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Have Mosquito Problems

I love to garden and spend time outside but bugs, well bug me. I usually can not get anything done because I’m swatting and running from some sort of bug. Now our dog Sam does a great job of catching the big bugs, but she can’t get at the smaller ones, so I’ve spent some time looking at mosquito traps and have found one that I had to share with you.

The Mega-Catch Mosquito trap is a unique trap that uses LED Mozzieslights, artificial human scent and motion to attract mosquitoes. It will work with most types of mosquito’s and comes in 3 different sizes. One for small yards and spaces, one for 1 acre and one for 1.5 acres.

The smaller one is actually somewhat stylish and I could see most people using it in their yards. It’s perfect for apartment decks also as it’s small and portable. Pair it with a good citronella candle and your good to go. The best part is this system is environmentally friendly. Something I look for in products I buy and I hope you do too. The next best part about this system is that you and I can spend some time outside, perfecting that curb appeal.


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Light Up Your Summer With Candles

I know your thinking I’m crazy, but really candles make a great accent any time of the year and it puts good use to that fireplace you may not be using until November. Of course if you do want or need to use it, you can fireplacealways remove candles! Another good reason to have candles around is that in the summer you can find great smelling citronella candles that can keep the bugs away while also creating a great summer setting. Use them outside or in to make yourself calm, relaxed and comfortable.

Candles are also a great way to show your holiday spirit. Buy candles in red white and blue to show your American pride all summer long, don’t live in America, well use your colors and create a great focal point. Find a flag candle holder or two and your set for both the forth of July and Labor day. (insert your nations holidays here) The point is, use things all year around, it keeps things simple, but if you change out the colors it still changes out the mood, the best part is you can still use white if you don’t want to buy new ones!

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Update Your Home With A Tip From The Past

Most people are all about saving money now a days, that means that services they once went out and spent money on are now services they are wanting to do in the comfort of their own home. That is where adding Fold-Away Ironing Boards to at least one room in your home is a great idea. It folds up and away so it’s out of your way when you don’t need it. Not only will ironing-centeryou cater to the yourself, but when you go to sell your home, that may just be a huge selling point and get you that buyer who wants to pay the price your asking for. You never know right?

Yes ironing your own clothing has gone out of style with the invention of the dryer that does it all, but really how many people have the money to spend on that wonderful contraption right now. Also will someone looking at your home have the money to spend on it? Oh and the energy that it takes to run the thing every time you need something to look good. An iron is a lot less expensive to run and you can use it for so many other things, like making your own cool t-shirt saying or creating a one of a kind table cloth for thanksgiving dinner. So, if your interested in getting yourself one of these, check out the link in this post and Get a 10% discount with coupon code: SPARK
Hotel Furniture


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Where I Get My Inspiration

Not only do I write my own interior design blog, but I read and look at many others. I get ideas from every blog I visit. This helps me put post and school modern bathprojects together. I have been asked by a few people where I get some of my ideas for this blog from. Well, below is a list of blogs I have visited and been inspired by, some you may know while others you do not.

Creative Ramblings

Fresh Home

The Kitchen Designer

Interior Design, not a blog, but still a resource I use often.

Decor 8

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Use Travel To Inspire

I love traveling, though I have not been able to do much of it. I have been thinking about takeing a vacation and getting some ideas for my own projects. Sometimes getting into the unfamiliar is the best way to get your creativity going, you see and do things that you normally would not, you also tend to try to remember it. Most people while on vacation take a camera with them, handy when you see a sofa, home or garden you like.

For my vacation I’m considering visiting Kissimmee Fl. I have seen many pictures from friends who have visited the historic district and I would love to see it for myself. The architecture of the homes there fit well with school projects I have done, but would like to redo. I’m hoping that maybe this year, before I’m done with school I will be able to check out these homes and get some ideas that will benefit me and my portfolio.

Of course I would check out the other fun things to do in the area, like Disney world and all the restaurants. I have decided that hospitality design interest me and I’m sure the hotels, parks and restaurants will have a range of styles to get me inspired and ready for my next phase in life.

Remember next time you travel, don’t just take pictures of yourselves, take some that inspire you to try something new, be it with your decor or you life.


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Its A Sofa, No Its a Bed

Recently while stumbing around the internet I found a very interesting and useful sofa. This sofa takes sofa-bed’s to the next level. It’s stylish and when expanded into a bed creates not only one bed, but 2 and the bottom can also be used for seating.


The Doc sofa is sold in the united kingdom, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to order it and ship it anywhere. It’s great for small apartments and studios where you may want a sofa, but also want a bed.


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Furniture Friday: History of The Bed

Beds have been used throughout history to sleep on. Not everyone had them and it was and still is considered a status symbol. Wealthy people had beds and in the beginning even those were not as comfortable as our beds today. It was not until the 1800’s that beds started to become comfortable by our standards.

bedThe idea of a bed dates back to neolithic times, where men and women slept on primitive beds, probably made of animal fir or whatever soft material they could find. Beds in Egyptian times were not just used for sleeping, but they ate on them and socialized on them. King Tutankhamen (Tut)  had a bed of ebony and gold, while his subjects used palm leafs to sleep on.

The first sign of a luxury bed came with the Romans. Their beds were gold, silver or bronze and included a stuffed mattress. The stuffing was made mostly of hey or feathers.  The Romans also discovered the water bed, no it is not a modern idea, Romans started using them to help them relax and no they have no resemblance to today’s water bed. They would do one of two things to create a water bed, one way would be to fill goat skins with water, the other would involve going to sleep in a tub of water, then being moved to a mattress.

During the Renaissance era the beds changed very little, they were still stuffed with hey or feathers, but now may be covered in velvet or silk.

Finally the 18th century arrived and the big changes to the bed started to happen, the introduction to the iron frame and cotton mattress finally gave people a way to sleep without attracting a lot of bugs. In 1985 the first spring mattress was invented and that introduced the idea of the modern bed.

Of course that did not end the development of the bed, many more sleeping ideas were brought to light in the 1900’s. Such as the futon, foam rubber mattress, air bed and the modern water bed. Also a turning point for the bed occurred in the 1990’s when the queen size mattress out beat the twin.

We still have a long ways to go when it comes to improving out sleep and the furniture we do it on. I am sure that one day what we have now to sleep on, will be outdated and considered uncomfortable.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Changing your look is not always about knocking down walls and painting, sometimes it’s as simple as changing the pictures in a room or your whole home. A few days ago, my mother took down my favorite painting, she unique paintingteaches for Head start and they were talking about flowers, so she took the painting of roses into her classroom.

My sisters and I did not know about this so, when we noticed it gone we wondered where it was and commented on how different the room looked. It made an impact on us and when my mother returned the picture to it’s spot, we noticed the difference again.

When I had my own apartment I would move around and change out pictures every six months or so. This freashens up the feel of the room and adds a new conversation point. You of course can keep the pictures and either store them to bring back out later, or move them to another room. Moving pictures is a great way to change things without spending any money. Try it for yourself and see what you think.

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Fun Functional Furniture

colorful chairs

Sometimes you just need some color in your life

marbelous table

Other times you just need to play


spaceless table

Maybe You Just Need Space.

Find Local Home Improvement Contractors

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