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It’s Halloween How Are You Lighting It Up?

There are so many ways to light up your Halloween. You can decorate your house with lights, goblins and witches or you can do that and have a party where you decorate the inside too. You may not even celebrate Halloween and just use harvest decor to celebrate the season.

What is my idea of the perfect Halloween? Well it’s one that is energy efficient and one that is a lot of fun. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and decorating for it is fun. I love using lights to show things off. Spot lights are a great way to highlight something you want everyone to see. Add a timer to it so the light goes on and off and you have a great feature for your scary decor.

I also love to use black lighting and Par38 Halogen because they do not use much electricity, since they are florescent. I love using them everywhere. They make everything glow and add a scary element to a room even without decorations in it.

So how have you decorated for Halloween and the fall season?

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Get Your Kids To Sit With Stylish Kids Chairs

Sometimes you just want to be able to relax but the kids won’t let you. One way to get them to sit and chill is to give them chairs made just for them. At Kids Chair World you can get just the thing to get your kids excited about sitting down. They sell so many different types of chairs for kids that you are sure to find one that you like.

How about a bean bag chair to sit and relax in?

blue bean bag chair

Of course if you want something where they can entertain themselves you may want to check out personalized kids  table sets like this one.

aspen kids table and chairs white

You could always find your kids a nice comfy chair that matches the grown ups seating.

black kids chair

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Harvest Decorating and The Farm

Sometimes the best decorations are the ones that come from nature. Yesterday my family and I went to a pumpkin farm. We of course got pumpkins and donuts, but there were also some gourds. Though we didn’t pick any up gourds do make great decorative pieces during the fall. All you have to do is head out to the farm and find them. I have a few examples of arrangements below, but really you can do almost anything.

pumpkin Arrangements

gourd arrangements


Gourd outdoor arrangment

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What To Look For When Doing a Home Loan Modification

The economy is starting to get better, but homeowners are still feeling the pinch. I know my family is and unfortunately our bank is just takeing it’s sweet time getting anything done. Now if your a homeowner who has been looking into Loan Modification, you may want to keep reading because I have a few tips for you.


The first is to shop around, talk to people who have dealt with the companies you are looking at, find out how long it took for their loan to go though and how friendly the people were, sometimes just knowing that the person doing this loan is looking out for you and cares about what happens to you makes the process much easier.

The next step is to find an attorney that is a member of the bar and finding one that is highly rated by the BBB. An attorney like the ones at American Residential Law Group.

The biggest thing to remember when looking for any type of loan is to make sure you know what you can afford going in, research the company and find out your rights. Many people have lost more then the oppertunity for the loan just because they didn’t do research.


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More Fun Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a great holiday to be creative and fun with your decorating. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration and the want to have fun. Personally I love decorating for Halloween. There are just so many things you can do! It’s also fun to scare people as they walk down the street.

Here are a few more of my favorite decorations.

Halloween Spider


pumpkin Decoration

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Love Your Home and Your Kids

Sometimes it seems that this time of year is only dedicated to decorating like crazy and feeding yourself and your kids so many sweets that everyone balloons into huge sugar pillows! This year you can do something a little different for your children and feed them something healthy and give them exercise by having them help you with your decorating.

Decorating for the holidays can actually be as fun and take up as much energy as playing a sport. Putting up all of those lights and huge inflatable pumpkins, turkeys and snowmen can give you just as much of a workout as going to the gym. That is why when it comes to an after decoration snack you may want to check out some ideas from Trick or Treat Me a blog written by food networks Robin Miller that is about healthy Halloween fun. One suggestion is that you give your kids chocolate milk after an activity. It’s good for them and it taste good too. The best part is that some milk is sold in shelf cartons so it can be stored in a pantry until your ready to use it. That makes it an easy grab. Something everyone wants when your busy getting those lights up or costumes on! The blog even has a link to a coupon!

Another great thing about this blog is that they are working with the World Wildlife fund to raise money for animals, the best part is it’s free for you. All you have to have is a Twitter account and check out Twick or Tweet Me. Once there all you have to do is send a Halloween tweet to someone you know and you will have donated $0.10 to WWF.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Halloween decorations, your chocolate milk and make something amazing!


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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Energy cost may be down, but if your one of the many who either locked in their rate during the summer or have lost a job and still need to save on your energy bill, then you may want to check out these weatherization tips. They should help you save some money every month on your heating bill or at least give you piece of mind over the winter months.

1. Change your Furnace Filter. This is probably the most effective and cheapest way to save money. A dirty filter will not work as well as a clean one, making your furnace work harder and use more electricity.

2. Check your doors and windows for drafts, use a candel to show you where the draft is. Of course make sure all doors and windows are closed and fans are turned off.

3. Insulate your attic, this is also a fairly inexpensive way to save on energy cost. Adding insulation can save you

4. Insulate exposed plumbing. Not only can this help water heat faster, but it will help to prevent the pipes from freezing.

5. Inspect your roof and gutters. This is always an area that can cause problems, if you need to replace shingles do it now also check the flashing to make sure water can not enter your home.

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Handmade Home Book Review

Recently I received a copy of the book Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures by Amanda Blake Soule.  This book is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to make homemade items for use as home decor or gifts. The book starts out with information about Hand Made Homefabrics and other sewing supplies.

The projects listed in this book range from sewing hats and bags to mouse pads, pillows and blankets. I have sewn a few things over the years and I learned a few things from this book. There are many great ideas for your home such as  the One Word Banner Project (featured on the cover) and the Fiber Garland Project. Both are fun for children and adults and are a great way to spend quality time with the kids and have something fun to show for that time.

The projects in Handmade Home are written in a way that is very easy to follow and the pictures included provide a great visual goal for you. Of course your project will look different and be unique to you, but pictures are a great way to judge your progress on any project. I really recommend this book if you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home on a budget.

*I was provided by the publisher this book to review , all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Canadian? You could win a Kitchen Makeover!

I know a few of you are from Canada, yes I pay attention to that type of thing and just for you I have found a wonderful contest for you to check out. It’s a kitchen makeover sponsored by Maple Leaf. Now since I live in Michigan I actually have heard of this brand, though I have not had the chance to try it, but since I have heard of it here in the states I’m sure if your in Canada you have.

I know your thinking shut up about the brand and let us know about the kitchen makeover! Well it’s very simple to enter all you have to do is visit the kitchen makeover website and enter your email to win each day. The contest does end on December 15th so you have to make sure you enter every day till then. The winner will receive a $32,000 kitchen makeover! You also could win one of twelve Frigidaire’s full of Maple Leaf chicken. Yum! (yes, I know I don’t really know this, but I do know chicken is good!) Also if you enter you will automatically get a $500 rebate from Frigidaire on your next purchase. Not a bad deal at all. (I still think I need to move across the border)

Lets pretend I did move and won this contest. I would do a complete Tuscan influenced kitchen with stainless steal appliances and a pizza oven. What would you do if you won?


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My Top 10 Halloween Decorations

It’s October and that means Halloween Decorating! I love Halloween myself and if I had my own home I would be decorating it like crazy right now, but since I don’t and I can seem to talk my mother into doing anything this year I will get my kicks by showing you some of my favorite Halloween Decorations.


Hanging Figure Gray Hanging Reapers


Real Estate Sign Haunted Estates



Eerie Acres Cemetary Lawn Sign


Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas 15th Anniversary Edition Tabletop Sculpture


Spooky Halloween Wreath by tag®





This last one needs an explanation: It’s a 
Outdoor Holiday Decoration Light Display Projector that will create any image to put on your home, You can have ghost, snowflakes, balloons and more. This is why this is number one on my list.

Outdoor Holiday Decoration Light Display Projector

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The Truth About Baby Formula

I know many of you who read this blog are mothers so I will be doing a few post for a sponsor who has a great message for you mothers or soon to be mothers out there. I hope you enjoy these post.

Baby formula is very expensive. I know this and I’m not a mom, but an aunt and one of five children. One way that many parents save on formula is by breast feeding, this is a great alternative, but did you know that you can also save money by buying store brand formula? Baby formula’s all have to meet the same requirements, that means there is really no difference between store brand formula and brand name formula, in fact you can save a lot of money by checking out store brands, if you don’t believe me you should check out The baby formula savings calculator from Parents Choice, it shows how much you could be saving just by switching from a name brand to theirs. The choices I made gave me a savings of over $10, in fact I could buy 2 containers of parents choice for the price of one of the other brand. (the one my sister used)

It’s a very helpful tool and I know that you would love to save money on something like this so you can use the savings to buy that nice throw rug you found on sale, right?


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Simple Saturday: Colors

Today I want you to take a look at your favorite color, then take a good look at your home, is your favorite color there? If it is how do you use it? If it’s not why is it not there.

Color is the most simple thing you can add to a room. It changes the mood and feeling of a room and can show a part of you. I love to change my room colors depending on the season. Ice blue and white for winter and orange and green for fall are just examples.

If your feeling down, put some happy colors in a room and be in that room a lot. A great happy color is yellow. You can also calm yourself down by using greens and blue. They relax you.

So go on, check out your home and change it to fit your mood or the season with color!

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