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3 Tips For Decorating Your New Home

Sometimes decorating your new home can be a daunting task. You don’t know where to start and you end up going crazy hoping that what your doing is going to work. Well I have a few tips to help you get started.

1. Look at your location, if you have a nice piece of Hawaii real estate, you don’t want to put in dark colors that remind you of the northwest or northeast united states. It just doesn’t work with the surroundings, the exception is up in the mountain areas of Hawaii, in case your wondering. The point though is decorate for where you live and you should be fine.

2. Paint before you move everything in if you can. I know this is not always possible but it does make life a lot easier then if you just moved in, got everything in it’s place, then decide to paint. Less work and a better result will occur if you take the time to paint first.

3. If you know anyone in the area you are moving too, check out their homes before you do any major decorating or home improvement, you do want to keep to the standard already set in your area and to get some great design ideas as well, of course if you plan on being there for 30 years you do have the right to do what you want, just make sure there are not any rules or regulations in your area.

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Bricor Elite Shower Head Giveaway

This giveaway is part of my Christmas in July Event

About the Bricor Elite Shower Head

Our Top of the line shower head, installed in major hotels across America. Solid Brass with a bright Nickel-Chrome finish. Available in Satin Nickel and Polished Brass finishes as well. A luxury shower head that fits well into any bathroom decor.

This shower head style also comes in two other finishes, but they do cost more.

You can enter to win the Nickel-Chrome Bricor Elite Shower head below!

If Rafflecopter is not working the mandatory entry is:

Visit Bricor and tell me what other product you would love to have from there product line

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Christmas In July Sponsor Spotlight: Bricor

About Bricor

Bricor offers a wide range of flow rates from as low as 0.375 gpm to as high as 2.5 gpm. Some shower heads in the USA flow well over 2.5 gpm in some cases as high as 6.0 gpm. Replacing your water guzzling shower heads with a Bricor can potentially save you $180 yearly or more in water and energy cost per person in your household according to WindMeadow Labs (Read scientific review). This means a house hold of five has the potential to save around $1000 yearly simply by installing a Bricor in their home or business. See our selection of industry leading Best Low Flow Shower Heads Products that are designed for either residential or commercial shower applications.

The shower heads they have available are stylish and efficient. Bricor’s aerated shower technology uses a patented Vacuum Flow system that not only aerates the water flow but creates compacted water under pressure leading to a powerful shower stream of water.

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Have You Updated To Fluorescent?

I know I’ve been talking a lot about those expensive LED lights, but if you don’t have a lot of money and still have incandescent lights in your home you should really be looking as getting Fluorescent Bulbs. Not only are they cheaper now then they have been, but they will save you money on your electric bill and that is something that you want to have right?

I’ve been looking at Bulb America and they have some great deals on florescent light bulbs and since it’s only you can order enough for your home without running from store to store. They also carry a great selection of colored and black light florescent bulbs and yes, they do carry my much loved LED light too. They also have a clearance center with good products in it and free shipping on any order over $100.

I always am looking for sites like this because you can get so much in one place and if you go by my motto of “lighting makes or breaks a room” then you want to have this great access to different kinds of lighting so you can create that dramatic effect you are looking for in your home.

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Should You Go Granite?

The trend right now is to do stone counter tops and personally I do love them, but sometimes buying granite countertops can be an expense that you just don’t need or want. It depends on your personal situation.

The first is do you want them for you and how long will you be in your home. If you love granite and don’t want anything else and you will be in your home for at least 10 years, go for it. There is no reason you shouldn’t get granite counters. If you however plan to move in 3-5 years or don’t really want that type of counter top then don’t buy it unless everyone else in your area has it as you want your home comparable to sell.

Can you really afford it? You may not be able to, so cost is the second thing you need to think about. If you love the look try a granite tile or maybe just have it in one area of your kitchen. This way you still get the feel without the expense.

These are really the two most important factors when considering a granite counter top. Do you have granite in your home?

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Decorate Your Home With Cutting Edge Stencils

I love decorating, in case you didn’t know, and diy decor is one of my favorite ways to express me! One of the best ways to do something creative with your home is to decorate it with your style. Think about when you were a teen, did your parents let you do whatever you wanted with your room? If they did think about how you expressed your style and what decorating ideas you used. Me, I painted my room dark navy blue and used celestial themed things to create a space look that was more horoscope them astronaut. I loved it and I had it that way until I graduated.

Then when I moved in with roommates I created a jungle look that was classic and fun. I had fun with my room decor, I used leopard print pillows, a table cloth and swags to go around my windows. I added a few plants and a leopard throw over a light comforter to complete the look. It was classy, but not trashy.

Now, even as an adult you can do the same thing and with some help from Cutting Edge Stencils, you can do it very easily. They have a huge selection of wall stencils and they all have some really fun names like Happy Hour, Fugi and butterfly dance. I love the names just as much as I love the stencils.  They not only have a great selection, but the prices are not too bad either, the one I have pictured above is only $14.95!

You can also get this great deal:

Promotion code “BLOGGERS” for 15% off your entire order, enter at checkout.

Now, I know your thinking this can’t get better, but it does! Cutting Edge Stencils wants you to help them choose the name of their new stencil!

All you have to do is submit a creative name for the new stencil shown above, you do this by sending the name to  tara.broadcastbloggers @ (make sure to take out the spaces in that email.)

At the conclusion of the contest 10 bloggers (including me!) will vote on their favorite name The winning name will receive recognition on the Cutting Edge Stencils Blog for coming up with the most creative design name and will also receive a $50 one-time gift certificate where they can choose any stencil(s).

The contest winner will also receive free shipping and a free 4 inch dense foam roller with handle.

The contest will be open for entries until Monday, August 8th at midnight EST.

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Design You Dream Kitchen Plan

It’s not hard to design a new kitchen as long as you know a few basic things you will be well on your way to a beautiful kitchen that you may actually want to cook in. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home and everyone seems to end up there eventually it’s a good idea to devote as much space as you can to your new kitchen. Of course there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

You Only Have so Much Space

Measure the space you have to devote to your kitchen and make sure to keep in mind any additions your doing or if your knocking down walls as you need to measure that space as well. If you create a wonderful design, but don’t have to space to put it into place then you are really just wasting your time and energy on something that can not be.

Remember the Kitchen Triangle.

No this is not a call to dinner triangle, but the triangle that is created by the sink, stove and refrigerator. Now you can also have more then one Kitchen Triangle and that may consist of a second sink, ovens or other major appliance. You want these positioned in a triangle so that cooking and clean up is faster and easier. Also you want a small triangle, not a big one so try to keep the space between these items at a happy medium. I usually go no more then 3-5 feet per triangle side.

dreamstime xs 19077956


Don’t Go With The Trends

Yes, I know the trends are pretty and fun and new… for now. Tried and true designs that are classic make it so you can enjoy your kitchen for many years, not just one or two. If you have the money to remodel your kitchen every two or three years go ahead and copy the trends, but if your like most people you need a kitchen that will work for a long time.

Design Your Kitchen For You

If you have a large family and need three sinks, four stoves and a grill along with a gas range, go for it, but if you have a normal size family or may sell your home in a year or two don’t add in too many personalized extras. You want your home to appeal to a buyer or you want to be able to enjoy your space, not just see a bunch of metal everywhere.

If you do want a more personalized touch to your kitchen try wall decals or accessories to add a more personal touch.

If you follow these few simple rules and ideas you should end up with a great kitchen design that works for you and your family without too much of a hassle or too many extras that just get in the way.

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Getting Smart About Changes To Our Home

Guest post written by Richard Parker

In the years past when we’ve chosen to renovate our home, we’ve either just gone with the contractor that gave us the cheapest quote or doing it ourselves. Well, neither one of those really turned out well. So this time around while we’re doing some major adjustments in a face lift to our home, we thought that we would go through a more reputable source.

I’ve done my fair share of research on who we should use this time around and while I was doing that I ran across this site It really was just what I had been looking for. I thought it was perfect and we could rely on the professionals to do a good job. They’re obviously being held accountable and that made us feel so much better about the whole thing.

We thought that we would focus on the outside of our home first and got our roof replaced. It’s amazing how much of a difference it’s made already in updating our home. I’m really looking forward to finishing up the rest of our updates and seeing the final result.

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