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Plan Your Remodel and Disposal

One thing I have noticed when people remodel is that they don’t always think about everything they need, like dumpsters to put all of the stuff your pulling out of your house in. Yes I know it seems like you should be more concerned with what is going into your home and how it’s going to look then with what is going out, but I know many many people who have recived fines from their local government because they didn’t have something in place to dispose of their waste properly.

I do know that dumpster rental can be expensive but if you plan early and shop around you can probably get a great deal on one and of course avoid that wonderful fine that the city or county you live in would be more then happy to give you.  I honestly would recommend if you have the budget that you get two dumpsters if your doing a major remodel and have one set aside for donation items. Things like cabinets and  flooring that is still in good shape and fixtures like sinks, tubs and showers can all be donated to local reuse sites and of course habitat for humanity. The other dumpster of course would be for drywall, wood, concrete  that can not be reused and other items that just can not help anyone or is so old that you just don’t know what is in it.

The other reason you should think about a dumpster before you start a project is money, you need to be sure that your budget allows for waste removal and the cost of renting a dumpster, many people go over budget because they didn’t think about how much all of this really cost and ended up having to cut corners in other places, not something you want to do when it comes to remodeling your own home.

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Create the Kitchen of your Dreams

Sometimes creating the kitchen of your dreams can be as simple as doing it yourself. It’s not always that difficult and with ready to assemble  cabinets and a little bit of work. What I love about rta cabinets is that almost anyone can put together a decent kitchen on their own without a huge hassle. Though I do recommend you use a designer for any custom or complicated designs a simple small kitchen can be done on your own and actually pretty quickly.

I also know that right now most people are not looking to spend a lot of money and if you can pick up decent discount kitchen cabinets then I say do it. Just make sure they are going to fit your design and don’t forget to measure, measure and measure again. With kitchen cabinets you need to be right on with your measurements from the height of the wall where each cabinet is put to the exact length of the wall all the way from the top to bottom, yes the top can be different from the bottom and even a fraction of an inch can kill a well designed kitchen.

So, if your ready to jump into a fun and rewarding DIY project try tackling your kitchen, who knows maybe your handiwork will be the talk of the town.

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Accent Your Home For Autumn

I love Autumn, it’s colorful fun and really very easy to decorate for. I love using great home accents to create a seasonal look for fall. I use anything from bowls, jars and silk plants to help create that festive harvest look. Some great examples are these Autumn glass jars and bowls. You can create a great harvest look by filling them with wonderful fall items or scents like silk leaves with cinnamon or by using candy corn or other fall colored candy to complete your fall look.

Of course picking out great home decor is only part of the fall decorating process. You need to make sure thing work well together, that is why buying items that are different but have the same pattern is always essential for any seasonal decorating project as it blends everything together and makes everything work. I only suggest this for seasonal decor as you want that theme look.

Colors for fall are very important but when used to much can make a room look dark and uninviting, that is why I love using glass with fall themes it lightens up the look without creating too much density in the room.  When you have too much in the room you can actually make people feel uncomfortable and that is the last thing you want during the upcoming holiday season.

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Relax in Your Own Home

Many people think that great interior design means that you have to skip on the comfort and only have what is currently in style. Great interior design not only looks at new trends, but what is classic and what actually will work in a space that is lived in and used on a daily basis. Family’s use the spaces we design and I think that some interior designers seem to forget that fact.

The concept of a space designed for real life means that yes, you can buy that lane recliner and use it. You can also buy that really comfortable sofa or blanket to use as an accent piece. You also could buy a bunch of pillows, but again you do want to limit yourself as great design also means that the space can actually be used and is not over filled with items. A clean home also helps to keep your sanity and is more relaxing then a cluttered home.

But back to that lane recliner, it seems many people I talk to believe that interior designers just don’t like recliners. Well this one does and I think they do have a place in the home, now in the formal living room, no, but in a family room or den? Use it and love using it. A well designed space should feel like a home and if a recliner is what you want in your home you should have it.

Personally I love a big comfy recliner. I have one, it was my fathers and though it’s old and beaten I am going to be reupholstering it and it will be as good as new. I plan on using it in my living room when I move and I’m excited to have it back. How about you? Do you have recliner, could you ever imagine your life without that recliner?

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Designing on a Blank Slate

I love the look of white with some color, it’s modern, yet classic and really does allow you to have some fun with your design. Though I would not recommend this type of interior design for households with children, I would recommend it for someone who lives in a city setting who wants to come home to something peaceful and relaxing or just wants to have a simple decor.

What do you think would you live in one of these rooms?

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Save Space With Bunk Beds

I love bunk beds, they not only help when you have more children then bedrooms but they are also a great way to have extra bed space for sleepovers and guest.Sometimes though bunk beds can be expensive so checking online for the best deals is always the way to go. Sites like are a great place to start because you can compare many types of bunk beds and find the one that works for you at the best price.

Personally I love bunk beds that have storage, sometimes you don’t need two beds, but you have a very small space and need more room for a desk or dresser. Choosing a bunk bed that includes one or both of these items is a great way to make use of a small space. A friend of mine actually has a bunk bed in a large closet so that when his child comes to visit she has a place to sleep without taking up floor space. He puts up a sheet when the child is not there and opens it up for when the child is. It’s a great way to save space for an item that in this case is only used a few times a month.

If you had to buy a bunk bed for your child what type would you buy? One with a desk, storage or an extra bed?

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