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Save Money Grow A Garden

$20 off $40A garden is not only a great way to provide food for your family, but if you also grow some flowers and learn some basic floral arranging tips you can create some really good looking floral arrangements for your home for only pennies per arrangement.

One tip I have for you is to keep all of your arrangements so that the tallest flower or point in the arrangement is no more then twice the container, but no less then 1 1/2 the height. Another tip is to decide before you start what size arrangement you want to make, if it’s large you will want a large container or vase. If your looking for a low centerpiece make sure you use a foam made for real Flowers to help hold them in place. Vase arrangements may not need this, but it can also be helpful, depending on the look you are going for.

Of course planting a garden is a chore in itself, but well worth the time and effort a well landscaped yard adds value to your home and style to your block. Choose many different colors, but make sure they all work together. If you don’t like you can always use grasses instead and use those to make some wonderful arrangements for your home. The possibilities for your garden are endless. The best part about a garden is that planting and takeing care of it can be a relaxing, healthful experience.

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Home Remodel Help

Have you been thinking about making your home your home. Do you have things you want to change or wish you could just have a new home. Well the economy may not let you have a new home, but you may be able to get some help with a remodel from where you can find help for almost anything you need when it comes to your home.

Servicespider_logoRecently we have tried to do things our self at my house and it has not worked out well. Our water heater exploded and our heat is not working. Now I have learned first hand that some things you just don’t want to do on your own. You need a professional to do it and it’s usually more experience then if you had just hired someone to start. I know this from personal experience and can not stress it enough. Even if you think you can do it, you probably can not and it will cost you in the end.

Of course if you are handy you can probably do it all on your own and then you could also check out where you can get a website made up for you and get some money for your own home remodel.


Find Local Home Improvement Contractors

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Visit A Greenhouse

Are you stumped as to what you can do with your home now that the weather is nice. Well one way to get some fresh ideas is to visit your local greenhouse. They have of course great plants that could work very well flowersin your home and they also are full of color, that means it’s easier for you to find a color that you like.

You can also mix and match flowers to find out what colors work together and what doesn’t. I worked in retail a few years ago and I remember a women asking me about flowers and her room. She found flowers she wanted to put in her room, but couldn’t figure out the color of paint to go with it. I brought over a flower that had a nice lavender color to it and she loved it. I then told her to take it over to paint and have them match the color. She came back a week later and thanked me for the advice. Now I’m giving you the same advice.

Try it out and see what you can do to make your home fresh and exciting.

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Furniture Friday: The Peacock Throne

The Peacock throne of Shah Jahan was originally a throne of India. It also does refer to some Persian thrones, though not the same throne, it was stolen by the Persians in 1739 unfortunately they destroyed it. Though there are a few reproductions around the world.

The throne was a sight to behold as it got it’s name from the figure of two peacocks standing behind it. The throne was also covered in many jewels such as sapphires, ruby’s and pearls. These stones along with a few others were meant to represent life. The throne was in the shape of a bed and was supported by four 25 inch high feet. From the base 12 gold bars rose up to support the canopy above. The emperor Shah Jahan was a patron of the arts, he built the Taj Mahl in remembrance of his second wife and mother of his children though some historians believe it was built for himself and not his wife.

Many believe that the peacock throne was originally a Muslim creation, though others point out that in the Muslim culture using living creators in art is prohibited so this is probably just a rumor. The peacock throne also refers to a throne in Iran and the Iranian monarchy.

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Easter Decorating Tips

I love Easter, it’s a carefree fun holiday for children and adults and it’s not as tiresome and stressful as christmas. Of course if your the one hosting the Easter festivities you may have more stress then others. Part of the fun of hosting Easter is decorating your home. Now with respect to the economy I’m not going to go all crazy this year with Easter decor tips, but I have a few that will save you time, money and give some fun to your kids.

Die eggs and use them as a centerpiece. If you don’t plan on being at the table long you could probably just put them in a basket with some Easter grass and call it good, if you want it out longer I would suggest having a bowl of ice under another and having the grass and eggs in that to keep it cool .

Buy Easter candy and make your own dessert complete with bite size pieces. You can then display them with a candle or a huge chocolate bunny in the middle.

Get a white paper table cloth and let the kids put Easter drawings on it. Use that to display your food on.

Use live plants like ivy and Easter Lilly’s for centerpieces and other areas, give these out as gift if you don’t have a green thumb.

These are just a few decorating tips I have, do you have any to share?

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Home Security

Today while I was out my sister had an unexpected visitor and even though we live in a small town and most people are okay this person scared her and she was very uncomfortable. This experience made me start thinking about a home wireless security system and getting one for my mom as soon as we can. Soon it will only be her in this house and I would feel better knowing that there is a security system.

Home security systems are a very smart choice for any home and it can increase the value of your home and drop the insurance price. Something that everyone would love to see. If you get a package from protect America you can get a really great deal it’s FREE! Of course there is a small catch, but something you would have to pay for anyway, the subscription to the service. Thats only $35 a month and you can have piece of mind in and away from your home. The package I like the most is one that offers protection at 10 entry points, talking control panel, 3 window decals, plus more. If this interest you, you can check out their website or call 877-470-2751 (call now and get 2 free key chain remotes)

Keeping your carefully designed home safe is a must for any homeowner, why not save some cash while reaping all of the benefits.


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