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How To Buy Furniture The Right Way

Many people have no clue how to buy furniture. I have complied a guide for you to use when you buy furniture. It includes tips I have used myself or tips I have received from people who work in the furniture industry.

Sofas/Love Seats/Chairs

The first thing you should do is find something you like the look of, yes you do need to like how it looks. Check out everything in the showroom, don’t look at price, just go to the piece that your drawn to first.
Feel the sofa, if you don’t like how it feels in the store, your not going to like how it feels at home.

Find out now if the store does any custom upholstery work, that way if you find a sofa you like but do not like the color or fabric you know if you can change it. If you have children this is also a great time to find out about stain resistance and if it’s available on the piece you are looking at.

Sit on it for at least 30 minutes. Now this may be the hard part as the sales people at some stores are pushy and want to make a quick sale, but you need to do this. Most people watch at least a half hour of TV while sitting on a sofa, sitting on it in the store that long will help you to make sure it’s comfortable.
Sit on the sofa as if it were in your home. If you put your feet up, do it! You are making a big purchase, don’t be afraid to test out the product.


The first thing you need to do when shopping for a mattress is find out if the store has any special types of mattresses like a sleep number or other mattress that can be customized to your needs.
If they do, try those out first, but don’t skip trying other mattresses, sometimes you can find one that works well for you that is not custom. Customized mattresses usually do cost more, so you want to be sure it’s your only option.

Lay on the mattresses for at least 30 minutes; in fact you really should try to sleep on one in the store. If the sales person will not let you I would suggest finding another store. You need to be relaxed and sleep how you would at home in order to know if the mattress is going to work for you.
Do not buy just because of the brand name. Test, what works for your friend or family may not work for you.

If a store offers a try it for 30 days or allows you to return a mattress, leave the store. A mattress cannot be returned to a store, this is law and do you really want to spend all that money on a mattress that others have slept on?

Wood Furniture


Wood furniture is a huge part of the furniture business. You can get factory made, handmade and Amish furniture almost anywhere in the United States.

There really is only one good tip when buying wood furniture, make sure it’s constructed well. Check the joints and the craftsmanship.

Also wood furniture, that is not antique, is never solid; the US government does not allow solid furniture to be made. This was put into existence in the early 20th century to help preserve forest.

General Furniture Buying Tips

Research, sales do not always mean great deals. Research the product, find product reviews online, get information about the company that makes it and the store that is selling it.

Measure the space the furniture will be in, then when you find what you want compare to make sure it will fit. If you can reserve the piece, measure it and return home to make sure it will fit before it is delivered. You should also make sure you can get it through a door in your home and to the space you want to put the piece in.

If the sales person is pushy and you’re not comfortable, go somewhere else. This also applies if your looking for custom work and the store your at does not do that. Your spending the money, get what you want.

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Why Wet Dusting is Better Than Dry Dusting

Sometimes you think it’s easier to dust with a feather duster then useing a spray. It is easier but it probably will not get the job done and you will have to dust daily to keep it from pileing up.

Dry dusting just moves the dirt and dust around, using a spray or oil will allow the dust to be picked up. It also will help to moisturize the wood making it look better longer. There are many sprays and oils you can use, my favorite is the pledge Allergines spray because it just works. I dust once a week and normally I don’t have to dust there is just a very small amount on my furniture. I also use oils at least twice a year to help keep my furniture moisturized and looking new.

You can still dry dust, in fact it’s a great idea to dry dust if you don’t have time to do a wet dust. If you hate dust or have sever allergy’s dry dusting then vacuuming a few days after you wet dust can help to cut down on allergens in your home. Of course if you do have severe allergies you may also want to invest in an air purifier to help cut down on allergens too.

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Great Products For Your Home Improvement Project


Perfect Tool for Interior Designers

Take the guesswork out and get your color right the first time! This Interior Design Color Wheel helps you select the colors that work together for any living space or work space. It helps you harmonize interior design projects by illustrating complementary, split complementary, monochromatic and related color schemes and easy instructions and helpful hints are printed on the back. The guide is 8-1/2″ x 11″ and comes in a protective 3-ring binder sleeve. This offer is for 2 brand new Interior Design Color Wheels. A “Must Have” for interior designers! For additional artist tools and much, much more please visit our storefront.

Interior Design Color Wheel Helps You Harmonize Your Interior Design Projects.

No More Extra Trips to the Paint Store!

Design Your Dream Home with Help from HGTV.

Easily draw out your room. Then choose materials and furnishings just by dragging and dropping. Click to enlarge.


Flooring Materials Library: Woods, tiles, carpets and more

Complete Furniture & Appliance Library: Hundreds of 3D models to choose from

Accurate Natural Lighting: Visualize your homes interior at different times of day.

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First Day of Fall Means Fun Autum Decor

I love Autumn, it’s my favorite time of year and I have to say I am loving fall colors and the great Autumn Decor selection this year.

Thomas Kinkade Autumn Village Decorative Wreath: Autumn Home Decor

Autumn Memories Wall Sculpture

Yosemite Home Decor Autumn Scene 3 118 x 59 Oil Painting Reproduction

Fall Plates

Fall leave tablecloth

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When Building A Fireplace

I talk a lot about building fireplaces this time of year. It’s a great way to save money on heating cost and of course it adds to the value of your home. My mother has finally taken my advice and has decided to go ahead and get our fireplace in. The only problem is my step father didn’t do anything right so we spent today redoing everything he did.

When building a fireplace you need a good frame to surround it. You need to make sure the frame is level and that you have enough supplies to get the job done. You also should make sure you know what you are doing and that you have all of the proper permits to build your fireplace. If you don’t do these things your fireplace will fall down or you will have some heavy fees to pay.

Our fireplace framing is now level and square. All it took was the kids to take over the project and do it correctly. We are still not done, but we have learned a big and important lesson when it comes to home improvement, and no it’s not don’t let my step dad do it (we knew that already!)  It was the simple lesson of plan first, not later.

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Jewel Tones Are Hot for Fall 2009

If your looking to update your space you may want to take a good long look at [intlink id=”350″ type=”post”]colors [/intlink]you see in jewelry. Purples, blues and emerald are in for fall and they can make your home shine. The best part is you can add these items to your home without a lot of money, time or construction.

Some great ideas for adding jewel colors to your home are:

colorful gemstonesThrow pillows



Arrangements (floral, leaves or even costume jewelry draped over items)


Pictures and artwork

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Winter Is Coming Warm It Up

I found these fireplaces from Heatglow and had to share them with you. Winter will soon be here and a fireplace is a great way to keep warm without spending a lot of cash. I hope these images inspire you to install a fireplace. It’s not hard, but it does take some work. We are still working on our own, I’ll have pictures when it’s all done.

Wide fireplace

classic fireplace

cyclone fireplace

cyclone fireplace

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