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Tell Your Story With Art

daffy-with-hatEvery once in a while I find something that is just a wonderful concept, place or thing. Not only does it make you happy just thinking about it, but it can help to tell your life story as well. every Picture Tells a story Gallery located on the very trendy Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, CA  is one of these places. They have a huge selection of art that can help tell your personal story. The artwork is so diverse that someone could show all of there likes and dislikes with art.

nightmare-before-christmasSome of my favorite ones I have put into this post, they show what I like and what may mean something to me. A great example is the daffy duck picture, daffy duck was my fathers favorite cartoon, whenever I see daffy I think of my father. When you decorate your home you show off yourself, not just the decor. Everything you pick reflects your personality, lifestyle, history and dreams. Using artwork to enhance this feeling is a great and creative way to show off you.

If you would like you can Visit the official Every Picture Tells A Story Gallery website! Find snoopy-and-snowmanartwork that speaks to you and tell me about it. What do you like, what don’t you like. These things all help form your interior design identity. If you choose artwork that is vibrant and cartoonish you have fun side to your decorating. If you choose more traditional artwork you may prefer to downplay your designs and keep a classic style in your home. Either way artwork can show you a whole new side of a person including yourself.

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Move Outdoors

One way to improve the value of your home both monetarily and for yourself is to improve the outdoor space and make it useful. Creating outdoor living spaces has become a big business it is second only to kitchen redesigns. In fact many outdoor areas now include a kitchen set up so that you can cook, entertain and enjoy your outdoor space.

Adding a kitchen to the outdoor space is probably the best way to add value to your home. If you live in a warm climate it will really help the value. If your in a colder climate I would still recommend putting in a kitchen area, but maybe one that is smaller and located under an overhang area. You also may want to add a pizza oven or bar area to complete the feel. I suggest using stone or treated wood for your counter area as it will hold up well against the elements.

You also will want to invest in landscaping. If you don’t have much money I would suggest checking out a local technology center or collage that offers landscaping classes, these student need real world experience and you may be able to get the job done for a lot less.

Many people also think that adding a pool will help increase the value of their home, it does depend on the area you are in and if most of your neighbors have pools then go ahead, have fun and enjoy cooling off.

If you need some design ideas for your outdoor space check out these outdoor spaces.

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The Importance Of Task Lighting

If you are looking to save money I suggest you invest in task lighting. Task lighting helps you to preform task easier and faster then general lighting. This lighting can be inexpensive table lamps or floor lamps. Task lighting can also involve the use of hanging lamps and pendents both popularly used in kitchen and dinning room design.

One tip for your task lighting is to create a lighting layout that will benefit your needs. If you don’t often use the task lighting, but you still want the area lit, use dimmer switches to allow you to control the light used. Another tip is to have your task lighting set on a different switch then your general lighting. This will help save you energy and keep your bulbs longer.

Where should you use task lighting?

Task lighting is useful in many areas of your home. The kitchen is a huge area for specific task. You need to be able to clean, cook and preform many household duties. Make sure your counter areas are well lit for cleaning, utilize under cabinet lighting to make your work load much easier and to get your kitchen cleaner. Use pendents over islands to help when cooking, cleaning and other household task.
If you do not have a study your living room may serve as your reading area. If this is the case for you. Check into floor or table lamps to provide ample light for reading. You may also want these on a dimmer so that the light level can be changed if your watching a movie or are located very close to the lamp. Keep recessed lighting on a dimmer as it is general lighting, but may need to be dimmed.

Overall if your building a new home or remodeling a new home, adding task lighting is a must. One helpful tip is to put everything on a dimmer so that you can create mood lighting and save energy. There are of course exceptions to the dimmer, that being general cleaning lighting in the kitchen; excluding under cabinet lighting as it also can set a mood and provide drama. Use your lifestyle to decide what works for you, but as always think of who may live in that home when you do not and plan ahead for that also.

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Blog Problems and Models

I have not been able to post the last few days due to upgrade complications and a busy life. As you can see I have fixed the complications and my life should slow down a little now. I know I missed Furniture Friday again, but it will be back this Friday.

That said, last week was my last week of classes for a while. I’m happy to have some time though I plan on getting a lot done over my break. I do have a great picture of my model. Something I have spent a lot of time on and stayed up for 38 hours to finish. A model is something that many interior designers do if a client wants to physically see something, of course you do have to pay for the time put into it.Let me know what you think of my model. I’m still working on it as it was not complete to my standards when it was due.


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Furniture Friday; The Stone of Scone

A few weeks ago I did a post about the Great throne of Britten, St Edwards chair. In this post I touched a little on the Stone of Scone, I have decided to share a little more about this with you. This history of this stone is uncertain, there are many tales of it’s origins, some of the most widely known being that it came from the holy land and was used in biblical times or that it was a traveling alter.

When the Stone of Scone came to Ireland it was blessed by St. Patrick. The stone may have been used there in the Irish kings coronations until around 500 AD. The Stone of Scone is an oblong block of red sandstone, the top of the stone bears chisel-marks and at each end of the stone is an iron ring. This was probably used to help in transportation.

Despite not knowing exactly where this stone came from, most people are sure it was in use at the first king of Scotland’s coronation in the 800’s. At this time the stone had been moved to the new capital Scone, this is how it received it’s name, though it is also known as the stone of destiny and the coronation stone. Another tradition states that part of the stone was given in gratitude for Irish support at the battle of Bannockburn to the King of Munster, who then put it in his castle, the castle was called Blarney and the stone is now called the Blarney stone.

In 1296, the stone was captured by Edward I and was kept in London until it was given back in 1996, though it will return for future coronations. Most people believe that the stone that we see now is not the real stone of scone, but a recreated one. Tales of deception surround the stone from before the time Edward I was said to have taken it. Some say Monks hid the real stone and it has never been found while others say that when a group of students took the stone in the 1950’s they made copies and that is what we see today.


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