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Relax in a Shower With Options

I love when I can take a nice hot shower and relax. Sometimes it seems that the stress of being a student, finding work in that field and keeping up with my blogging can be just too much. Add on the stress of being a diabetic and a bad blood sugar day and I’m ready to relax and unwind in a nice relaxing shower. I love taking long hot showers and having a well designed shower and a great spray changing shower head can really help you relax and unwind.

That is why I keep up with top trends in the shower industry by reading blogs like the Professor Toilet blog where you can learn all of the new trends and cool things going on with bathrooms. For me having the best in your bathroom can really make your life easier. Your not worried as much about something breaking and of course it’s nice to have a place you can go to and relax. Today I will really be needing a relaxing experience after my class. Last week our teacher decided that our 10 page paper, that was due in November needs to be done today, I didn’t find out till last night, so not only am I babysitting, but trying to write a 10 page paper as well. Wish me luck!

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5 Tips for Apartment Decorating

I have been doing some major decorating in my apartment and even if you have looked at Calgary Apartment Rentals, there are a few simple things you can do to make your apartment more you without hurting anything in it.

Club Chair with Black Wood Legs in Dark Brown Leather

1. Find out if you can hang items, most apartments will let you, but you want to make sure. Using artwork and other wall decor can really help you make a home more welcoming and make you feel better about it.

2. Use plants to make rooms feel better, brighter and a little more fun. If you don’t have much light make sure you get plants that don’t need a lot of light. Adding colorful containers is also a great way to bring light and color to your apartment.

3. Lights are a great way to add some style and color to your apartment also. Lights can be floor lamps, table lamps, hanging track lighting and Christmas or other holiday lights.

4. Pillows are a great way to add some comfort and even some seating to your home if your friends don’t mind sitting on the floor.

5. Keep your furniture small, most apartments can not fit a full size sofa and chair, get a loveseat so that you don’t feel closed in. If you need extra seating think about folding chairs or a bench that can be used as a coffee table

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Home Office Ideas that Work


The following is a guest post:

More and more people are working from home these days. Creating a space in the house to work from home or manage the household means making a home office that works for you. As long as you have electrical outlets for the computer and light fixtures to illuminate your space, a designated room or a small nook can become a beautiful, functional home office. Here are 8 home office ideas that we love and think will work for you.

Storage Solutions

Home Design Decorating (via)

Smart storage solutions will help your home office work for you. White wood file cabinets support the work surface and provide a spacious working area. Make sure to look for cabinets like the ones above that look like built in cabinets.

Custom Built Cabinets

Decorating Ideas for Home (via)

Custom built in cabinets is the ultimate design idea for a home office that works. Tons of storage options, like open shelves and drawers, keep the space organized.

Multi-functional Shelves

Home Klondike (via)

Multifunctional home offices can do double or triple the work. This airy country style home office is also a sewing and crafts workroom with customized storage options. A longer desk lamp is really helpful in this kind of set up to help illuminate a lot of the work space.

Wallpapered Office

Home Design Decoration Ideas (via)

This well coordinated home office space shows that organization can be beautiful. Coordinate office accessories with wall or wallpaper colors to create a unified, polished space. Fabric covered bulletin boards are always fun and useful.

Customized Cubicle

Home Office Decoration Ideas (via)

The best thing about a home office is that it isn’t a generic cubicle. Customize your home office to suit your taste—you’ll want to spend more time in the space and will be more productive. Notice how beautiful table lamps can provide adequate lighting for work while adding a stylish touch to the room’s design.

Cozy Office Chair

tktdw (via)

Home office furniture can be borrowed from other rooms in the house. This wing back chair makes a cozy office chair.

Closet Office

Inspiration for Home (via)

Even the smallest space can be a functional home office. A closet is a great space for a desk—you can always close the doors and hide any clutter you may have.

Color Palette

Home Furniture Catalogs (via)

A soothing color palette or a monochrome color scheme create a sophisticated home office. A long work surface makes ample room for a computer and projects.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

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Where Would you Like To Live?

I have many ideas of places I would love to live and each home has it’s own style, so each home would have a different interior design plan. Say I bought Property In Fethiye I would want something fun but classic. If I decided to stay in the US and get a house I think I would move to Arizona and have a home with a western theme. For me living in a home in a region means you decorate for that region.

Of course I could be wrong, maybe you live in the Midwest where homes tend to vary a lot in style and really almost anything goes. I think no matter where you live you need to decorate for you, keep it organized and keep it clean. Another mindset is decorating your home for an area you would like to live in, but don’t. So if you want to live in the tropics and you live in Alaska, maybe you could use bright colors, lots of plants and use water features to make your home feel more tropical.

Whatever you decide to do you want to decorate for you. What area would you like to live in and how would you decorate your home to fit that area?

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Design For Colder Weather

Did you know that you can use interior design to help keep your home warm in the winter? There are many, many tips and tricks to keep your home warm that actually will improve the look and feel of your home. A great example is using  curtains and valances that are thermal to help keep the cold air out. It also helps to keep the cold air in in the summer. The best part is that you can add to your design without spending needlessly.

I’m actually looking at curtains myself for my new apartment I have some for my room that I’m bringing down this weekend since not only do I need cool weather insulation, but there is a horrable light from the building next to me that shines into my window. It keeps me awake so I have to do something. I’m also looking at good thermal curtains for my living room to help keep my expences down. The apartment I’m in only has one window for the living room, dinning and kitchen, it’s an open floor plan so it works and there is only one window per bedroom. I’m surrounded on 3 sides by other apartments so it’s really very good for keeping in warm air and adding some curtains should make sure I keep my apartment warm at a low cost. Now to just pick out the ones I want!

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Where Do You Design?

Sometimes interior design doesn’t happen in your home, but in others homes. If your like me you tend to help your friends decorate their homes. One friend I have has been looking at Property In Altinkum as she lives in Europe. She sends me pictures a lot and I am always telling her how to decorate the homes she finds.

I think this is a great thing because if your good at it you help your friends and yourself, if your not hopefully your friends realize it and help you! This of course may be why you are here You need ideas, and help. I’m all about using the world around you to influence your design. I go to the mall a lot and just walk around looking at displays, but sometimes the best places to go are outside, gardens and seeing how others decorate their homes is a great way to get inspired.

I’m also a big fan of decorating at a movie theater. Yep, a movie theater next time you watch or see a movie look at how the rooms are decorated and how much they use color or don’t. Finding ideas outside of the magazines is a great way to keep things fresh and different. How about you do you have any place that inspires your interior design?

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Go International in Your Home

There are some great ways to spice up your interior design without spending a lot or having to visit a new country. With the internet you can find inspiration anywhere! I myself have found inspiration online by looking at buildings and homes in other countries. Researching Apartments For Sale In Turkey you will probably find a lot of outdoor pictures that will inspire your outdoor space and make you want to spend a lot of time outside.

If you research northern log homes in the united states you will probably find some great northern interior design that will give you great decorating ideas for winter or a northern home. Rustic style is big in that area and usually it involves fir, wood and other items that make you feel warm and cozy. It really just all depends on what type of style you are looking for. Me, I love Mediterranean style so I tend to look up homes in that area. Though my apartment is far from a Mediterranean style apartment I can still use some of the ideas in my apartment to make it feel like it’s in the Mediterranean and not sitting in Michigan.

What type of style or styles do you like? Share them with us!

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Take a Last Look Outside

Fall is coming very quickly, but it’s not too late to take a look at your garden and update some things that you didn’t get to when you were doign work earlier in the year. Things like installing paving stone so that you have a great walkway to go though that garden you worked so hard on. Yes it will be covered with snow soon, but it’s one less thing you will have to do next year.

Of course if your like a few people I know you have a garden that is dark and I’m not talking color, you have no lighting. During the summer it’s great to have lighting so you can enjoy your garden, but during the winter it’s even better to have a good landscape lighting installation so you can find your way though your yard in the snow. Usually you add all of the lights around paths or patio pavers so that would be where you would want to walk anyway.

When you design your yard so many people think about enjoying it in the summer, but if you plan things right you can enjoy the outdoors all year around, even if you have to enjoy it from your front window while sipping on hot tea or cocoa

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Build Your Dream Marble Home

Have you dreamed of a perfect Marble Fireplace or counter top? I have, though I can’t have a fireplace because I live in an apartment, but I think it does make a great statement in any room and a marble fireplace is classic and would look good for many, many years to come. Marble fireplaces can really create a different feel for a room depending on the design of the fireplace. Most people belive that a marble fireplace is stuffy and can’t ever be modern, but the truth is if you design the marble right you can have a great classic type look but with a modern twist.

I also love the look of a Marble countertop and I plan on having one or something that looks like one in my home one day. I’m loveing the look of marble that you can get from items that are not marble, but at the same time haveing real marble is something that many people prefer. I myself love the look but could do something that is sythetic that might hold up better then marble to daily wear and use.

Another place I love to have marble is in an entery if you have a nice home that could fit a marble entry you may want to think about it. It’s a great way to create a classic look in your home and update it a bit with a more natural product.

What are your feelings about marble?

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New Housekeeper

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

We recently hired a housekeeper to help me maintain the cleanliness of our home. Before we had kids, I had plenty of time to thoroughly clean the house. Now that we have four kids, I’m lucky if I get a shower and make sure everyone eats three meals each day. On her first day, the housekeeper set off our security alarm. We had just had it installed the week prior to her coming, and my husband had to teach me how to reset it when she got here. He insisted on having the security system installed that he found at because there had been a couple of break-ins in the community. The housekeeper is very sweet and she does an excellent job cleaning the house. Now that I don’t have to worry about keeping the house clean, I have spare time to spend with the kids, as well as spend more time cooking, which I know makes my husband happy. I definitely think that it is worth it to have a housekeeper clean my house so I can make time for the things that I feel are important in my life.

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Food Frenzy Mega Blog Giveaway Event

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