure you have curb appeal. If you don’t most people will just walk by it and run fast in the other direction. You need to invite people into your home by having a well landscaped lawn and well kept garden. Now I understand if it’s winter or your in an area where there is water conservation going on, and so will your buyers, but if your not in those areas you need to keep the lawn mowed and the grass and other plants green.

These tips should help you to sell your home for the best price you can get for it today. Unfortuanitly that may not be the price you want, but with some work you won’t lose too much and hopefully you can feel better about that next offer.

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Why People Are Afraid Of Color

If you walk into a celebrity home usually they have high end luxury interior design. This type of design involves expense and risk. Sometimes these risk work sometimes they do not. One thing you see in many celebrity homes is color. They are not afraid of it, so why does it seem that everyone else is.

Well, color can take a lot of time to get use to. If you are use to living in a house that is always brown or white and boring, you tend to get use to it. If you slowly start to bring color into your home you will be able to see a major difference in how you look at color. If you look at the colors of interior rooms in celebrity home you may notice that not all the walls are the same color in each room or even the in the same room. I am big on accent walls as they can add that extra pop of color without going too crazy. Again this is something you want to work at, if you want and accent wall my advice to you is to find a color you like or one that brings out a hidden non-neutral color in the room and use that one one wall. Then go from there, start with baby steps and you will soon discover that you like color. If not paint is always the cheapest thing to change in a home.

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Buy Made In The USA, Furniture

One thing I like to stress is buying things that are unique and different. Most of the time I talk about importing things from exotic countries. Well today I want my fellow united states citizens to think not only of there country, but their wallets and our economy. That is why you should buy your home furnishings and other decor items from companies that make them in the good old USA.

The following companies have furniture made in the USA, check back next week for made in the USA lighting

Baker Furniture Company

Mobel Inc

Harden Furniture

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Shop Online For Your Home Decor

I always love finding deals online, I’m sure your like me and love to shop and shop and shop. I love looking at new items and trends. The latest decor is always at your finger tips when it comes to the Internet and usually you can get a great deal on things you can’t buy anywhere else. Examples are handmade vases from India, or China. That amazing chest from Ireland that was on sale by a man who made it for his late wife, but has decided to sell it to make ends meet. Or wonderful carvings and woodwork from Africa.

I recommend shopping online for home decor because you can get such great deals. You do have to be safe though when your online and giving out information so make sure you watch out for sites that may try stealing identity information from you. Really what I’m saying is only shop sites that you know to be good sites. Any I give you for instance. You really don’t want to give away all of that money you have saved and earned that could go to getting you that new bathroom, okay so we all know it’s really just going to fill your gas tank, but we can dream right?

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Relax And Get To Bed The Modern Way

Modern design is all about simple clean lines and relaxing decor. Yes it can also have a ton of color and pop out at you, but when it comes to a bedroom you want it relaxing right? When looking for bedroom decor you want to keep it simple if your going for the modern look. Decide if your going to use wood or metal in your room and then go from there.

Shop Today!You then need to decide what kind of bed you would like to have. Do you want a nice big tall bed that stands out and makes a statement. Maybe one you have to have stairs to get into, or do you want one that is lower to the ground so you can just fall into it.

After you pick out the bed you have another choice to make, do you want the frame of the bed to stand out from the bedding you choose or do you want them to bend together to make one seamless looking piece. My bed for example is a cherry wood bed that is set high and has a high headboard. I choose a green and purple sateen comforter for it so that the bed would pop out from the comforter as I bought the bed because of it’s style.

The last thing you have to choose is the accessories for your bed, I’m talking about night stands dressers and vanities. Do you need all of these or do you have a closet with built in storage for non hanging items? No matter what style you choose to go with in your bedroom you have to remember, one there are many choices to make, two you should buy everything together so that they match, unless your going for the eclectic look and three buy things you like and are comfortable with, not what the girl down the street has or the guy on TV has. Your room needs to reflect you.

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Discover Beauty With Tile

Good design is not just about the furniture or the colors, but the added extras like tile that can make a room seem special or unique. Most people are familiar with Backsplash tile in a kitchen or bathroom, but did you know that you can do so much more with tile.

One way I love to see tile used is by making Tile murals, these can be put almost anywhere. You can have them in a shower area, along a wall in your garden or in your kitchen or entry way. Tile murals add style and can help to create a focal point in a room that may not have one. If your looking for a place to get backsplash tile or tile for a mural you should really check out They are a family owned studio and have been in operation in Jerusalem since 1922. All of the tiles are hand panted which makes them very unique. As you can see from the picture to the left these tiles can create some amazing pictures.

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Use Nature To Inspire You

Look around you, there is so much that can become good design with the right combination of things. Designers use nature all of the time and the company I’m telling you about today is no exception.

If you have ever wanted to sit on a cloud then Meritalia is the company for you. Take this amazing sofa for example. It looks like a cloud and really is a very stylish and modern addition to any home, pair it with white or dark tables and two blue chairs and you have a very interesting focal point to your room. You could also use glass tables to keep that airy effect.



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