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American Standard OutReach Lavatory Faucet Review

I received this product to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

I love finding fun new products to test out and this Out Reach lavatory faucet from American standard is really not only pretty, but useful as well. even if you don’t think you need one you find that you use the extension a lot more then you think. We put it in our main bath because my brother uses it to shave. Having the extension makes easy clean up of all that hair and keeps our bath clean for guest that may pop in.

Instillation is easy as long as you know how to install a faucet and it’s all assembled when you get it so there really is no assembly. I would really recommend this for anyone with small pets, or maybe someone who loves to do home hair cuts and needs the sink to wash hair. I also would recommend it for anyone with a disability as it makes washing hands easier, my nieces and nephew loved it!

What do you think about this type of faucet? Would you install one.

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Buy Furniture Online and Save Some Cash

Buying furniture in a store does have it’s benefits, but it also has its markups. Sometimes you can find the same great furniture online that is in that store you just went to and it probably cost much less. Maybe your looking for a new bed, or dresser for your home. If you check out some stores these could easily go for $2,000 or more! Now if you checked online at sites like Overstock or Ebay you may find that the same mattress costs only $500 or even less! In fact I found the mattress I own for only $398, I paid $1,000 for it at my local store.

Now it’s not just bedding that has hot prices living room furniture is hugely discounted online as well. Take this set I have pictured. A similar one is sold at a local furniture store for around $1800 I found it online for around $900. That’s a huge savings and you can either buy furniture you really love, not get it at all or save money on furniture and have enough to get some great accessories or maybe even a new mattress or recliner for the den.

No matter what you decided to buy, shopping around for the best deal is always a great way to keep your home in style, comfortable and keep your budget in check. Just because an item sells for more does not always mean it’s better. I would personally suggest buying online as it’s easy, you can do it from the comfort of your own home and skip paying high prices for that decorator who really may not have a clue anyway.

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Light Things Up With a Candle

I love candles and if your like me you have them everywhere. I use them for focal points and to make my home smell fresh and inviting. Recently I was asked to review a candle form D-n-D Ranch Aromas on another blog I run and I jumped at the chance to check these unique candles out. I received a Lilac Blooms candle and I really was very surprised at how good it smells. It’s a strong lilac scent, but it’s smells exactly like lilac. I would really recommend that you check out their selection. They have some great options that are sure to go with your decor.

3 Ways to use your candles

  1. In a table centerpiece use seasonal plants to create a great look for your table. For summer use fruit or palm leaves.
  2. Create a candle garden, this would also be a great idea for your dinner table or in a fireplace you don’t use.
  3. Combine candles, jars and small figurines on an end table to create a great focal point

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