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Holiday Home Decor and Pier 1

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fall ClockI love shopping and one of my favorite stores is Pier 1 they have a great selection and I love their products. I personally think that accent pieces are the way to go when it comes to great holiday decorating. They don't over do the space and since they are just accent pieces you don't have to try to redecorate your room completely every season.

I love this fall clock because it's bright colorful and really can be used anywhere in your home that your have a flat surface. I also love that the colors are neutral so almost anyone could add this clock to their existing decor without it looking out of place.

Candy Cane PlateWith the holidays coming I know many of you are wondering what I would choose for a great Christmas decor piece. I love this cute serving plate. Not only can you use it for the intended purpose in you holiday entertaining as a plate, but you may also want to add it to your wall decor as a cute focal point to a room or area of a room. There are really just so many fun things you can do with this peice

I really love the holidays and with Pier 1 you can always find some great holiday decor at decent prices.

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Get the Bed You Need Now

If you live in the UK I really want to share this great site with you it’s and I really right now wished I lived in their delivery area. I found this really cool TV bed and have fallen in love with it. Not only is it a great space saving bed, but it’s stylish and really very modern and fun. This bed would have to go in a guest room for me as I think it’s just way too cool to keep to myself. Of course I could always buy two and have one for me.

On a more serious note, I love not only this bed but many of the other beds that Bedstar online offers. One of my favorite space savers are guest beds. They are beds that include a bed for a guest in them. The one I have shown is a great example. It’s a separate bed space that just pulls out when you need it. These are perfect for kids who love to have friends over to stay the night. I also love this particular design because it not only includes a bed, but extra storage as well.

One of the best investments you can make is in a bed. Not only do they last a while normally but getting a good nights rest is critical to to having the energy you need during the day so that you can get things done. It’s also really nice to have a bed you can look forward to sleeping in.

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Linen Bedding and Style

I love buying bed linens I don’t know why but I just do. There is just something nice about looking at a comforter or throw and knowing that later you will be wrapped up nice and warm in it. I spent some time today looking at bedding and I found a site that sells some amazing bedding for people who live in the UK and I have to say I envy you, I love the bedding selection and I can’t have it! I have been looking for a few years at new bedding but have not found one I like as much as what I have, until now. It would just figure wouldn’t it?

When it comes to bedding it’s all about personal style at least in the private rooms of your home. Bedding can express your style in ways that make you feel like your at home and the Very online store really has some very cool styles that would work for anyone really. You may like the more girly bedding they have or maybe your looking for a Hollywood elegance look or maybe your a man looking for something that is as far from either of those as possible, Very probably has something for you.

Bedding of course is not just about style, but comfort and ease of use. You want bedding that will work with your lifestyle, so if you wash your bedding a lot you probably want bedding you can wash at home. Maybe your just looking at a guest room bedding set and don’t plan on washing it all of the time. When shopping for bed Linens I recommend you think of how they are going to be used, not just how pretty they are.

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Make a Splash with Your Kitchen Backsplash

One thing that people don’t think is a big deal in their kitchen is the backsplash, the truth is when I backsplash is done really, really well it can be just the think to draw in your guest and give the kitchen that wow factor that you have always wanted it to have.

It’s very simple to put in a back splash and you can find great Kitchen Backsplash Ideas online and in magazines. Sometimes just finding one tile you love can give you the inspiration to change up your backsplash. I personally love the look of a stone backsplash in a more traditional kitchen where a really cool tile or metal would work great in a more modern kitchen. Really your backsplash should represent your personal style and show off what you love. If you love blue and have a ton of blue dishes or appliances then do a backsplash in blue.

Another awesome backsplash is wood. I know many people think I’m crazy right now but I recently saw a very cool looking bamboo backsplash that just floored me and made me rethink using wood as a backsplash. The image I have here is a great example of how wood can be used as a backsplash and focal point in your kitchen.

If you could change your backsplash what material/color would you use?

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