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Spring Cleaning Time

Today I am starting my spring cleaning. I love that it’s getting warmer and I think it’s time to get rid of some things. Organization is a huge key in good interior design. You want to be organized so that you don’t have my problem; a huge mess and no clue where anything is located or what exactly is under my furniture! My plan this year is to help organize our whole house, I’m going to pick one room every weekend and clean it. This week is my bedroom, it needs it.

I use thinks like filing cabinets, closet organizers and plastic tubs to help me keep organized. They are inexpensive and really work well in any home, even a rental. I also try to make sure that once a month I get rid of something I don’t use. I missed the last two months as I just got very busy. I’m am going to make up for it though by getting rid of a few things today.

How do you spring clean? Do you do it all at once or pick one room a weekend to tackle?

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Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

I love designing my future home and one part that I am very passionate about is the bathroom. I want stone floors, a walk in shower and a huge whirlpool tub. I also want a very stylish vanity. Of course since I don’t have my own home yet I have to deal with dreaming but you don’t have to and I’m hoping that you will draw some design inspiration from this post.

When designing a bathroom there are two areas that can draw your eye, the tub and the sink. Bathroom vanities are now so stylish and fun that they actually can draw your eye away from that huge tub. I love this old world type sink and I would use this in my powder room, yes another room I have designed in my head. It’s interesting unique and I love the metal work. I wouldn’t put this sink in a bath that is used often to get ready for work or school as there really is not much room for extra stuff, but this works very well in a powder room or even outside as a washing station.

I personally would add a different faucet to it, but other then that I love the style. What do you think, would you put this pedestal sink in your bathroom?

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Rugs: a Great Way To Change A Room On A Budget

Free Shipping. 6x6 Long Wool Sheepskin Rug - ChocolateIf your looking to update your space and come into the new decade with a bang you should be looking at paint and area rugs. I’ve focused on paint many times, but today I am going to talk about rugs and the impact they can have on a space. A rug can bring color and sophistication to a room, it can also make it warm and inviting. A rug can also hide things you don’t want people to see or create an easier way to clean up messes.

Useing light rugs can make a room seem brighter and cool. Many people don’t like useing light rugs because they can actually take away from the cozy feeling of a room. I usually only use light rugs in the spring and summer as most of the time is spent outdoors anyway and you want a nice light and freash looking room

Darker rugs or rugs that are more ornate tend to create a cozy feeling in a room. They draw you in and make you feel warm and at home. Useing dark but vibrant rugs can make dull fall and winter days seem brighter and better.

Of course you really can use either type of rug any time of the year it all depends on the style your after, if your eclectic you probably will change them out with the seasions if your more modren then you would probably use bold blacks and light colors. Where classic minded people would use darker rich colors.

The main things you should think about when getting a rug are light and traffic, how much light is in the room you are putting the rug in and how many people are going to be using the room or at least walking across that rug. Getting a rug that is good for that space is very important, lower pile is better for high traffic where a higher pile rug is better for bedrooms and personal spaces. No matter what rug you choose make sure you care for it and that you love it or it will just end up stored away or thrown out and no rug deserves that.

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Why You Should Look At Metal Wall Art

I still believe that sometimes the best way to improve a room is to add the accessories to make it complete, the best part about doing this is that you can change the accessories with the seasons or your mood. A great example is this unique abstract metal art. I love it because its colorful, fun and has candles. I also love it because it’s really simple looking but would work well in a more formal setting too. I would probably put this in a room that has good lighting so that the jewels will shine.

Another reason wall decorations are a good addition to any design is that they create a vocal point and draw your eye upward in a room. If you have a small room you may want to try a piece of art that is tall, it will make the room seem larger and more open. Metal wall art is great for this as you can create so many different looks. My favorite is a climbing piece with leaves or flowers that move upward along the wall. The visual appeal of these pieces is really something that can make your design complete.

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Spring Color and Design Trends for 2010

Spring is on it’s way and now is a great time to think about the changes you will be making to your home. Even if you don’t own your home you can still benefit from a change of color or design. You may even decide that you need a whole new look and just go crazy with these new spring colors.

  • Amparo Blue – a brighter blue references the ocean & tropical beaches
  • Turquoise
  • Sunshine, Aurora yellow
  • Coral
  • Romantic Violet is reminiscent of Spring blooming
  • Neutrals are comforting but luxurious like the new “bubbly luxury” of Pink Champagne
  • Warm beige

Home & Interiors Color Trends for 2010

  • Green Market – Visual Appealing, Artisanal, Urban – colors like tomato puree, apple green, paprika
  • Resourceful – Sustainable, Preserving, Originality, Value- golden ochre, aqua sky, mauve orchid
  • Transformations – Modern Nostalgia, Romantic, Graceful, Soothing – lavender grays, stratosphere blue, pale gold, cameo pink
  • Ambiance – Understated, Layered Neutrals, Retro Glam, Sensuous – coffee bean, cognac, silvered pink

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Art Can Create and Finish A Room

Sometimes you just need something added to your room. You may decide it’s a piece of furniture, a new rug or some paint, but many times you really should be looking at artwork. Artwork can help to finish off that room and make you feel like you actually finished your design. There are many places to buy artwork online and one place that has recently caught my eye is Wall Decor and Home Accents. They have a wonderful selection of decorative home accents and artwork for your home and is really not a very expensive company, so you are sure to find something in your price range.

One of my favorite pieces on the site is this Vantania Metal Wall Tree. I think I love it so much because it reminds me of a piece of art that a friend of mine’s mother had when I was younger. It’s really a very beautiful piece and would work well in a home with a lot of light and black accents. It’s a piece that will draw the eye and make a statement. It probably also will be a great talking point at any party as this type of artwork is just interesting and a little different.

What do you think of it?

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History In Pictures

Recently for my historical preservation class my group had to take pictures of a local town. We choose Owosso MI and I decided to share some of these pictures with you. They are all of historic buildings and homes, something that we here in the US take for granted. We tear down these homes to make room for newer homes that are poorly built and will never last as long as these older homes. It really is very sad.

Carriage House

I wish I lived here!

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Save Money On Your New Home with The Housing Stimulus

Right now is a great time to buy a new home with the Housing Stimulus you now can get a lot of money just because you have decided to become a homeowner. It’s a great program and not only do you get a good deal on a new home, but you can help the economy just buy getting that new home you have always wanted.

Another great reason to check out this new program is because you can then use the money you get back to help improve the home to help up the value of the house. Yes, you may not want to sell the home any time soon, but you never know what life will give you. You may have to add on a room, update the kitchen, pull out money for unexpected health problems or maybe to send your child to college. Adding things to the home now when you have that money you will be able to pull out on the equity, though you do need to remember to only do it when you really need it.

Now I want you to think about something, what would you do with a new home and money to fix it up? I know I would go crazy and just update everything I could to match what I want in the home and what will work in the area I’m in. If I bought a home here, where I live now I would update the kitchen, but in a country look. Stainless steal here is not a big thing and that is why when you update, you need to look at what is popular close to you. If you want to know more about this great tax credit check out this video.

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Why Old Can Be Better

Right now so many people in the United States believe that new is better then old and we should tear everything down and put up new. This really is not the case and I will tell you why now and continue to tell you why in the future.

One big reason that older homes and buildings can be better then a new home is simple, you can not beat the craftsmanship. People just don’t do the quality of work they use to and there is no way it can be matched. Well, if you build it yourself and put the work into it, maybe. Still most of us can not build a home by ourselves right?

The next reason that older is better is that you waste less. Buying a home and fixing it up means that you are reusing land, materials and are not buying as many new materials as you would have to if you build a home.

The last reason, at least for this post is that an older home can be less work then a new one, yes I said less. Why, well because the home has already settled. So you don’t have to worry about that. Once you do the updating or other work, it’s usually done for a while.

Yes their are downsides to owning a older home, but any home will have to have general maintenance, why not live in a home with charismatic charm, not one that is stark and boring!

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