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Light Up Your Space

Lighting is always something that can make or break a room. Lighting creates a mood, style and feeling that other parts of a room just can not come close to doing. When lighting is bad, everything looks and feels horrible.

Personally I am a huge fan of recessed and Pendant Lighting. Not only can they make a space appear different but they can highlight areas as well.  Recessed lighting is a favorite of many people as that usually is the main lighting source in a room. Recessed lighting designs can help emphasis artwork, or other focal points in a room without being invasive into the space.

Pendent lighting on the other hand is evasive, but can highlight in a different way. Maybe you have a workspace that needs good lighting at desk level or maybe a table where you want good lighting so you can see your guest. Pendent lights also can great a room divider that doesn’t take up floor space. I have seen this used in restaurants to define dinning and waiting spaces.

What is your favorite type of lighting? Table, recessed or maybe a little of everything.

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Best Design Tips for Easy Housekeeping

This is a guest post by Sharon Harlan

There’s stunning design and then there’s practical design, and while the two could possibly meet, it’s very rarely that they do. It’s kind of ironic that what looks good is very hard to keep looking good, unless you have a whole lot of time and money on your hands. So for most people, it’s more practical to settle for an interior design that is appealing and easy to maintain rather than one that looks amazing but very difficult to upkeep. The key is to find the best designs that also facilitate easy housekeeping, especially for those of us who don’t stay full-time at home or for busy moms who have their hands full with their kids. And to this end, here are a few:

  • Keep your surfaces smooth: Whether it is your countertops or your lamp shades or your room separators, keeping their surfaces to a smooth finish helps you dust and clean them easily. It’s true that they could look better with some figures carved in or when they’re ridged, but have you ever tried getting grime and dirt out from the tiny designs? In order to keep your house looking great, choose colors and fabrics and material that look good and are not too expensive.
  • Think kids before you design: If you have kids or plan to have them at any point in the future, remember to tell your decorator not to include stuff that is easily breakable, easily damaged, and easily stained. You need to be able to take care of spills in a jiffy without yelling at your toddler, and you need to be able to let your kids play around without always stressing out that they’re going to break one of your valuable figurines placed decoratively on the mantle. You can still make your house stylish by putting away all fragile showpieces in a showcase and investing in upholstery and carpet material that looks good but is easily washable.
  • Reduce clutter: Ever tried to vacuum a tiny room packed with a sofa, chairs, tables and what seems like a thousand other things? You soon give up because it’s just impossible to make your way around all the paraphernalia crowding the room. When you design your interiors, make the most efficient use of space even as you avoid clutter. Keep your furniture down to a minimum, and if you live in a dusty location, don’t leave out items on tabletops and mantles because you may not be able to keep them clean. The more stuff you have, the harder it is to keep them clean. You can keep your house looking good by choosing only a few pieces of furniture and furnishings, but buying the best that your budget affords.

So there you have it – three great ideas to make housekeeping easier and ensure that your home looks good and is a comfortable living space.


This guest post is contributed by Sharon Harlan, she writes on the topic of online interior design degrees . She welcomes your comments at her email id: sharon.harlan83<@>gmail<.>com.

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How To Choose a Paint Color

Earlier today my sister and I were talking about paint colors. She was having some problems choosing colors so I suggested that she take a walk though a local greenhouse. She love plants and flowers and I knew that once there she would find a color that she really loved and I was right.

Looking at plants and flowers is a great way to see colors that you normally would not think about using in your home. Green does go with everything so plants are used often in homes. Bringing in the colors of the flowers, fruits or vegetables just adds to the look of a room.

Try it out for yourself and see what flower inspires your next paint job.

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A Valentines Gift For Your Loved Ones Home

I love shopping for Valentines gifts, and when I can help add to someone’s decor I love it even more. Most people when they think of Valentines Day think of flowers and chocolate and usually they end up either running to the supermarket and getting flowers or they buy flowers online and there done.

Now when it comes to someone who loves interior design and likes to keep their home looking great you may want to rethink the Valentines day flowers and get them something that will go with their home decor. That is why I love buying people plants for Valentines day, not only do they add to the look and feel of a room, but they help with your health and make the air in your home fresher.

Personally I wouldn’t want to get just a plant for Valentines day but with a gift set like the one I have pictured you can get everything for your loved one and it’s something that will last for a long time, as long as the person doesn’t kill every plant they touch!

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Start Your Garden Now

February is cold and gross and this year it’s really bad, the good news is that February is a great time to start thinking about spring and what you are going to put in your garden. It’s also the time to actually plant those seeds and watch them start to grow. Gardening not only can improve your eating habits, but your health and home as well.

You may have already seen the seed starter kits and small greenhouses in stores, you may even have seen some seeds, but if they are not in your local store yet will soon be there. Having your own garden and doing the work yourself not only saves you money, but makes you appreciate your food and home more.

Every year we have a garden both inside and out. I grow my own houseplants and food plants and this time of year is always the best time to start. I already have my list and am awaiting seeds as my local stores have not started carrying them yet. I have tomatoes, cucumber, herbs and peppers on my list, what do you plan to put in your garden this year?

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Something Fun For the Professional In Your Life

I saw on a TV show how someone took a piece of clothing and framed it to make art, I thought that would be a great gift idea for my friends mother, who is retiring from nursing after 55 years. My friends mom has a home that is warm cozy and full of nursing things. She’s proud of what she does and I think taking a pair of scrubs and framing them would be a fun way to show she’s appreciated.

Now I don’t think it would be that hard to get a Scrub Pant and Scrub Pant together, but I was thinking to make it even more personal, my friend could get the last pair of scrubs she had and put them in the frame, making it even more memorable.

I think acknowledging professions like this is a great way to personalize a space, you could do other professions like a police officer, firefighter or dancer and every time they look at that artwork on their wall they will think not only of you, but of their life and what they accomplished and that is great design.

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