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Valentines Day Presents for Your Home

Valentines Day is not just about chocolate and a dinner out, and spending time with someone, but for many of us Valentines Day is a day where we show people we love them by giving them something they will love.  Many of you who read this blog are here because you love interior design so, why not get Valentines Day Presents that you will actually love and use. Things like a cooking class or a flower arranging workshop.

For me I would love a workshop where I got to learn something that would make my home look better. I have a floral certificate and it really does come in handy when you want to add something to your home decor to know how to arrange flowers. There is some skill to it and it’s a lot harder then you may think to make your flowers look amazing.

Of course flower arranging may not be on the top list of Valentines Day Gifts for men, but come on guys, you can make your bachelor pad look amazing by just adding some flowers when the women you want to impress comes over.  Yes we know you could always order them from a florist, but telling us you took the time to do it yourself will not only impress us more, but will make the arrangement unique to you and your home decor.

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Keep Your Home Pest Free

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Victor Pest. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring is soon going to arrive and with the onset of the spring season comes the onset of pest and rodents. Some of you may even have them in your home now since they could be trying to stay warm though the winter by making themselves unwanted guest in your home.

You can fix this, you don't have to deal with these pest anymore and your home will stay safe. With Vector rodent control you have so many great options to get rid of pest that you will find that soon you have a happy and very safe home for you and your family.

About a year ago a friend of mine moved into a new home and there were mice everywhere. I told her to check out Vector products because many of there products do not involve disposal of dead pest. She hates dealing with it and she has a child that is allergic to a lot of things so she can't leave traps out. With Vector Pest Chasers and the electronic traps she got rid of her pest without having to deal with the messy clean up and disposal of the rodent.

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Pest Chasers:

  • -are kinder than traps, safer than poisons, and there are no dead rodents to dispose of so it minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing rodents.
  • ?-Sound emitted from devices is completely inaudible to people and non-rodent pets.
  • ?-Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6-10 days. Estimated service life of the unit is 5-7 years or more.
  • ?-Victor® PestChasers® are the only repellents backed by third-party laboratory research and exhaustive field tests.

Victor Electronic Traps:

  • -Safe to use around children
  • -100% efficacy
  • -No see – No touch solution

You can also check out the awesome Victor® Protect Your Space Combo Kit for $99.99 with FREE shipping!! The kit includes the following: ?

  • (1) Victor® Sonic PestChaser® Heavy Duty Sonic,
  • (2) Victor® Sonic Mini PestChaser® Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, and
  • (2) Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap.

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Should You Keep Your Home or Not?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fannie Mae. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are a homeowner you may be one of the many people who are struggling with payments on their homes. Maybe you are one of the unlucky ones who have fallen into foreclosure and have lost their homes or maybe you are someone who is almost there and wondering what you can do to stop the process and keep your home. If this describes you and your situation you may want to check out the new foreclosure website: Know Your Options by Fannie Mae

I spent some time a few weeks ago looking though the website and I have been back a few times since then they give you great information that can be helpful as long as your bank is willing to work with you. Some banks are not and in that case there really is not much you can do, but if you have a decent bank this site can help you keep that home you have worked so hard to make a home. Of course you can not always afford to keep that home and has some great options for you.

Another great thing to check out on the website is the tab that talks about all of the foreclosure scams that are out there, and there are many of them. Whenever there is a crisis like the one we have now in housing the scammers come out in full force trying to take your hard earned money and run with it. With the information on Know Your Options you will be better prepared for what the process really is and avoid those scammers.

If your a regular reader of Home Style Tips you are already use to getting online and looking up information on your home. Don't stop at decorating and design, knowledge is really the best way to combat the housing mess, if you do your research and figure out what you really can afford for a home you could come out okay. If you find you can't afford your home, maybe selling your home though a short sale or Deed-in-lieu is the best way to go, but again research all of your options first then decide what you can do to either keep or sell your home.

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Great Ways To Improve Your Home

Home improvement is on the rise as people start staying in their homes instead of buying new homes. There are many great ways to improve the home you already have. You could add on a master suite if you don’t already have one and have the room to expand. You can also update your kitchen and bathroom to attract buyers once your ready to sell or make it the way you want it so you will stay in your home longer.

You could also install Laminate hardwood flooring throughout your home as hardwood flooring is more appealing to buyers and homeowners. Hardwood flooring is better for your health as the dust, bugs and other allergens that are in carpet are not going to live in your hardwood flooring. It’s also easier for people with disabilities to move around on hardwood and as you get older hardwood can actually be easier to keep clean. I own a hoover floormate that works great on both hardwood and laminate flooring.

Another way to improve your home is to add on outdoor space. If you live in a warmer climate this is really a great way to improve your home and add more living space. Outdoor Kitchens and living rooms are a huge trend and a great way to improve your home without having to knock down walls and put up new ones.

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Mini Works of Art: Modern – Pendant Lights

In the world of interior lighting, there are practically endless styles, options and price points, so finding what you have in mind isn’t difficult. Yet, outside the expected lighting options, exists a world where light and art meet on a very small scale, the world of handcrafted modern pendant lights. From hand blown glass pendants to handmade parchment pendants, the creativity of their makers, although nameless, is no less than that of a Picasso or a Pollock, true artists in their own right. Any of these lights make for great Design Shuffle.

These modern pendants look incredible hung individually in a small hall or entry and as triplets hanging above a kitchen island. You’ll want to make sure you place them where you will get the most enjoyment as if they were a painting or a sculpture. Besides being artistic, these pendants are purposeful in their illumination.

The Bitonto Pendant in an amber ripple finish in hand blown glass.

The Liguria Pendant in hand blown white and chocolate clear-cased opal glass.

The Mercury Pendant created from “a clear acrylic filament wrapped around a clear acrylic frame completed by a chrome canopy.

Kimura 1 Pendant is reminiscent of mid-century modern styling in dark brown wood with nickel accents.

In the Bora Pendant Light modern steel and traditional gauze shading collide complimented by hanging crystals.

The Nut Pendant features a wood textured parchment lamp shade stained in yellow.

The Finns Pendant combines chrome canopy with aluminum fins on a clear cable.

Mini Mikado Suspension Light made from parchment

This content is provided by Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world – from New York Interior Designers, Los Angeles Interior Designers, and more, check out Design Shuffle.

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Shop Online Department Stores For Great Home Decor

I love shopping online and when you can find great deals on home decor along with new and interesting items, shopping online can be a lot of fun. I love checking out an online department store because you can get everything in one place and it saves on shipping and gas.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose which online store to get your home decor from. There are a lot of places out there and some don’t always deliver to everyone. I have had a few people ask me where they can buy great home decor if they live in the UK. I have a few friends over there and they trust my judgment one site I have told them about is Very co uk. The website is amazing and has much more then just home decor so it is also a one stop shop.

I have pictured a few items I love from the Very department store and yes I know I have a bean bag pictured. I’m sure right now many interior designers are shaking their head and thinking I have no clue, but bean bags are great for kids and adults too and used in the right areas of the home they are a great addition to any decor. The mirror and shelving are also wonderful the designs are simple, elegant and useful.

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Find Great Style and Help Haiti

When I decorate my home I don’t only look at what I like and what goes well with what I have, but if the items or items have a purpose or a cause that goes a long with them. That is why I love the Heart of Haiti collection at Macy’s. Not only are the items in the collection beautiful, but they are crafted by Haitian artist and the money spent on these items goes back into this still devastated country.

Today is the one year anniversary of this disaster, and though the country has progressed more help is needed. When you buy items from the Heart of Haiti collection the artisans receive better food, water and necessary items for their families. It’s a great way to add unique style to your home and help people who really do need it.  I have pictured a few items from the Heart of Haiti collection. These are some of my favorites, not only because of there look but the craftsmanship of the items.

Since the artisans receive 22% of the purchase price of the item they really do get a good amount for their work. The items are not very expensive but it helps them a lot. Here are some of the other benefits of  Heart of Haiti:

This initiative offers the first sustainable income since the earthquake, enabling artisans to repair homes, pay school fees and feed and clothe their families. With steady income comes better nutrition, improved education and access to health care. Heart of Haiti also offers new opportunities for artists to collaborate with US designers, strengthening artisan associations and inspiring and energizing their communities. Men and women are working together, gaining confidence and hope for the future. Master artisans who planned to leave the country are now staying behind to train the next generation. The tradition of rich and unique Haitian art lives on… through the generosity of many like you.

I encourage you to check out the Heart of Haiti collection and buy, not only for yourself but for the people in Haiti who are still without running water, good food and even housing after the total collapse of their country and government. They are a resultant people but they do still need help.

*I was selected for this very special “CleverHaiti” opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity. All opinions are my own.

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It’s Time to Shop For Patio Furniture

It’s early January and I know the last thing many people are thinking about is patio furniture. It’s cold in most places and everyone is staying inside to stay warm or if you do go out it’s not to sit and enjoy the cold. January and February though are great times to buy patio furniture wholesale, yes you can buy patio furniture now at wholesale prices and actually many of the wholesale prices are marked down for the winter season.

A patio furniture manufacturer is a great place to start looking as you don’t have to deal with a middle man and you usually get some of the best prices around. Not every manufacturer sells to the public so selection is limited, but many do sell directly to consumers and they are more then happy to help you with your order.

You may also want to check out a patio furniture exporter if you want something that is sold in other countries. They may have a better deal for you and if you contact the company at the right time you may just get an amazing deal and fast shipping.

Even if you don’t want to use a furniture wholesaler or exporter you may want to check out your local retail stores for last years items. Usually they are on sale or clearance right now to make room for the new products that will be coming in for spring.

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My Top Post Of 2010

I didn’t do as much writing on this blog as I would have liked to do in 2010. I plan on doing much more this year. I do however have a few favorite post I want to share with you from the past year. They are in no particular order, but I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I liked writing them.

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