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Blind To Blinds? Try NoBrainer Blinds

Blinds are not just there for decoration, they are also great to help keep in heat or cold, they can help block the sun and they can really just make life easier if you are looking for privacy without having to sacrifice the look of a room. there are many place to get custom blinds one is a great site called No Brainer Blinds. This is defiantly a site for someone new to buying blinds online.

It’s a very easy site to use with a ton of information on measuring and installing blinds. They also have a great selection of blinds for your home. Their inventory includes wood, aluminum and plantation shutters. They also have some great roman blinds and the prices are not half bad either. If your not sure what you want to order they also offer samples so that you have at least some idea of what you will end up getting. I always look for sites that offer samples because you sometimes are not sure what you are getting when you shop online.

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Get Creative With Your Lighting

Lighting can be dramatic, simple or set a mood, but sometimes it can also just be a lot of fun and great to look at. I have gathered a collection of some really funky and stylish lamps that may just inspire you to take a look at your home design. Sometimes it’s amazing what you can come up with. I think my favorite one is the on bedrock lamp, it looks like a light on pillows!

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Holiday Table Decor

When many people think about decorating for the holidays they think of Halloween decorations that go outside and scare the kids, they think of the Christmas tree or other items depending on what you celebrate, many people don’t think about the table setting you can have for both holidays or just general seasonal settings. Yes setting a table is also part of a great interior design plan.

Many people when they are looking at setting up a room for the holiday think about just the holiday type dishes, but if you have a home with a dinning room you can set up a great spread that you can keep up all year around by using great dishes, silverware and sterling silver cutlery. The best way to do this is to set the table with nice things and have a cabinet in the room where you can put these dishes when you actually use the table.

A great site to check out for silverware is they have a great selection of home items, silverware and gifts so you can do not only your holiday decorating, but maybe get some gifts too. I love the candle holders they have and plan on buying a few of them as gifts. If your looking for one thing to buy here, I would either get the 3 piece condiment set or the tea set. They are classic looks that will work well with most trends that will come along.

Once you have your silverware you need to get some great plates, also check online for plates that will really make people take a look at your table over the holiday season. I find that if I pick up something from a local store, everyone else has it. Shopping online is a great way to avoid that and have a unique look to your home that will wow your guest. This really works well when your trying to impress the boss or the mother in law, if you get something no one has seen before it tends to make you look more sophisticated and worldly.

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Get Comfortable With Design

It’s Monday morning and you are heading off to work, you going to that uncomfortable desk chair or maybe you work at a job that requires you stand all day to work, even during break you sit on hard uncomfortable chairs that don’t help you to relax and actually rest. If your like I use to be, you spend half of your lunch break standing in line for food or running around to pay bills or do other things. At the end of the day it would be nice to come home to something comfortable like the wonderful furniture pictured here?

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Make Your Own Interior Design

Beads are a hot thing in jewelry, clothing and interior design, but you don’t need to spend tons of money on a designer bead lamp or beaded pillow. You can buy great wholesale beads at Beads of Cambay and get the same look as designer brands without the price tag of them. These beads are not just normal every day beads, they are of very high quality and are beautiful. Beads Of Camby offers a discount of up to 30% off many of their beads so really you do get a great deal with them.d

If you love the look of copper you should think about using this wonderful copper bead on a lamp or your curtains. This would look amazing with a red or brown fabric or shade. with these beads you really should use your imagination and just do what you think looks good. Interior design is not about what is in style at the moment it is about what makes you happy and what makes you feel at home.

If your not into the copper look they have many other types of beads and a great selection of wholesale gemstone beads. These beads are great to use in little girls rooms to add that princess touch even if the room is not a princess theme. Young girls tend to love gems and other shiny things that makes them feel special.

There are many things that you can use beads for in your home besides lamps and pillows. Make picture frames with your kids or use them to add something to mirrors or candle holders. There really are endless possibilities.

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Find A Bargin On Home Decor

If you are looking for ways to save a ton of cash on home decor you should look no further then your closest garage sale or soon to be foreclosed home. Many people now are starting to move out of their homes due to this and may either leave things behind or sell them for some extra cash, now I know many would say this is takeing advantage of a bad situation, and it is, but you are helping people in the long run. You are either helping the people who have to move or the one’s who have to clean it up.

Yes many of these things will not be in the best of shape, but if it’s wood, sanding and finishing is all that you will need to do and that doesn’t cost much, just a few bucks and some time. It’s really amazing what you can find when looking around your neighborhood. You want to be more careful when it comes to furnishings that are upholstered if you get them right from the home as in they were not left outside you should be okay, but I would still recommend a good cleaning and disinfectant spray down, just because you have no idea where they have been. Also if you like the piece, but not the color it’s cheaper to have it reupholstered then to go to a store and buy something so don’t let that stop you either. The big thing to remember, good design is not always getting all new things, sometimes it’s reusing what you or others already have.

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Organize Your Office

In less then 4 months it will be time for you to get all of your tax information together and start those dreaded taxes, but what if you could do them easily and quickly? Well you can, if you spend time now organizing your office and files. I know I need to as I have not yet this year and I know it will help me to get my taxes done quickly and get my money back faster, so I plan on using my Color labels and my dymo and getting everything organized very quickly.

One thing I recommend is to sit down and make sure right now that you have all of your receipts and documents that you may need for tax write offs and all that fun stuff. Stick them in files in a filing cabinet and label those files. This is very important because it can keep you from being stressed out later. If you can also scan these documents onto a disk and label it that way you have a back up in case something happens, put this disk in a fireproof safe, something else you should invest in and label it with your name. This is something I love about design, it really can help you when it comes to reducing stress.

The next thing I recommend for you to do in your office is really look at how you use it yourself. Are you always getting up to get to the printer or fax? Can you get to everything you use daily without getting up from your chair? If the answer is no, then you need to get more storage close to your workspace. I prefer having a few bookshelf and an area with my printer and fax right behind me so that I can just turn around and get what I need. If you decided to have all of your books on a bookshelf, organize them into topics or whatever works for you and label the sections. This will help you to get to what you need quicker instead of trying to remember where the book was.

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Halloween Decor And A Good Deal

Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays. As a child it was my favorite, now I seem to like Christmas more as I no longer dress up or celebrate Halloween often. Once I can decorate my own home for the holiday that may change though. Halloween decorating is always a lot of fun as you can either go with a classic fall harvest look or you can do the fun scare all the kids on your street look. Either way it can be a fun project for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Many people seem to love the huge blow up decorations, personally I find these fun, but not stylish so me I would just put them up on Halloween and then take them down that night. Being kind of tacking is not the only reason I would do this, but because these things tend to be stolen a lot, even in my small town.  Another common and I think very awesome Halloween decoration is lighting. You can create so much with lighting. You can make your home look nice and welcoming or you can make it frightening and interesting. Many people just throw up a string of lights that go around the roof and call it good, this is also done at Christmas, if it’s good for you, fine but if you want more try using the lights in other areas or different types of light. Really Halloween is a great time to be creative and have fun with your decor.

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Get Started On That Home Improvement Project

Are you sitting there right now thinking to yourself, “I need to do something with this house it’s falling apart!” Well my advice to you is to get started on it now while prices for home improvement are down. Many people in the industry are having trouble finding work right now and are much more likely to give you a good deal. It does depend on your area, if your still in a good area you will still be paying full price.

For many people the hardest part of any home improvement project is finding someone to do it. If that is your problem you should check out a service website where you can auction off your home improvement project to either the lowest bidder or the most qualified bidder. You can get a great deal using a site like this and if you use this site you can get an even better deal as now though November they are giving away $25 gas card to the first 100 people who post a project and a $100 Home Improvement gift card to the first 10 to post a completed project. If your interested in this please check out their rules page to make sure you comply with the rules.

Service Spider is a free service to use, and if your interested in finding out more about them they are going to be at a few garden shows in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area, you can find a list of the shows at their website. If your not looking for a home improvement project they also have areas for maid services, fireplace cleaning, snow removal and more. Really it’s a one stop spot for everything service related you would need.

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Add Some Color To Your Cold Nights

Now that it’s getting closer to fall here in the northern hemisphere many people are looking back to the indoors for fun, but you don’t have to just yet as there are many ways to keep warm. You can get a Gel Firepit, or you can check out these really cool colored flame candles and torches from More Then Light. Wouldn’t these be enough for you to want to head back outside and into the cooler air just to look at them?

Of course you could just always get one of these other cool candles and use it indoors. I’m thinking the orange would be really cool for Halloween and a red and green set for Christmas!

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Light Up Your Wallpaper

I usually don’t recommend using wallpaper in homes, but this light up wallpaper is really cool and has to be mentioned as a great suggestion for any room where you either want to impress your guest or have fun with your kids. I could see it used in almost any room. I would love to have it in my bedroom as I love any type of interesting lighting in there.

The best part about this wallpaper is that when you turn the light behind it off it looks like regular wallpaper! It comes in a few colors from the pictures I have seen. Unfortunately the website is still a work in progress and I can not find anywhere to buy it yet, trust me I will as I’m sure this will be a very hot interior design product.

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Save Money Go Tankless

If you are looking to either save money on your bills this winter or are looking to help increase the value of your home you should really take a look at Tankless Water Heaters. These water heaters work just like a regular water heater except it only turns on when you need the water, this cuts down on energy use as the heater is not running all of the time trying to keep your water warm.

Tankless Water Heaters can save you up to 30% of your energy bill and they come in both electric and gas. You can choose which one you would like or what would work better for you. If your looking at getting one of these energy saving devices I would recommend you talk to someone who can figure out what size you need and if you should invest in more then one. My mother is looking into them and I would recommend she get a large one for most of the house and two small Tankless Water Heaters for her bathtub and the kitchen sink as they are on the other side of the house from the water heater. This also will save you money and time as the water will heat much faster. If your paying for that water you should see a savings there too.

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