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Office Interior Design

With the economy being the way it is many people are starting there own business, eventually if your one of the lucky one’s you will have to actually open an office and hire people to help your business grow. Office interior design is a big business and there are many things you can do to make the design of your office appealing and productive. You want your employees to feel comfortable at work, but at the same time have easy access to them and to what they are doing. Using products like office partitions are a great way to accomplish this.

Office partitionPartitions are inexpensive and a great way to put a few people in one room, but keep the privacy. Optima is a great company that offers a variety of partitions for your office, like glass partitions that allow people to see into the area, but they still provide some sort of a private feel. Glass Partitioning is not always a see though product, Optima offers a selection of different glazing options that will fit your future office needs. You can make your glass partitioning completely see though so it creates a streamlined effect and make the space look large or you can have designs or logo’s put into them to create a more personalized look. You can also completely frost them over for privacy so that your clients can feel safe working with you in your office.

What I like most about Optima is that they are environmentally aware of their imprint and have done some great things for the environment because of this. They have worked hard reducing their production material waste. They also are using recycled materials in their products making them very environmentally friendly.

A great thing about their web site is that architects or interior designers can download CAD drawings of the Optama office systems, making their life easier¬†and possibly lowering design cost for you and your company. Also if you use Optima’s systems you can qualify to get great environmental tax breaks, depending on your area and whats available to you of course.

As your starting your new business think ahead to what it could become, check out Optima’s systems view their 3D and project gallery and get an idea of what your future business may look like and what you you may have to come up with to pay for that very good looking future.

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Copy Cat Design

Have you ever looked at a picture in a magazine and copied the image exactly in your own room? Well that is called copy cat design and it’s okay when your doing it just for you, but in the professional world it’s not such a great idea. So what do the professionals do? Well they look at that same image for inspiration and change things to fit their clients needs. This is something that you should try as well. Instead of coping the room exactly find one or two things that you love about it and add it to your space, then go from there.

An example would be going to Wal-mart and buying the better homes and gardens bedspread, but finding other things to go with that besides what you see in the picture. Yes these pictures are meant to make your life easy, but it doesn’t represent your individual style. Adding those personal accessories is a great way to make a well designed look your own, so don’t copy cat, be inspired by a room.

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Earn Your Interior Design Degree

Have you been interested in interior design, but have no idea where to start? Well if your like me and want a real interior design job you need to know what education you really need. Some states require that you go to school to be an interior designer, so do not but many of these have legislation in progress to change this.

Interior designer vs. Interior decorator

An interior decorator is someone who fluffs and decorates a room. They make things look pretty with paint, furniture and so on. Many decorators have little or no schooling, but are good at what they do. There are programs for interior decorating certificates, but please keep this in mind, having this certificate does not make you an interior designer.

An interior designer is someone who has gone though at least two years of formal education. In most states it is also someone who has passed the NCIDQ exam and has had out of school training with a certified interior designer. Interior design degrees are offered all over, but find one that is a good fit for your and your lifestyle. Certified interior designers are able to design small homes, knock down walls and usually have a background in architecture.

If your looking to get into the field of design find out which type of career fits your needs, if you want to just paint and do cosmetic work on homes a decorating certificate is right for you, but if you dream of designing hotels, restaurants or cruse ships check out an interior design school near you.

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Furniture Friday: The Throne, St. Edward Chair

The throne is a symbol of royalty, greatness and even greed. This Furniture Friday is dedicated to the English throne, known as St. Edward’s chair. This simple chair has had a great part in the history of England it has seen kings come and go and shows much of English history with the unfortunate carvings that have been put on it over the years. The chair was designed by a carpenter called Master Walter, he was paid 100 shillings to design the chair.

It was St. Edward Chaircommissioned by King Edward I after he claimed the stone of scone, an ancient symbol of the Scottish kingship. The chair was designed to hold this stone. The chair was named after Edward the Confessor and is kept in Westminster Abby.

St. Edward’s chair features thick oak wood paneling with legs shaped of gilded lions that were added to the chair in the 1700’s. The seat has an opening for the coronation stone. Some historians believe that the chair may have had more ornamental decoration but it has been worn over the years.¬† The chair does remains sturdy and continues to be part of the coronation process.

The chair has only been removed twice in it’s 800 year history. Once for Oliver Cromwell’s induction as the protector of England and during World War II for safety.

The stone of scone was returned to Scotland in 1996, but will return for future coronations.

The chair is still stored in Westminster Abby and can be seen there today.

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Get Environmental With Felt

Did you know felt is great for the environment, yes that same material that you used as a child for craft is felt chairsomething that you can now use to be environmentally friendly. Felt is made of wool that is matted together to create a fabric. Tribes in some areas of the world use felt to build their homes and to make their clothing.

Felt can be used in many applications such as furniture, blankets and even walls. Felt fabric can make great and colorful rugs as well as artwork. Felt can even be combined with LED’s to create a visually interesting light source.

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Furniture Friday, It’s Back!

After some thought and some messages from a few readers I have decided that it is time to bring back Furniture Friday. This week I have decided to talk about the history and use of silk flowers and plants.

Wisteria Many people see silk flowers as a cheep way to decorate your home and one that is fairly new to the home decor scene. The truth is that silk plants have been thought to be used as early as 27th century BC in China and mostly was only for the rich.

Eventually silk flowers made there way to Europe by way of Marco Polo, though variations of fake flowers had been used by the Egyptians and Romans. The Italians re-started the trade, then the French decide that they too would make silk plants. At the beginning of the 19th century they made there way across the Atlantic where one company started to provide the flowers for weddings and to room decorators for use in the home.

Eventually silk flowers were made from other materials such as plastic that was cheaper to produce. Even then it is still very expencive to make silk flowers in the united states and that is why almost all silk flowers come from Asia.

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Clean Your Home The Green Way

How many times have you walked into your home after a long day of work only to find out that your wonderful Fido left a nice big pet stain on your carpet. Now you could use a chemical cleaner to clean that stain but, you may find you like using green cleaning products better.

Green products help keep your home safe and chemical free, they are also much better for people who have allergies or sensitivities to cleaning products. Some even claim to give you energy because of the type of herbs they use. They also of course are much better for the environment and your pets. They tend to work just as well as the other kinds of cleaning products, but test out different ones to find the right green product for you and your home.

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Look To Fashion For Inspiration

Colors for the home change and tend to follow the same colors as the fashion world. If your having problems finding new fresh colors for spring head to your local clothing store and start there. Find a shirt color you paint samplelike, buy it and then take it to the paint store. If you don’t like the shirt but love the color see if you can take a picture of it and take that with you. Of course you could always buy it and return it later or donate it to a local used clothing store or school.

Spring colors are vivid and lively colors that pop out at you like Lemon, Rose dust and Bright blue and orange. Find these colors for accessories and you have a less permanent change but you keep up with the styles and impress your friends.

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Go Green With Your Garden

I know this sounds strange, but going green with a garden does not mean planting only green colored plants. What I mean is use environmentally friendly materials and plant care products to keep your garden happy and HalfBanner
healthy for you and your family.

There are many green gardening products out there. You can get something like a Garden Gourmet Compost Bin and make your own compost material to feed your garden, you can also save rain water to help water your garden when there is no rain.

Garden Globes 3-Piece Solar LED Stake Light Set
Another way to make your garden green and energy efficient is to use decorative garden lights that are solar powered. These not only will save you money, but many are LED lights so they don’t require much sunlight to run and they will last a long time.

You also can use plant treatments that are environmentally friendly and your ready to garden green. It’s not hard and actually could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Remember fresh vegetables are expensive, but not if you grow them yourself.

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