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Christmas Decorating Tips: Outdoor Decor

Decorating for the holidays can be really hard for some people. You go into a store and you see all the fun new stuff they have and you buy all of it in matching colors, go home put it up and think I did a really good job. Then next year you do it all over again because you no longer like the colors you picked out the year before.

I have some advice for you if you are the type of person to do this. Don’t. Next time you go into the store look for something classic, look for greens, reds, golds, and silvers. Get evergreens and stay away from whatever is hot this year. Once you do this you have the base for your holiday decor.

The next thing you need to stay away from are the huge lawn ornaments, one or two are okay or even a cute set of reindeer and a Santa, but if you have 10 Santa’s, 3 Rudolf’s and 15 frosty the snowmen in your yard you need to rethink your holiday design plan. Unless your trying to win a contest for most Santa on a lawn you just don’t need all of that stuff.

Now that you are off the hot item and many Santa’s addiction you can open yourself up to them again. What you do once you have your base decor is add the hot trendy stuff to it in small doses. Have one or two huge lawn ornaments and your done.

Remember one you don’t want to look tacky and you also don’t want that $1000 electric bill you will be getting in January if you keep all that stuff up.

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Save Money By Upgrading Your Toilet

Have you heard about those cool duel flush toilets? The ones that only flush half a tank when you don’t need a full one. If you have and have looked into getting one you may find that they are pretty expensive. Most range from about $500 to $1000. That is a lot to spend on a toilet and it will probably take you some time to earn that investment back. If your building a home I say go ahead and spend the money if you would like to. If you are not, you do have another option.

The other option is the select a flush duel flush conversion kit. This device will allow you to make your existing toilet a duel flush for about $25. The system is easy to install and will start saving you money on your water bill quickly.  Some of the benefits of this system are:

* Lowers water and sewage bills
* Extends the life of higher water consumption toilets saving landfill space
* Reduces impact on municipal sewage treatment systems and saves energy
* Alleviates strained capacity on water treatment plants
* Reduces impact on septic systems

Taken from the select a flush website

Of course these are great reasons to buy this item for anyone, another good reason to buy this product is that it is made in the USA, in fact it’s made in Michigan. Another good thing about this product is that you can install it yourself, the hard part from what I hear is getting use to it.

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Holiday Saveings: DIY Holiday Decor

If you are looking to save some money this holiday you should look into making your own holiday decorations. Many people run out and buy new decorations every year because they either want something different or the decorations they bought before are old or poorly made.

There are a few ways to save money on holiday decor. One way is to visit your craft store and make your decorations yourself. If you do this right you can change them around every year and solve the same old holiday look with out spending any money. I do this mostly with wreaths and garland. I pick out different things like apples and holly, pine cones and fall leaves. This way I can use the same wreath for each holiday. I decided a few years ago to pick all of this stuff up after Christmas when it’s on sale and I can save even more money. If your not a crafty person you can also just wait for the after Christmas sales and buy next years decor then.

You also can save money by waiting to do some decorating until closer to Christmas. If you have access to a wooded area and can take some branches from evergreens you can use those to decorate your home. If you do this though, do not use lights or candles close to these items unless you are in the room and they are freshly cut from the tree. The last thing you need on Christmas is to have a house fire.

Check back for more holiday money saving tips.

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Make A Statement With Cherry Blossom Lights

I was looking around the internet for something interesting to write about and I found these really cool Cherry Blossom Branch Lights that just jumped out at me and said we are cool. They come in 4 different colors that you can of course mix up to make a very interesting light arrangement. Or you can just use one or two of the same for a great vocal point in a room.

I could see these used a lot at weddings, holidays and as a discussion piece in your home for when the boss or the mother in law shows up. This item of course is not for everyone, but it is very unique and fun. If your looking for that extra something you should check this out. Use it in a dark corner to bring it light or as a centerpiece for your table.

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Affording Holiday Decor

Do you have a problem saving up for things when you want to buy something? I do. I tend to spend the money on other things and then I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do. When it comes to decorating for the holidays I have the same problem, though this year I don’t have to worry about it, next year I will and I plan on using Kmart Layaway for a few of my Christmas decorating needs.

I love lay away because many holiday things are breakable and being one of 5 kids I understand what happens to things like that. If you can keep them out of the house until close to Christmas you have a better chance of having decor you can actually use. Now some holiday decor can not be put into layaway, but most can be, though it must be picked up by December 5th. Now I have at another store put tableware in layaway much longer, but I would recommend asking about it first.

If your looking for some decorating ideas I have picked out some of my favorite Holiday items from Kmart. Things that I may end up buying this year in the hope of using next year at my own home. Hopefully it will inspire your holiday decor and save you some much needed cash. The best part about one item is that you can really keep it out all winter long!

Click Here

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Waterfall Bathtubs By Kasch

I found these looking online and I have to say my jaw dropped when I saw them. I love the seamless look they have along with making me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Hopefully you feel the same way. If you are looking to make your bathroom feel like a spa you should really check these amazing waterfall tubs by Kasch out.

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Rain Drop Chandelier

That is not the actual name of this chandelier, it’s actually the Ether Crystal chandelier and no it is not cheap, it’s between 7,000 and 12,000 on, but it is very nice to look at and it is the same chandelier that is featured on Dirty Sexy Money, so if you love that show this may be a great splurge for you. I love this chandelier and plan on useing it in a project I have this term.

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