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Back To School Means Dorm Decorating!

I love going back to school in fact this year I start my masters degree and I get to move into my own apartment again. I love being able to decorate how I want to, but sometimes when you go back to school you have to follow someone else s rules, like when you live in a dorm.

That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the way you want you just have to be smart about it. Of course if you like many collage students you don’t have a lot of money either so you have two things holding you back from your dream decor, but if you check out shopping sites online you can get a great deal, like coupons that can get you money off your next order, like this comforter I found, or maybe you need something from Lowes or Target, they have deals for them too.

You may also be looking at something you can put on your wall, you could get a great deal on cheap artwork from I found this really nice piece of artwork that would be great in a dorm room or in anyone apartment or home. What I love most about it is that it can brighten up a dark dull dorm by just hanging it up, add a battery powered spotlight to highlight the piece and you have some style in your dorm room while still following the rules!

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Gutter Gardens and Saveing Space

Recently I came across this article and loved the idea, Gutter Gardens Grow Produce Without Taking Up Space. Not only does growing a garden in a gutter save space, but it’s also a great way to reuse items that you already have or can get easily from someone else.

I also love that you could do this in an apartment setting if you have an outdoor space. It’s simple and since you have many options with a gutter garden you can choose to either hang the gutter or put it along the side of your home or balcony. The possibilities are really endless!

Another great reason to try a gutter garden would be to keep clutter from taking over your outdoor space. Pots and other containers used for gardening can sometimes make an area look messy, but with a gutter garden you don’t have to worry about it.

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Don’t Forget Some Style with your Food

Sometimes we have back yard barbeques and don’t think about presentation. Having great interior design is not going to help you wow your guest if your table and food are not also up to par. Part of interior design is setting a great table when you need to and knowing how to do that is essential.

If your going to be hosting any type of backyard barbeque this summer you may want to check out these Essential Grilling Tips From Qvc’s David. One great idea is to invest in a new grill. My friends and I have already starting having cookouts and we have found that a few of us need a bigger grill! Finding a great grill is hard and you want to remember to find one that also fits your home and lifestyle. If you entertain a lot you want a big grill, if you don’t a smaller one will do. Also grills come in so many colors now and you can really get one that matches your outdoor decor or your personal style.

You also want to make sure your grill is not too big for your space, if you have a small yard or just have a patio make sure you measure for your grill and don’t get one that is too big. Many people I know have ended up having to take their grill back to the store because it doesn’t fit.

Check out this great video for a wonderful tip when you grill.


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