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Research Your Interior Design

Sometimes when I want inspiration for a new design concept I take a look at other blogs, websites and magazines to get ideas, yes even trained or experienced interior designers do this. Sometimes we can come up with something on our own, but most of the time we too look to others for inspiration. This image is a great example of a room that inspired one of my school projects and as you can see the fireplace image also has a place on my blog header just for that reason.

That said here are some of the best recent articles on interior design and home decorating:

How to Hang Art Like a Pro: Hang Art Like a Pro via Elle Decor

The Teen Bedroom: The Teen Bedroom via Decorati Access

Discover Types of Interior Design Degrees: Types of Interior Design Degrees was recently featured on forensic scientist education

Living Kitchen Overview: IMM Cologne Living Kitchen Overview via The Kitchen Designer

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A New Sofa Could Change Your Life

What type of sofa do you currently have? Is it meeting your needs or have you found that your living situation has changed a little since the last time you bought a new sofa? Maybe the kids have moved out, maybe you didn’t have children and now do or maybe you just want a different seating arrangement to fit better with that flat screen TV.

Whatever your reason for looking at a new sofa is you want to make sure that you do find one that fits you, your style and your life. If you have a large family you may be tempted to just get a huge sectional and call it good, but when you do get a sofa like that you need to consider a few things. How big is the room it’s going in to? Will it fit or will it make the space look small? Also would getting a sofa and a love seat work better or maybe a sofa and two recliners would be better for your families lifestyle. If you have a family that is close the sofa and love seat option may just work, but if you have two teens that fight a lot you may want to invest in a sofa and the two recliners.

Another thing you want to think about when buying a sofa is how often it will be used, if it’s a family sofa you want to make sure the fabric is going to hold up to the wear of many people sitting on it. If it’s for a room that is not often used you wouldn’t have to worry as much about wear, just style and color.

The last thing you want to look at for your new sofa is price, yes it can be important, but I would recommend you go with quality, not price when your out looking. Now, that does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money, research brands and find a good one that fits your budget.

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Get Yourself A New Bed

Beds can be a big expense but sometimes the benefits of having a new bed outweighs the cost. A good Beds can not only help with sleep, but it can help to relieve back, neck and leg pain.  Of course another great benefit of a new bed could be to change the look and feel of your room, since the bed is always the biggest item in a master bedroom it does set the tone for the room and if you don’t like the tone that it sets, the best way to change it is to buy a new bed and maybe bedding to better fit your master bedroom vision.

Of course now you can actually find bed that are not that expensive and are still very stylish.  One place I have found is, though they do only ship to the UK, too bad for those of us who do not live there. I did do the conversions on a few of their beds and really price wise they are in a very good range. I love the selection in their Bed Shop, they carry Faux leather and leather beds. They also have wooden and storage beds along with other types and the selection within these types is great also.

Besides bed frames they also sell mattresses, they have a great selection of regular spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses to choose from. I personally love regular mattresses, though I have been told that memory foam mattresses are the way to go. In my opinion they are too soft and I would never get out of bed.

So, if your in Bed SOS mode, live in the UK and are strapped for cash this bed website just may be the answer to your problems, both physical and decorative.

*I received compensation for this post, all thought and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

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It’s Time for Spring Style

No matter where you live in the northern hemisphere you are gearing up for spring and summer. Spring means we get to start spending more time outside and that also means making our outdoor areas look and feel great. Of course to do this you don’t only need flowers and other plants but some really great outdoor furniture and decor too.

For those of you in the UK you should really take a long look at  A really great store that sells not only clothing but home and garden items as well. I took a look though there selection and this outdoor furniture set caught my eye. It looks so relaxing and elegant.  This is something I would buy for my home in a heartbeat if I could.

Very also has a lot of other great garden items like sheds, lawn mowers and spas. Whats better then heading outside to relax in the spa and look out over a really well designed garden space!

Really there is something for everyone on Very and I have found myself many times spending a lot longer on the site then I should. Now if only I could by a house in the UK, Ireland to be exact!


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Spring Time Decor At Pier 1

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring is in the air and I for one am very ready to welcome the warm weather, barbecues and outdoor home décor. If you have been shopping anywhere that sells outdoor furniture you probably have seen some great stuff popping up.

One store I love to shop at is Pier 1 and they have some really amazing outdoor home décor this year. One thing I love about their home décor is that most of it is indoor/outdoor, so even in winter you can enjoy the items you buy from

wicker chair

When I think spring and summer I always picture wicker and this wicker chair is really one that would work with anything, you could buy a few and make a seating arrangement or buy one for a statement and reading area.

garden stools

Bright colors are another sign of spring and summer and these garden stools are really amazing. They would brighten up any space and add some great style to any outdoor area. These are going on my must have list.


The big item on my wish list this year, well for spring and summer anyway is the swingasan, an outdoor swinging version of the Papasan. This just looks fun and relaxing and I would love to just curl up in it and read a book in the sunshine!

If your a lover of Pier 1 and you use Twitter you may be interested in the following Pier 1 Tweetups:

  • Orlando: March 9th, 2011
  • Dallas: March 22nd
  • Atlanta: April 5th
  • NYC: April 20th

I'm sad a none of them are close to me, but one day there will be one, I know it. Until then I will just enjoy my shopping and of course sign up for the Pier 1 Outdoor newsletter. Check out the website for yourself and share what your favorite Pier 1 product is.

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