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Top 5 Ways To Make Over Your Home

Are you looking to add value and style to your home. Right now is a great time to invest in the home you live in. You don’t want to go to crazy but these top 5 ways to make over you home should give you some inspiration.

5. Add on a spare room- Adding a room to a home can really increase the value and create an extra space for guest, kids or just a quit getaway.

4. Finishing the basement- If your basement is not finished I would recommend doing it. Having a finished basement increases the livable space and is a huge selling point to potential buyers down the road.

3. Adding a Guest House- If you often have relatives that come to visit this could be a great option for you. Of course you need the space to do it, but sometimes just having an apartment over the garage will do.

2. Adding a home speaker system. Okay this is one that would be a great selling point for singles and people who entertain a lot. If you do think about doing this, make sure that you know the potential buyer for your area. If it’s mostly young couples or families they may not care about or want this type of system.

1. A home theater. Sometimes you just need to stay home and relax, think about it you don’t have to pay to see a movie and your in the comfort of your own home. You control the air and temperature quality, you also decide who stays and who goes. The best part is you also get to choose your own snacks, anyone up for pasta and some sushi?

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Domain Change and More

I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on this blog and now I have changed the domain name, Abc’s of Fine Design is now Home Style Tips, a much easier to remember name and I hope that the change will bring with it some good things. I am going to try to post more now that I have this all figured out. There may still be a few issues with everything, but eventually all will be okay.

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Frame Your Flat Screen TV

HD Envy Custom TV Frame One of the hottest trends in design today is framing your flat screen TV. This way it looks more like artwork and tends to fit your decor a lot better then just sticking a flat screen TV on the wall. Now that most TV’s made are flat screen TVs looking into a frame for it is a very smart move.

Flat screen TV frames are not cheap, but they are not expensive either. If you check out HD Envy you will find some great prices on flat screen tv frames. They offer a huge selection of frames some of which I have pictured here in this post. You can also custom order a TV frame to fit your decor. What I love most about these TV frames is that they not only look great, but they fit your TV so well that you can move the frame and the TV around. HD Envy has a great locking system made from steal that locks the frame to your TV enabling you to move it any way you want.

HD Envy TV FrameJust think you can create a great classic look for your room and have a TV that actually fits the decor, no more having this huge modern looking thing hanging on the wall, now it can fit your style and your needs.

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Join The Small Appliance Revolution

The new trend is to go smaller and energy efficient when it comes to appliances and more. Sometimes it is hard to find the right small appliance, you spend hours looking around the store and wondering what you really need to be looking for. Well, the internet not the store is where you should start your small appliance search. If you take a look at Compact Appliance, a website that has a huge selection of small appliances and solar energy ideas, you will be able to compare things like portable air conditioners, solar panel backpacks and chargers and even find induction cooking tools.

slow cookerSmall Kitchen appliances are probably the second hottest item out there right now, solar power devices being the first. Small appliances that will make your life easier, like slow cookers and electric grills.

If your an on the go person Compact Appliance can also give you great solar power capabilities. They have solar backpacks, solar energy rolls that can fit in your glove box. If your love spending time outdoors but want to keep in touch with the world check out there solar RV kit that provides enough power to watch TV, DVD’s and more.

The new home decor and outdoor trend is small and sustainable. It’s a very easy trend to keep up with as it makes our lives simple and even better as we can do so much more in small spaces or away from our homes.

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Happy Independence Day!

The USA is now 233 years old. Every year American show their national pride by displaying things in red white and blue. Below are some great ideas for your 4th of July decorating, remember you can keep all of these great stuff and use it for Labor day too!

red white and blue LED lights

fireworks glasses

red white and blue beddingRed White and Blue bird house

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