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Use Target Coupon Codes For Great Home Decor

I love shopping at Target, yes I know they are not high end and all of that stuff that many designers look for, but in recent years they have done a dang good job of getting affordable home decor that actually is stylish and fun to use. I always shop at Target online using a Target coupon code so that I get great decor at a great price.

The last time I used Target coupons I bought a really awesome platter and serving dish set that only cost me about $25. I think I saved just over 30% and I really loved what I bought, in fact I loved it so much I thought about keeping it for myself, but it was a gift for a friend who needed a home style update and she loved it too!

When I use Target coupon code I always see what kind are available and what would be a better deal. When it comes to home decor you want style and functionality at a good price, not something you bought because it was on sale or a good deal. I take a good look at my online coupons and see if free shipping or a percentage or dollar amount off would be a better deal. Decorating your home should not bust the bank and should not be an experience where you have to take half of the stuff you bought back because you spend too much. So embrace the online coupon and Targets great selection of merchandise. I know you’ll find something there you will love.

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Merry Christmas 2010

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday

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Pet Friendly Pesticides Giveaway

Not only is it important for you to have a good looking home, but it’s important for you to have a safe, clean and bug free home. Guest don’t like having to deal with bugs and may not come back if they see any in your home. The problem with most pesticides is that they are harmful to your pets. I don’t know how many times I have sprayed a hornet, wasp kill gnats in house or that has gotten into our home only to have to lock the dogs away so they don’t ingest the spray.

The good news is there are now pet friendly pesticides that you can use instead of harmful chemical based pesticides. One company that offers these safe pesticides is EcoSmart and since the prices are comparable to other pesticides it’s a great choice for anyone who is worried about the chemicals used in their home.

You can buy EcoSmart products online at there webstore or you can buy them at Walmart and Home Depot.


I have one Eco Smart Safe Home Value Bundle to giveaway to one lucky reader.

What you will get:

  • Ant and Roach Killer (14 oz can)
  • Home Pest Control (24 oz spray bottle)
  • Flying Insect Killer (14 oz can)
  • Insect Repellent (6 oz bottle)

Mandatory Entry

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Giveaway ends January 5th 2010 at 11:59 EST.

Open to US residents only (except AK & HI)

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Oneida Culinaria Dinnerware Review

When it comes to a great holiday table you want dishes that will help you show off as well as last thought the dinner. Many times people pull out the fine china and find that a few of their plates are broken by the end of the meal. That is why I was excited to check out the Oneida Culinaria Dinnerware.  It not only comes in a variety of colors but is very durable and has a 3-year chip warranty.  The dishes are beautiful and would complement any holiday table.

Another reason I would recommend this dinnerware is that it’s an Oneida brand and Oneida is known for their quality and customer service. Also when you buy tableware that is this durable you can use it year around and not worry about wear and tear on your plates.

My personal suggestion would be to mix and match the colors and create a beautiful and colorful table for the holidays or any day. The colors I would recommend would be the chili and A La Mode or the blue sage and A La Mode. Both would make a very festive table.

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Gift Baskets Not Just For Giving

So many people think that gift baskets are just for gift giving and though they do work very well as gifts you don’t always have to send flowers, sometimes buying a gift basket or flowers for your home is the best way to bring a room to life and make it special for your loved ones and visiting guest.

I love decorating with gift baskets. I know it may seem strange buying a gift basket for your self, but actually it is a great way to help decorate your home and really your buying for your family and guest not just for you. I love using gift baskets in the bathroom. When you have a basket full of bath salts, candles and bubbles it makes people feel welcomed and pampered. You may also want to have a snack basket in the bathroom as I know many women who love a nice bubble bath and some treats.

Another great place to put a gift basket is in the kitchen, maybe a flower basket filled with roses or carnations would look wonderful on your kitchen table or counter. You could also have a fruit basket or maybe a baking gift basket all set up to go if your guest or family decides they are in the mood to bake.

I love buying gift baskets for guest rooms and adding a few personalized touches to it. So many times people when staying at someone’s home do not feel comfortable getting into their food supply so having a food basket not only adds to the decor and appeal of the guest room, but would help to keep the guest fed in case they get hungry during the night.  You could also leave them with a great relaxation set that would help make their stay more comfortable, maybe a lavender or vanilla candle to help them relax.

Really gift baskets can be used as so much more then gifts and the uses really are endless. What room in your home would you put a gift basket in?

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Find Some Asian Inspired Decor

I love exotic locations and when your in the mood for a vacation at home having items that are exotic in nature is a great way to help you feel like your in a whole other country without the cost of actually going there.  My favorite type of exotic decor is Asian décor mostly because it’s centered around nature and really can make you feel like you are somewhere else. Most of the time we in the west go toward metals and hard woods. Where in Asian decor they have those but usually they are softened with plants or other natural elements.

I personally own about four different Asian home decorations that I use a lot. One is a candle holder, the other is a fountain and I use 2 figurines in my Feng Shui design. For those who do know follow Feng Shui it’s a way to bring peace and Harmony to your life and has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years.  I have peony flowers in a picture to promote love and marriage, and I have a fountain for health and wealth.

I also believe that adding exotic items to your home can help you to relax more on a daily basis so I would encourage you to buy items that you not only would put out when you want a holiday, but buy items that you can keep out all year around like a lamp or a fountain. Not only would you make your home feel more inviting and possibly be the envy of your friends but fountains do a great benefit to your health as they are calming and relaxing. Just imagine coming home sitting down and hearing the relaxing sound of a waterfall as you read or unwind.

Of course you can always take a real vacation but I’m betting that staying at home and relaxing sounds well, relaxing.

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Buy Great Bedding at Very

Bedding is a great way to change up a room. You can change it with the seasons you can change the colors to match a mood or event or you can buy kids bedding and change a room from a princess room to a more grown up pre-teen room. All for a small amount of money and some time and effort.

Buying stylish bedding is so easy now as you can shop online and find bedding that may not be available close to you. One store called Very has a great selection of children’s bedding and of course a few things for adults as well. The store also carries other home items, though they only ship in the UK.

I have three different types of bedding on hand for my bed. I have a comforter I use pretty much all year around as I live in a cold area. I also have a nice light blanket that I use during the summer so that I’m not too warm. Having more then one piece of bedding is always helpful and I have never known anyone to say they regret buying a bedding set.

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Find Your Dream Home in The UK

Many people are choosing now to look for their dream home, prices are low here in the US and it’s a great time to buy, but many of you may not realize that it’s also a great time to buy in other countries like the UK. I know it may see daunting to look at a home in another country but if that is your dream now my just be the time to look into achieving that dream. For some help you can check out Express Estate Agency they have many properties for sale and of course if your on the other end of the market and selling they can help you there too.

What I love about this Real Estate agency is that they have embraced social media. You can follow Express Estate Agency on Twitter and keep up with listings and news from the agency. They advertise on Twitter of course, Zoopla, Ebay and Facebook and many other real estate websites and media.

Express Estate also donates to various charities, I am impressed when companies do this and would make me work with them.  The charity they are supporting for 2010 in case you are interested is Childline / NSPCC .

If your thinking this agency may be something for you, you may want to check out some of the Express Estate Agency references and feedback. It’s always a great idea to make sure the company you work with has great references and is a known company by not only friends and family but has a good online presence as well. The reviews that Express Estate Agency has would re leave my fears. Here are a couple for you to check out:

“Absolutely Excellent work from the team, from beginning to end of process. I had never used Express Agency before and had previously had my house for sale for months with a local firm. However after reducing the price considerably still no sale. But once I found out about Express Agency they sold my house quickly – even in this market. I wish I had known about them sooner and saved myself months of stress and money. They take care of you, every step of the way, nothing is a problem for them the staff are so friendly, professional and courteous it was a pleasure dealing with them. Please Do Not Hesitate – use the Agency its great. Well done Express Agency. I can not thank you enough”

The staff were extremely helpful, especially Jenna who showed professionalism at all times.

If you live in or are looking to buy in the UK I encourage you to check out Express Estate Agency and see what they have to offer you. You may just find the home of your dreams!

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Keep Warm With an Electric Fireplace

With the cost of home heating growing more and more every day installing a new fireplace may be a good idea. Of course if you live in a northern area it is too late to put a hole in your wall to install a regular fireplace, but you may want to look into an electric fireplace to help heat your home. Not only is it a great way to add to your home’s interior design and make a room feel more cozy, but it can help you heat the rooms you actually use and that can save on your electric bill.

We have considered putting an electric fireplace in our basement. We have a real fireplace in our family room, but we don’t use the basement much and it’s hard to put a fireplace in a basement. Electric fireplace heaters are actually great for basements, apartments and cabins because they are easy to use, do not require you to refill them and they do not have to be installed into anything.

Electric Fireplaces are also now very stylish and come in many different types. They range from a more traditional fireplace to something more modern and fun so you can usually find something for any room in your home. I in fact have been looking for one for my bedroom as I love the look of a real fireplace, but I know when I move out of my current location I will probably be in an apartment and won’t be able to take or install a real fireplace.

Personally I love the look of the new electric fireplaces, not it’s not as great as the real thing, but it’s very close and works well for people who just can not have a real fireplace in their home. Would you consider buying an electric fireplace? Why?

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Sears 12 Days of Appliances Giveaway

I love when companies do big giveaways not only is it completely awesome to win something you really want or need but to win something that cost a lot that maybe you just can’t afford is even better. This month Sears is giving away an appliance every day for 12 days. All you have to do is like the Facebook Blue Appliance Crew fan page and sign in to enter.I’ve already entered for today, so now its your turn.

*The sweepstakes features a variety of appliances, including Refrigerators, Ranges, Dishwashers, Vacuums, and even Washer / Dryer pairs from manufacturers including LG, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, MayTag, Bosch, and Kenmore.

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5 DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas

A Guest Post By: Gunter Jameson

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate. It’s often tempting to be drawn towards the sales of the Christmas season, when really, all you need to create beautiful and fun holiday decorations is a little bit of creativity. There’s nothing more jolly than a pretty wreath or a simple jingle bell garland. Here are some do-it-yourself holiday decoration ideas to get your creative juices flowing and to get you excited for this holiday season!

1. Homemade Wreaths: There are several ways to create homemade wreaths. It’s easiest to go to a craft store and get a circular foam base. From there, you can wrap it in raffia, in fabric, or even chunky textured scarves. Another fun way to create a rustic-looking wreath is by gathering (or buying) a bundle of sticks. You can arrange the sticks in a circle and glue the sticks together with hot glue. You can tie or weave ribbons throughout your homemade stick wreath for an added touch of holiday cheer.

2. Hang Ornaments from the Ceiling: This unexpected and whimsical twist on holiday decor is fun for an entryway or foyer, or in an open floor plan between kitchen and dining room. For thi idea, you just need several ornaments. Simply, tie fishing line or thread to each individual ornament and then pin the strands to the ceiling. You’ll have a festive and pretty decoration that can immediately brighten up any room.

3. Jingle Bell Garland: Jingle bells are a symbol of the season. Why not include a homemade garland of jingle bells to use to trim the tree? All you need for this easy project is craft wire and a bunch of large jingle bells. First, decide where you want your garland to go, so you can measure out how much wire you’ll need. Your wire should be a foot longer than the space you measured. First, string a bell onto the wire and twist the bell once so that it won’t slide down the wire. Once you’ve strung all the bells on, you have a fun holiday decoration! You can also alternate between jinglebells and ornaments to make your garland unique.

4. Holiday Platters: One of the easiest and fun ways to celebrate the season is by making traditional holiday treats. But, what better way to share your treats than by making holiday platters? These platters can be used as cake stands or as a nice display for holiday treats or hors d’oeuvers. All you’ll need is a plate and a candlestick holder, and epoxy from a hardware store. Carefully glue the top of the candlestick holder to the bottom of the plate. It’s best to let the glue set and dry overnight, but once it’s dry, you have a beautiful homemade display for sharing yummy treats all year round.

5. DIY Wrapping Paper: Giving the perfect gift is always fun, but wrapping presents is an art in of itself. Wrapping beautiful presents to display under the tree is a great way to add holiday spirit to the room. There are several ways to wrap presents, including adding bows and ribbons. But, creating homemade wrapping paper and decorating it with paint, ribbons, and glitter is a refreshing break from all the store-bought gift wrap. Besides, decorating homemade wrapping paper is a fun activity for kids and adults. All you need is a roll of either butcher paper or craft paper and supplies to decorate the paper. It’s easy and fun!

Gunter Jameson writes about several topics including travel, minimalism and University of Phoenix Programs.

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Update Your Kitchen Without A Remodel

Do you have an outdated kitchen that you wish someone would come and remodel or at least do something with? I have been in that situation and having a kitchen that doesn’t work for you can just cause you to go crazy. Sometimes you can easily update your kitchen by doing simple things like painting, changing the hardware or by refacing your cabinets.  Sometimes if the problem is using the kitchen it’s a little more extensive to fix.

If you just want to update the look Cabinet Refacing may just be what your looking for. Along with a new coat of paint refacing your cabinets may give you the new kitchen look without the huge price tag of remodeling your kitchen.  Since remodels range anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for a standard home kitchen remodel refacing may just be better for your budget and bottom line.  Refacing is also a great way to update your kitchen for resale, so if you are trying to sell your home you may just want to see if refacing will help you get more offers and hopefully more money.

You can sometimes do refacing your self or you can check out local home improvement stores and see what they offer in terms of Kitchen Cabinets Refacing. Some places will even offer classes to help you learn how to do it yourself, though I do suggest if you have the money that you hire someone to do the refacing for you so that it’s done correctly and well. I really suggest it if you are just redoing the cabinets to sell your home, that way you know the people who buy your home have a good quality job done and it’s not going to cause problems for them later.

No matter what you decide to do with your kitchen updating it can not only help you sell your home now, but may help you sell it later or live in it longer. A well designed kitchen can last a long time and keep you happy in your home.

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Home Decoration On a Budget

– how to really bring your design ideas together for less!

A guest post by Dana Flannery

There’s nothing like designing a new look for your home but it can be difficult on a tight budget.  So here are a few tips to decorate on a budget without that “on a budget” look!

  1. Try a new color on your walls.  Painting your room is the cheapest and easiest way to get yourself a dramatic new look!  Hardware stores often have a discount table with “mis-mixed” paint – check for colors you like there first.
  2. Keep an eye out at fabric and home craft stores for bright, beautiful remnants that match the colors in your home.  It only takes a few feet of bright prints to cover cushions and bring a bright new look to your tired old sofa.
  3. Mixing and matching fabrics featuring the same color can give your room that designer look.  Choose one color that compliments your walls and furniture and look out for different designs and textures featuring that color.  Use the plainer, simpler design for big spaces such as curtains and the wilder, busier designs for cushion covers and table runners.
  4. If you fall in love with a fabric that is way beyond your budget, don’t’ worry, you don’t have to go without! Simply buy just one foot, hem it and make it into a stylish coffee table runner, that way it’s the feature in your room, without the being the burden on your budget.
  5. Just because you found it at a big discount retailer, doesn’t mean it has to look that way.  Find yourself some budget vases at your local K-Mart or Walmart.  Go for simple, boring designs in neutral colors.  Try to find the same vase in two or three different sizes.  Wrap a piece of thick ribbon or fabric in your design color around each vase and then split a single bunch of flowers between two of three vases.  This makes a beautiful centerpiece for a coffee table or even a simple, uncluttered decoration for a bathroom or kitchen.

  6. You might think that nothing can be done to cure a tired old toilet or bathroom – but that’s where a little bit of design creativity can really make a difference!  If you have drywall, check your home decorator or hardware store for wallpaper within your budget (you will only need one roll so, check for discontinued lines first) Look for a pattern that can be cut lengthwise as these will be easier to deal with when it comes to choosing how to hang the wall paper and ask for help choosing a glue that can withstand a little water.  Make sure your bathroom is completely dry before beginning.  Choose a large wall space that is tired and bland.  Prepare it for wallpapering according to the directions on the paper.  Run one strip from the ceiling to the floor – the width will depend on the size of the wall – and trim according to the directions on the roll.  Then, add small wall paper features such as door trims and shelf lining in your linen closet.  You can even use wallpaper to decoupage your waste paper bin or toilet roll holder.  Add a nice soap dish and toothbrush holder to finish the design. Just be careful not to place wallpaper too close to water and be sure to ask advice on glue that can withstand water and steam.
  7. You needed rip out a whole kitchen just to update it!  Update tired old tacky kitchen cupboards by removing the doors, sanding them back and painting them is a lovely contemporary white.  Check auction houses and timber yards for recycled granite and marble bench tops – these cost as little as a tenth of new materials and can be cut you exact requirements by a stone mason quite cheaply.  From there, it’s just a matter of carefully removing the tired old laminate and replacing it with a beautiful piece of marble or granite (a tip though, be careful when cleaning marble or granite as some cleaners can take the shine away).  Now, with your modern looking cupboards and your beautiful bench tops, go to your local bathroom retailer and find yourself some lovely feature tiles.  Stainless steel splash backs are not cheap, but stainless steel look tiles can be affordable with a little shopping around and, as a bonus, they don’t smudge badly like stainless steel!
  8. An office or den might just feel like a place to work when you’re away from work but it doesn’t have to be so.  How about adding some floating book shelves?  You will need some strong timber off-cuts – often available at timber yards or even your local hardware store.  If you wish to mount a number of paperback novels, look for pieces the size of a paperback, preferably with rounded (planed) edges – mix and match according to your book collection.  Paint each one your desired color and then mount them to the noggins and studs in your wall.  Mounting them in a scattered or random manner can be very effective; just make sure they are far enough apart to stack your favorite books on top!  If you are really crafty, you can make colored jackets for each book, which will really make an eye catching feature for your office or den!
  9. Adding that designer touch to a child’s room is tricky – kids love it just their way – even if that way is cluttered and messy! A simple way to de-clutter and clean up is to take all those teddies and dollies that are too precious to throw away, and make them into a hanging feature in the room! Simply screw hooks (you can buy hooks with a long screw on the end cheaply at your local hardware store) into the studs across one corner of your ceiling.  Attach a fishing style net (available at craft stores, outdoor stores and even at hardware stores) and make a teddy or dolly hammock.  Alternatively, fill the net with fluffy fish and hang seaweed streamers for an under-the-sea dream design for little ones.
  10. Finally, add more light!  For instant improvement to any room, maximize the amount of light coming in from outside.  Replace solid doors with glass paneled doors (frosted glass is perfect for bedrooms), remove tired old blinds and replace with light, breezy curtains.  Cut back trees and plants outside the window to get maximum light and replace fixed outdoor awnings or shades with retractable ones so you can use them on the hot days but get maximum light the rest of the year.

You don’t need to be made of money to live with style and you don’t have to have that budget look, just because you decorate on a budget!

Dana Flannery works with young couples as a Marriage Celebrant to plan stylish, personal weddings, on any budget!

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Bridgewater Candles Review

During the holidays there is nothing like a good candle to create warmth, scent and make your home feel like a home. Recently I was asked to review Bridgewater Candles a very unique candle company with a great heart. Not only do you receive a wonderful scented candle when you order from them, but when you buy that candle you also help to feed a child for one day. It’s a great program and since you just have to buy a candle it’s easy to help a child in need.

The candles themselves are wonderful. They have a strong scent that carries throughout the room and are stylish jars that really do go with most home decor. You also can get reed diffuser oils and tea lights so your not limited to jars.

I received both a Cookie Jar and Frosted Berry scented candles and I love them both. The jars are really cute to and though they do have writing on them it’s only on one side so after you are done using them you could use them to store things like sugar, candy and more.

The other thing I love about these candles is that they are a soy blend candle, they burn cleaner then other candles and you can feel good about burning them in your home. Soy is also easier to clean out of the jar then other types of wax.

If you are interested in buying these candles they are currently offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more, candles do make great gifts!

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