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Prepair Your Home For The New Year!

The new year is here and now is the time to start looking at those projects you have been avoiding. Freshening up your home at the beginning of the year is a great way to change things up and keep you energized and motivated.

You should start by tackling those projects that require a lot of hard work, why? Many people make new years resolutions to lose weight, when your working on a very physical project you are really exercising without thinking about it. Add in some normal workouts and you should be off to a great start with both a new looking home and a new looking body.

You should also repaint at least one room in your home that is used a lot. Changing the look of a room can give you a boost in your own life. You may create a new outlook or at least give your self a sense of accomplishment.

The biggest thing to remember about the new year is to get the big projects done as soon as you can. Renovate in the winter and garden in the summer (unless your knocking down outside walls). If you do the project early you won’t be sitting here a year from now wondering why nothing was done.

Enjoy you home this year and make it something for you. Do what you would like and who cares about the trends. It is your home after all.

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I have decided to start a blog carnival, if you have a home decor or interior design related blog or post feel free to enter the carnival! The first one is all about home decor tips. Each month the theme will change and some may be just a general interior design topic. If you would like to host this carnival in the future please let me know by contacting me.

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Merry Chirstmas

I would like to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday season. I hope your home in not only filled with great design and Christmas decor, but with warm feelings, well wishes and a happy and joyous family. From my home to yours I wish you all well and look forward to providing you with tips and ideas to keep your home fresh in the coming new year.


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Get Ironwork For Your Spring Garden

Right now I know it is winter, but soon spring will be on it’s way back and you will want to be prepared for it. One thing that is very hot in design right now is Ironwork. It’s fun, classic and really can accent any type of home from modern to Victorian and more.

Recently I came across Stonebank Ironcraft a company in the UK that makes some wonderful Ironwork pieces. They have gazebos, pergolas and more. They also have some great Ironwork for estates and other large property’s that will tell people where your land starts and someone else’s ends. It’s also really nice to look at and because it’s not big and bulky blends well with the land so it won’t destroy a view.

If your looking to protect those trees you are planning to get this spring you could also take a look at their tree guards, these also look really nice and remind me of the tree guards used in many public parks and other public areas. I really am thinking of getting a few for my mother as my step-dad likes to run over all of our trees, even though he planted a few of them or asked for them to be planted. I think it would be a great investment and a good birthday gift.

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New And Very Hot Accessories

There is a huge abundance of hot accessories out right now and many would make some great last minute Christmas gifts. I have picked a few of my favorite items to show you.

Decorative screen

This first one is a screen by Winoldi, I love this because it’s very different from anything I have seen, but at the same time is familiar enough to most people that it won’t scare them off. this would be perfect in a bedroom or living room area.

leaf glass platter

The next one is wonderful because it’s small, simple and elegant perfect for someone who like style, simplicity and usability in their gifts. It’s called the Leaf Platter and it’s made by Esque Studio.

rubber wicker bowls

The last item is probably the best on the list as it is made from recycled scooter tires and wicker. I love the look of these and am thinking of buying them as a gift for my sister. Anything natural or recycled is always a great gift and this one looks pretty cool too. They are made by Artecnica

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Top 10 Christmas Decorating Mistakes

Santa1.  Buying so much stuff you can not fit it into your truck, your car and your friends SUV.

2.  Using your old lights because they still work, get LED’s they are cheaper in the long run.

3.  Making your husband, boyfriend or male children go onto the slippery roof just to put up the light up reindeer that must look authentic.

4.  Blinding your neighbors with the red and green spotlight you have aimed at their home because they do not decorate, they are Jewish

5.  Having 15 Santas, 10 snowmen and 2 pumpkins in your yard. You were just to lazy to take down all the Halloween decorations and you love all your matching Santa’s

6.  Setting up a manger scene in your yard that recites the Christmas story once every hour at full volume.

christmas bells7.  Having loud music that goes off whenever anything enters your yard, including a snowflake or a bird.

8.  Copying your neighbors decor and then asking them why they always have to copy your style?

9.  Stealing the Christmas display in the mall because you just can’t find anything better then Santa’s chair.

10.  Putting up a big sign that says “Christmas sucks when is it going to be over”. Yet you expect all your friends to get you presents.

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Let Your Fireplace Make A Statement

If your looking for a unique and very different fireplace you need to check out these fireplaces from Arkaine. They have an awesome selection of very intriguing fireplaces that will make you and your guest stop and go wow! I love the way they feel like the flow with a room and the colors they come in also.

Each style fireplace comes in a few different types. The freestyle with pedestal, the three sided suspended, the four sided with or without pedestal and the four sided elevated. They also have built in that come and sided and double sided.

The company is located in France and only has distributors in Europe but you can request a catalog and order from them. Of course this may cost extra and I really am not sure of the prices on these. I have places my order for a catalog and am hoping to get it soon.

Fireplaces are very helpful in this economy as they can help heat a home without a huge cost and also look great in any room. The more contemporary fireplaces I am showing you may not add much in value to your home as they really are picked for your own taste, but if you find the right buyer they could help keep that price up.

If you are looking to sell the home you may put a fireplace like this in I would suggest you find a way to make it eaisly removeable or find one that is not too out there design wise. Do have fun with it though as interior design should be fun and reflect who you are.

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Looking For Real Estate In California

I know I have not talked much about real estate lately as it really has not been a great time to do to much. Now though is a good time to buy with prices down people are able to get a really good deal on a new home.

I really wanted to share a site with you called Krunching where you can, Krunch It and find investment homes in California and either keep them for yourself or rent them to others. The reason I love this site right now is that so many people in California have lost their homes and either need new one’s to buy or rent. Other people may just be looking to invest in a down turned market if they have the money to sit on the property for a while. Whichever way you choose you can help the us economy by buying one of these homes. Yes lower home prices may make others fall, but once people start buying and investing in these homes the prices will slowly start to rise.

What I love the most about this site is that they will give you a 6 page detailed report on the address you put in. That means you learn a lot about the property before you spend the time to go see it. That I think is something many people will start doing. Buying a home now will require a lot more research then it did before. This site will help you do that research.

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Geothermal Energy Part One: An Introduction

I have been doing extensive research into geothermal energy. I have decided to break this information up into 3 parts. Please check back for part 2 and 3


Geothermal energy is a very earth friendly form of energy that can help the environment and save you money. Geothermal energy can be used for heating and electricity and hot water if installed correctly and for that purpose. Most people use Geothermal for heating and cooling more than for electricity use. The system is a simple system of pipes that lay underground and use the heat of the earth to provide warmth to the water contained in them. The water then goes though pipes that are in your home and heat the home. Using hydraulic or water system in your home instead of a forced air system that relies on warm air to heat your home can make a better indoor environment as the air does not dry out, though you can set up the geothermal to work with an existing forced air system.

Installing a geothermal loop is but can take some time and will destroy your yard. If you’re building your home and adding this in it is much easier then adding it to an existing home. The first step in installing a geothermal system is to find out how deep your frost level is as the piping needs to go into the ground where the earth will be warm. This is also important because the depth will affect the cost of the project.

The second step is deciding what type of system you would like to use, that I will cover in my next post.

Part II: Geothermal Systems

Part III: Geothermal Codes and Design

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