Holiday Decorating Made Easy Part I

Decorating for the holidays is a long hard task for many people, but there are some great ways to make holiday decorating very easy.

The first is to decide your color scheme. Are you a traditional red and green decorator or do you love the idea of blue and silver? If your not sure, I have a small list of some great color combination’s for christmas that go beyond these 2 holiday decorpopular themes.

Maroon and silver
White and purple
Blue, teal and cream
Black and white

Almost anything works for christmas decorating it’s that time of year where festive colors are in and we feel so much better about everything. Now once you decide on the colors you need to decide if your going to use real or synthetic materials for trees, wreaths and swags. If you decide to use real I would suggest making sure you are ready to take care of it. The last thing you want is a huge fire hazard.

The next step is to decide what rooms you are going to decorate. Many people only do one or two rooms, others do every room in the house. My suggestion is if you have to spend more then $200 a year decorateing your home it’s too much. Now if you have no decorations $200 is not that bad, but after that inital buying spree keep it to about $100 or less. Decor looks best when it’s simple. Use that $100 to buy new led lights if you don’t already have them and update to new colors, this could also be part of your “real plants” budget. Other then that many decorations you already have are fine.

Lights are the next step and really it’s pretty simple. Use lighting with synthetic garlands to create a warm look you can use over and over. Use candles on the christmas eve and christmas day or whenever your family gets together, to create a warm cozy and scented look that will make everyone feel wonderful and loving the holidays.

Well that’s it for part I, The next section will deal with table decor!

I would appreciate your thoughts on this post, why not comment?

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