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Find Your FirePlace

Winter is fast approaching and right now while the weather is good you may want to think about putting in a fireplace if you don’t already have one. Heating prices are going to skyrocket this winter and they are saying in most places it’s going to be very cold. I have put together some very stylish fireplaces to give you some inspiration. All of these fireplaces are from Bloch Design. Check them out for more really cool fireplaces.

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RSS Changes

Unfortunately someone has decided to steal my post using my RSS feed, at least that is my guess. Because of this I will be implementing some changes starting with the feed not publishing the full post. I was asked by a few readers at one point to allow the whole post in, but people take advantage of this and use it for their own gain. I work very hard on the post I make and hate that someone can come in and steal my hard work so that they can make money. I have tried to report them with no luck.

This is the last post I will make with the full RSS feed. After this one I will be changing it to a partial feed.

Again if you are not reading this on ABC’s Of Fine Design, then this post is on the website stealing from me and others. They are trying to make money off of Google ad’s. This Interior design content, like all web content is copyrighted.

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Fall Decor and Your Home

Fall will soon be here in the northern hemisphere and I for one am very excited. I love the fall season with all of the bright colors on the trees and the unique decorating ideas that come with it. If your someone who is afraid of color now is the perfect time to add a little into your decor with fall accents.

Buy this wreath here

Colors for fall are brown, green, yellow, orange and red. Deep rich colors that really can work with almost anything. Adding a fall arrangement to your table or mantel can really add a festive feel to your home. Fall after all is the time of harvesting and abundance, even if the economy says otherwise. You can also add a fall wreath to your door, I have one that has bright orange leaves and a brown backdrop. I love the way it looks once all of the trees around us start to change. Don’t be afraid to add a little color to your home, really it’s worth it and can keep your spirts up as winter starts to set in.

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Starting A Decorateing Business

I have been thinking of starting a decorating and house staging business. I think it may be the best way for me to get the experience I need to get into a good company. I know that sounds strange but because many states require that I take and pass the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Education) I need to have 2 years of work experience under someone who also has passed the test, so now you see where my thinking comes in.

Anyway I think if I can prove that I can handle clients and work with people it may help me land that job after I graduate. Home stageing is something I have always been interested in so it works well for me. I have spent some time thinking of ways I can get the word out once I can get things going. I thought sending business christmas cards or general holiday cards to people from a mailing list might help me get some interested clients. I want to do something different and unique that will get their attention. I may even include a discount coupon or something. The good thing is that I wouldn’t have to charge a ton of money for it either. I could do a free walk though and then offer the price for my services.

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Need A Bar Stool?

I found these really cool bar stools and and wanted to share them with you. Bar stools are a great way to make use of a small space add in a small table and you have a great seating arraignment that can work well for almost any room. Bar sets also work well on small apartment patios for great outdoor dinning.

Save Up To 30% Off With Our Super Sale At!

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What Will Soon Transform Your Home

If you are someone who really looks at the new upcoming things for your home or entertainment you may be interested in the Wired Next Fest that takes place in the big design center of Chicago September 27th though October 12. This event showcases many of the new innovations that will be coming soon to your home. Some of the products involved include sustainable design, health care innovations and robotics.

One of the companies that will be there is Hoverit a furniture design company with a very interesting concept. They have a new line of magnetic hover furniture that may actually help to relieve muscle problems and headaches. I’m not sure how comfortable it would be but if it helps with muscle problems I would be willing to try it. According to the company it’s like floating not the same experience as you would have with normal plastic chair.

Wired Next Fest is a free event and will be held at Chicago’s Millennium Park. It is closed on Monday and only open from noon to 8pm on Thursday, The rest of the week it is open from 11am to 7pm. So make sure to plan your trip accordingly.

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Wireless Electricity and Design

Reading the news today I saw I very interesting article on yahoo about Wireless Electricity and thought this could be amazing. Not only would it work will with laptops and other now battery powered devices, but think of the interior design possibilities! You could put a lamp wherever you wanted to. No more cords to trip over or big holes in the walls. You could just stick up a light and call it good.

Not only will Wireless Electricity help with lighting but, your kitchen layout would no longer be limited to where the closest plug is. You could actually move your appliances to where they work well for you. You also wouldn’t have to worry about cords there either. Offices will change a ton as nothing will have to have cords and you can also put equipment where you need it, making it more accessible to the worker. This is great for the home office as you can have all of your Printers and so on in one are without worrying about overloading a circuit.

Personally I love the idea of getting rid of batteries and that my laptop will never die because the battery is too low. Of course this is way in the future, they are saying around 2050, but who knows we may get lucky and it will be sooner and able to go into homes, right now they are mostly looking at commercial use. I am very excited about this idea, Wireless Electricity really could change the world.

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Modren Design From Europe

I love finding new places to by any type of furniture. It’s nice to have choices and when it comes to modern design it’s really nice to have choices. If your looking for something that is a little different from the modern furniture your friend has you should check out There selection of modern decor is very unique and stylish.

Tema home is a company out of Portugal and is very eco friendly in fact they are members of the EU’s green dot society. The company was created in 1981 and produced furniture for some of the most well known and largest companies in the world. In 2006 the Terma Home concept of unique personal style was born and handpicked designers were found to help create that uniqueness.

One of my favorite pieces is this shelf unit called Ivy, I’m sure it is named that because it looks like ivy climbing up a wall. It can be used not only against a wall as a shelf, but as you can see from the picture it can also be used as a room divider and can create a great focal point in a room that may be without one. This shelf comes in White, wenge and chocolate colors.

Another nice piece that Tema Home has in this modern Sono Queen bed. It’s simple and elegant and is very useful. It is only available in the wenge color but does have matching dressers and nightstands. This is the perfect bed for anyone who is into simple modern design. It has such clean lines and really works well in a modern style home.

Tema home has it’s heart in the right place when it comes to green design and is now looking at the US market. They are not cheep but if you are looking to splurge on style and have a unique look in your home, they are the company to go to.

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Bathroom or Bedroom Reading

I found this interesting wastebasket from Snowtone today and had to share it. Apparently you can cover it with a magazine to hide the contents or just have a good place to store your bathroom and bedroom reading. I think it would be very useful for anyone with limited space. Of course you would not be able to over fill the can with junk, or you would not have a place to put your reading material.

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Get A Wall Tattoo

Are you looking for something fun for you wall, well I came across a product that one company referred to as wall stickers, but I think wall tattoo is catchier. They have many different designs, a few have shown in this post and many of them you can choose your own colors. They also tell you on the website how to apply them and everything.

Wall tattoo seem to be catching on in the interior design world. They are easy to put up and take down and you can change them out quickly making it easier to follow home style trends. You can also change rooms for each season and even prepare for the holidays all by adding or takeing away a wall tattoo. If your interested in buying any of these you can buy them on, just click on a picture to go to the site, the search is already done for you!

Wall TattooWall Art

Words Wall Tattoospring blossom wall art

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Weekend Pictures, Unique Clocks

Today I decided to find some unique looking clocks to share. I have provided links below each clock if you are interested in learning more about them. I love interesting clocks and they can add something to any room and can create a conversation as people wonder where you got that clock.

Unique Clocks

Unique Wood Clocks

Fun Clocks/Wall Clocks Online

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Light The Way To More Money

Lighting is a very important part of increasing the value of your home, it’s usually a cheap fix and works very well. With winter coming to most of us soon many people are getting ready for the cold dark nights that will be coming. Right now I would recommend concentrating on outdoor lighting before worrying about indoor lighting. You want to make sure you have enough light so that you can preform task, get to your home safely and of course help others get their too. Outdoor Lighting Fixtures are not that expensive and they really can help with safety. Here in the US one thing that we do in the fall is Halloween. Kids walk around asking for candy. You want a well lit outdoor area in order to keep those kids safe as well. Outdoor lighting also helps with curb appeal and may up the value of your home.

Once you have outdoor lighting done and ready to go then I would start with indoor lighting. If you have an entry with just a plan light, think about getting one or two Chandeliers for that space, depending on the size. When people see a chandelier they think money, and luxury. Having one in the entry way will also impress guest and potential home buyers.

The last place you want to look at for lighting is the bathroom, Vanity Lighting is another great way to impress guest and home buyers. Having good lighting in the bathroom can make it seem bigger and more inviting. Yes that is important since bathrooms and kitchens now sell homes.

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Try Art Before You Buy It

Recently I got a sample of artwork from a website called Artaissance The site has some really amazing pieces and I really wanted to check them out. One thing that caught my eye first was the ability to buy a sample of an art piece that you like and then put that money toward the purchase of that artwork. The samples are a decent size and really if your looking for a very small picture to put on a desk, that might be all you need. I would suggest though that you save the money and buy the bigger paintings as they really are quite amazing.

They have many different categories of artwork such as modern, landscape and photography if your not into the painted look. The photography is also worth looking at, it is vibrant and very well done. The site also has a large directory of framing shops that can get this artwork framed for you. Usually this type of service is not available in my area, but they did have one that was close enough that I would drive to it to have this done.

If your unsure about ordering art online let me reassure you that this site does have a 30 day return policy. If you are not happy with the artwork all you have to do is let them know and they will either accept a return or replace the product, so there is nothing to worry about. Trust me though once you order the sample you will want to get the real thing and order again. Artwork can really make your interior design project complete, good artwork will make people talk about how well your project turned out.

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Countertops and Your Home

Are you thinking of getting a new countertop? If your one of the few people who are in this market right now you want to really do some shopping, search online for local companies using search terms like minneapolis countertops or Florida wood counters. You should have an idea of the type of countertop you want. Wood or a natural stone is a great way to go, you want to research these though as there have been some health issues involved with some types of granite countertops.

If after looking online you still have not figured it out take a walk around a local home improvement store and look at what they have, then go back to the internet and find what you liked. If you don’t want to pay for shipping you can try 2 things, find coupon codes online or take the ad to your local store and see if they will price match, some right now will.

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Modren Style Is Easy

Getting modren style in your home is not as hard as you would think it is. Sometimes all you have to do is search the internet and figure things out from there, I know not great advice, but if your lazy like I have been the last few days I do have a site for you to check out. 2 Modren has some very interesting furniture in their supply. They have a section for architects and designers and a blog if your really stuck. Sometimes all it takes is checking out a site to give you the insperation you need.

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Give Your Dorm Style and Organization

It’s back to school time and that means that the collage kids are getting all of their dorm things and are almost ready to go back. I have a great tip for all of you dorm students, label anything and everything you own a great way to do this is buy using a thermal label printer. Why should you label things? Well, because someone could take off with it, someone could have the same one and take yours or you could lose it and maybe someone who finds it can return it to you.

Now when it comes to the things in your dorm, starting the year out organized will help you stay that way, and a good looking dorm room can impress the girls, or help you to make new friends as people ask for your help getting their rooms together.

One of the first things your going to want is a file storage of some kind. This is to keep all of your papers in that you don’t need every class, like the syllabus or at least a copy of it so that way you can contact the teacher or at least know where your suppose to be in the book that week. Again make sure to label one file for each class you have.

All in all if your wondering what is in right now for dorms, colors, fun and funky and stylish. If you don’t care about the trends, make it to fit you, dorm style is all about the person. There really is not a right and wrong if you at least try.

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It’s Just A BathTub

I have decided that over the weekends I’m going to just start finding cool new product pictures to post. Why well because my classes are taking up time on the weekends, but I still want to send out some great information to you. So check these awesome bathtubs out, don’t you want one?

Glass Bathtub

Moonlight Bathtub

Wood Bathtub

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Custom Home Decor, Without The Designer

If you really want a nice new look for your home before the holidays but you know you just don’t have the money, maybe you should think again. Just because you can’t afford a designer doesn’t mean that you cant get amazing Window Treatments, custom bedding and more. Now I’m sure you want to know where you can get all of this amazing stuff, well I have a website for you that I am sure you will love. is a site that has wonderful fabrics and valances and more for your home.

Swag Sketch

Swag Sketch

One thing they carry that I love are swags. There is one pictured above if your not sure what that is. The reason I love them are simple. You can add so much depth to a room by having one of these and you can also hide any ugly hardware you may have had to put up. They also offer free swatches so that you can see the fabrics first hand, you can order up to 10 FREE swatches.

Now if your in the market for more then just drapes then you can also check out their custom shower curtains, bedspreads and more. They are very reasonably priced and they offer tips and advice for ordering, measuring and more. Fabric Workroom also has a great guarantee where if you find a defect in the fabric or the design, contact them within 7 days of receiving your order and they will fix it. Some places don’t offer this type of guarantee unless you go though a designer. The other good thing about this site is that you don’t have to deal with a designer who makes you buy something you really don’t like, just because they love it.

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Cool Sinks And Fun Design

Having an interesting sink like the one pictured in this post not only makes for good and fun interior design but it can also be a great conversations peice. People want to know where you got it and how much it cost or where they can get one. Really that is the point of design, makeing you and the people who visit want to know more.

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Should You Call Empire Carpet Today?

I remember hearing the commercials for Empire carpet a few years ago and my little brother thought they were fun and repeated the number all of the time. Because of the catchy way they get consumers attention I know a few people who have used them for their carpet installation and were very happy with the results. The company has been around for over 45 years, they are based in Northlake Illinois but today are in over 50 metropolitan areas including some places in Canada. In 2007 they were named the #1 specialty flooring retailer and were in the nations top 200 brand names, beating out well known names like office max, hallmark and H&R Block.

A fun feature of this company is the Empire Man. This live action character was introduced in 1977 but eventually was turned into the animated character you see today. It is now seen internationally and even is now a bobble head doll. Usually this character appears about the same time as the Famous jingle sounds. The “Eight-hundred five eight eight, two three-hundred, Em-pire!” is the one that caught the ears of many people in my area and I’m sure helped them with sales.

If you have seen the commercials for them, like the one above, you may think they only sell carpet, well they actually sell much more then that. They also have Hardwood Flooring including many types of specialty hardwood floors, ceramic tile, and they even have window treatments and bath and shower liners. Really they have almost everything you need for a good home improvement project. Empire Today is also known for their in home calls, they offer free in home estimates and even bring samples to you. They offer next day instillation for any in stock carpet and so far they have delivered everyone that I have talked to has gotten their carpet installed the next day and very quickly. Overall they have been very happy with the quality of their carpet.

This is a great company to look at for your flooring and other home improvement needs. They are very helpful and have great deals all the time. Right now they have a 60% off selected styles event. How long this is available depends on the product you are looking at so make sure to check out the site carefully.

Empire Today is a wonderful company and one that I would recommend to people I know, future clients I may have and anyone else who is looking for flooring. They do care about their customers and the quality of their product. A great trait for any company to have.

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