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Home Security and Mans Best Friend

Sometimes the best way to keep your home safe is not the most expensive and new technology. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a good family dog. A year ago we got Sam, she is a German Shepherd who is very good at being a watch dog. She barks at everyone who comes within 50 feet of our house. Now that is a little much and we are working on it, but she does let us know when someone is around. Make us feel much safer. We will not and do not plan on training her as an attack dog, or a dog that will physically protect against an intruder. We don’t need that, and I don’t suggest you do that with your watch dog.

Another great reason to look into a watch dog is that they make great companions, better then an electronic home security system since you can talk to the dog without feeling like an idiot. If your not sure what kind of dog to get you can always start by checking out large dogs, like Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers, they are big enough and have the stigma surrounding them to scare off anyone trying to get into your home. All dogs can be trained to make a good watch dog, you could check out a Shetland Sheepdog or my favorite a Chihuahua, ours does actually scare people off. She can bark really low and has been known to nip at people I honestly worry more about her attacking someone then the German Shepherd.

If you like the idea of saving thousands on a new home security system and you just want a nice playful friend you should check into a watch dog to keep your well designed home save and secure. Remember though, that all dogs that are assigned tasks protecting property should be properly trained.You can find a list of expert dog trainers here.

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Death Of The Desktop

I was once a very happy computer, I was stylish ran fast and could do anything you wanted me to. You played games on me and looked up news. You printed off pictures to hang on your wall of your children and dog. You Computersused me to design your home, find tips for decorating and you showed me off to your friends when you bought me.

Now I sit here as you pull out that thing, that horrible little space saving device. I’m no longer stylish and good looking on your desk, no you want a computer that moves with you, one that will help you find recipes while your in your kitchen, one that you can take to school with you and one that is not as heavy set as I am. I’m still here takeing up space, hoping you will notice me. You don’t use me anymore as I use too much energy, I don’t run the fast 3d games you like and I don’t look good with your decor. It’s been a few months since that little thing came along and now I’m covered in dust. You never come in this room anymore.

Wait, your coming in the door! Maybe? Just maybe you will turn me on and use me. No, instead you unplug me put me in a box and take me somewhere else. You take me to a place where they take old things like me and now I sit here. My un-stylish self thinking of yesterday and how trends and styles change. I figure one day a few years from now the ban of my existence will show up here too, wonder what it did wrong.

This is the story of your computer, like design trends technology trends change too. Most of the time technology and design interact. A new laptop works better then the old computer because it’s new and uses less energy. The flat screen looks better on the wall and allows you more floorspace. One day you may even be able to change the color of your paint by clicking a button on a remote. Keep up with design trends by keeping up with technology and you will find you have a useful, effective and stylish home that wows anyone who walks in.

I use HP products myself and I love them if your interested in a great deal on a space saving computer check out this deal.

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A Stimulus to Help You: Get New Appliances

It looks like the government may be helping you to improve your home and cut back on your energy bill. Later this fall you may be able to get a government stimulus rebate on energy star appliances. This rebate will be on top of any existing government, store or manufactures incentive meaning you could save a lot of money if you shop smart.  It’s kind of like the cash for clunkers program, but you don’t have to take in your old appliance. You just walk into the store and buy. I love the idea, but many think it won’t take off. What do you think?

Shop home appliances at Rainbow Appliance

I believe that many American consumers will be able to afford to buy a new dishwasher, washer, dryer or refrigerator. It doesn’t cost as much as a car and since this goes into effect later in the fall you could just tell yourself it’s a christmas gift. Another good thing about the program is that you still have your old appliance and there are many options you have for that old appliance. You can keep it, if it’s an extra fridge you may need it. Or you can find a local program that will pay you to take your old appliance. The third option is to donate the appliance and get a great tax write off.

If or when this goes into effect it would be a great time to update your home and improve the resale value by getting better appliances that will increase the value of your home and improve your electric bill.

More information:

Latest in stimulus “cash for refrigerators”

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Float Into Your Dreams

I ran across this floating bed while looking for something on the internet and I had to share it. I think this would be a great addition to any children’s bedroom or a great getaway type room where you want to relax and feel as if you were somewhere else. I would put this in my bedroom too, just because it makes me feel like it would be very relaxing.

round floating bed

What do you think, would you sleep on it?

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Finish Your Gardening Season The Right Way

I love gardening. This week we have been working on fixing up our old home to sell. I spent a lot of time out in the garden trimming and getting things looking great. I will eventually be posting pictures of the completed home, but we are not done with it yet.

When I was out working on the garden I starting thinking about my blog and about the things I would want to have to make gardening easier. I thought about some of the products I had been looking at to post about and one that kept coming to my mind is Garden Groom.

button 2

Garden Groom is a great device that makes trimming hedges a lot easier then what I was using. Not only does the garden groom have a hiden blade, but it also collects the clippings for you so you don’t have a messy cleanup like I had. I think we still are cleaning up the clippings from 2 days ago!

Summer is almost over, but I still would suggest checking this product out. This would probably make life so much easier and gives you more time to be working on other things around your home. Of course you don’t have to work, you could just sit relax and enjoy the work you have already done.

Garden Groom

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The Best Tip I Ever Received

paint bucketsWhen I was just out of high school I helped a friend of mine paint her home inside and out. We went to the paint store, bought all of the paint we needed including primer and proceeded to paint the inside of her home. Her neighbor noticed us carrying the used cans out to her truck so that we could dispose of them properly. While I was doing this my friend started opening the paint for the exterior of the house. The neighbor stopped us and asked why we didn’t have primer for the outside.

I was honest when I said I didn’t even think about it. I also realized that the man made a great point, we ran out to the store and bought enough primer for the whole house. Now it did make the project last a couple of days longer, but I just went by my friend house, now almost 10 years later and paint looks just like it did 10 years ago. There is no pealing or discoloration at all. It’s really nice.

If your looking to paint your home, something you should do to keep it updated and fresh looking. Make sure to use primer to keep the color even and looking great for years to come.

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Have A Seat

The following are some of my favorite sofas and seating arrangements from Meritalia a company founded in 1987. They have amazing creativity in all of their design work. I hope you enjoy these images.

ivory sofa

black and white sofa

green sofa

funky sofa

white sofa

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Top 5 Back To School Post

welcome backI have decided to head back in time and check out some of the great back to school post I have done, I have also included post to products that would be great in a dorm room. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Give Your Dorm Style And Organization It’s back to school time and that means that the collage kids are getting all of their dorm things and are almost ready to go back…

2. Get A Wall Tattoo I came across this very cool site today called Wall Glamour and they have very cool products for your walls…

3. Its A Sofa, No Its a Bed Recently while stumbling around the internet I found a very interesting and useful sofa…

4. Going Back To The Stone Age? Is this the new wave of the future are we really going to end up going this “green”…

5. Fiddle with your pictures Accessories make a room or brake it. So you want to pick out some really great accessories when you can. One way to to personalize them…

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