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Warm Up With a Warm Rug

arctic-red-1a_1I love using rugs to decorate my home. I have a few in my bathroom right now, but I’m looking for a nice warm rug to put in my living room and one in my dining room to hide my really bad beige carpet! I’ve been looking at red rugs because I love the look of them for my dinning room. I have an open floor plan in my apartment and I want to break up the space a bit to create areas. Red is an eye catching color and I think it would highlight my dinning area nicely.

I’m looking at either olive green or brown for my living room as those are the colors I have there. My love seat is an olive green while my recliner is brown so either color would work for a rug. I would really love to find one with both colors in it that I actually like. I’m still on a major hunt for that though!

Do you have rugs in your home? Do you think they help keep your home warm or do you just like them for the look they give?

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Make Your Kitchen Accessible

Not only do people who need an extra hand love an accessible kitchen, but people who don’t need the extra help love all the gadgets too. One of my favorite ones is the Lazy Susan, why it’s called that I don’t know but it’s really one of the best things made for a kitchen. It helps you use the space in your corner cabinets without having to add a bunch of bells and whistles.

Another thing I love to see in a kitchen is shelving that moves up and down so you can store heavy items on it without having to worry about how to get it down. The shelve will do all of the work for you. It will bring the item down and a simple push will take it back up. This is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen but a really great addition to a kitchen belonging to someone who is disabled.

The last thing an accessible kitchen needs is a sink that can be accessed by a wheelchair. I actually love the look of these sinks. If you want the extra storage you can use the space under the sink to store the garbage can or maybe place some nice baskets. Of course you would only want to do that if you don’t need to access the sink with a wheelchair yet.

Those are a couple of solutions for a great accessible kitchen. What ideas do you have?

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How to Decorate a Bedroom

The bedroom is your haven. It is a place you go to relax, unwind and have privacy. While guests and visitors see your main living areas, the bedroom is all yours. Because of the personal nature of this room, how you decorate it is important to how you feel. From the bed to the blinds to the decor, this room should reflect your unique personality.



Know Yourself

You can take several different approaches to decorating a bedroom. However, what works for one person may not be the best idea for another. In order to match your bedroom decor with your needs, you should know what fits your personality. Does a muted colour scheme relax you, or are you refreshed by brighter shades? Do you appreciate natural elements or prefer shapes that have movement and energy? Before you make any permanent decisions, try out some possibilities, and see how they make you feel. 

Trendy or Timeless?

Each season, there are new trends in home decor. Different colour schemes come and go, and homeowners see similar elements and themes in home decor products. Look at the current trends to get inspiration. Keep in mind that using trendy elements in your bedroom can make it dated after a few years. If you want an edgy bedroom, use a neutral colour palette for your basics; pick blinds, draperies, paint and furniture that stand the test of time. This will make it easy to change smaller elements when the trend has passed. Also, if you don’t see anything that catches your eye when exploring the trends, feel free to pass them by for classic bedroom decor. 


Bedroom Budgets

If you are like most homeowners, you are probably working with a budget when decorating a bedroom. In order to make your money go as far as possible, you will want to invest in the decor items that give the most impact to your room.

  •  Flooring –If you have hardwood floors, a throw rug is an inexpensive way to add colour and comfort.
  • Bedding – Your bedding should be both comfortable and beautiful. If you are on a tight budget, choose a comforter and matching pillowcases over a full bedroom set.
  • Window Coverings – Changing your window coverings is a quick way to change the feel of your room. Start with neutral blinds, and dress them up with drapes or curtains.
  • Accessories – Adding accessories with personality is a great way to make your bedroom come alive. They are also easy to replace when you want a change of scenery.

A Note About Storage

Not every home has an abundance of space. If your bedroom is small, you might find that your personal belongings are taking over your sanctuary. Small bedrooms mean that organization is of the utmost importance. Don’t be afraid to add vertical storage where it makes sense. Both your closet and the wall space are good places to add storage.

A lot of thought goes into decorating a bedroom space. Keep an eye on the budget and basic design principles. Ultimately, whatever you choose should make you happy and comfortable, so follow your instincts.

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Take Care of your Pool

125717_pool_shots_3I know it’s fall here in the US, but many people live in a climate that allows them to have a pool all year around. One thing that is very important when it comes to having an amazing looking house is to have an amazing looking pool. This of course takes the right pool supplies and a little know how.

Of course when you go to the pool supply store you may have no idea what you really need for your pool. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you ask all the right questions and give the sales person as much information as you can. This is really the best way to make sure your pool stays clean and looking amazing, the wrong pool filters could effect this.  All of the decorating done on your home will look horrible if your pool is green and filled with leaves.

Do you have a pool? How do you take care of it and keep it clean? Feel free to share some tips and ideas.

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Turn Your Room in to a Relaxing Getaway

I love going into my bedroom. I have a queen size bed that looks amazing and candles all over. I have a scent warmer for every day use. No TV or other distractions. Just a nice space that allows me to relax and unwind with a good book.

One thing I really love about my bedroom is my queen size bed. The reason I love this bed so much is that I have 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheets that keep my bed feeling amazing every time I get into it. Egyptian cotton is very soft, smooth and with a higher thread count can feel almost like silk, but without the downside of silk.


Keeping your bedroom clean is another great way to make sure that you are relaxing and not stressed when you get ready for bed. Walking into a room that is cluttered can drain you in a way that could keep you up at night. Also keep that TV out of your room or at least set the timer on it so that your not having sleep interrupted by a TV. I know, your thinking “I can’t sleep without a TV!” but you can!

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Deals on Home: Kosta Boda Tempera Bowl for only $75

I love great deals on home decor and this Kosta Boda Tempera Bowl is a really amazing deal and looks pretty amazing too! Just think of what you could do with this bowl. You could use it to serve in yes, but what about a more decorative approach? Add some great fruit for a table centerpiece. add a plant or silk foliage for a great side table accessory or it would make an amazing candy dish for anyone with a major sweet tooth.

Share: If you had this bowl how would you use it?

Kosta Boda crystal bowl has swirls of pink color. It retails for $150, but through this amazing deal it’s only $75 plus $5 shipping.
*Deal ends on October 13th at 11:59pm MST.
*US orders only.
*Allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery after purchase.
*Bowl measures: 9 1/2 inch diameter

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Design Your Dream Kitchen

I love going into homes and checking out what I can do with the kitchen. It’s just something I love to do  and I think I’m pretty good at it. Kitchen remodeling can be a very expensive process, but it can be very worth it. Having a kitchen that meets your needs can be such a nice experience and so worth the cost of the remodel.

The first thing you need when you design your kitchen is to remember how you use it. Do you need more then one sink? A double oven or maybe an oven located away from another oven. Maybe you want a grill included in your stovetop or one located in another spot. Once you figure out how you want to use your kitchen you want to then work on the work triangle. A work triangle is the shape formed by your refrigerator, stove and sink. You want this area to be under 5 feet on each side so that your work is easier to do. Now if you have more then one oven only one needs to be included in the triangle as most of the time you will not be using the extras. If you do make sure to put them as close to the triangle as possible.


When it comes to your sink you want to make sure you get a sink that works with your design and lifestyle. Do you need a single sink, a double sink or a triple sink. Do you want two sinks or maybe you love the look of a farm sink. Figure out how you use your sink and then pick one from there.

The big thing when it comes to a kitchen remodel is to do what you want to do. Don’t follow the trends as they come and go and you don’t want to be stuck with a dated kitchen. Figure out what you like and use it. If you love stainless use stainless, if you like black, use black. Design for you not for a magazine.

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Tips for Decorating Your Grandchild’s Bedroom

Children know what they like and what they don’t like- that much is true. Once they get above the age of four or five, they know how they want their bedroom. If the walls of their room have always been yellow or pink, they might feel it is “babyish” and yearn for a different colour. There are many things you can do as a grandparent to help your grandchild decorate their bedroom so that it feels like it truly belongs to them.

First, suggest the idea to your grandchild. It could be that he or she has been thinking of ideas for a long while, or perhaps it has never crossed his or her mind. Either way, your grandchild will become excited about all the possibilities. There may be quite a few far-fetched or even impossible ideas they tell you. It is important to gently rein in their wild imagination and offer a few examples of what can be done.

Paint colour is important to establish before anything else. Does the grandchild want something bright and colourful? Dark and mysterious? Or does he simply not care? Grandchildren aged six and above will probably have a specific colour in mind. Boys tend to go for more neutral colours like tan, black, navy blue, or off-white. Girls are more likely to choose wild and fun colours like pink, green, blue, yellow, or orange.

Once the paint has been chosen, make a fun day out of decorating the room! Your grandchild will love to use the big roller to paint and will enthusiastically help you all day long.

Kid's Twin Size GI Child Bunk Bed w/Slide & Tent

After paint, you can take your grandchild to pick out some new items for their room. These could include:

– a different style of bed (trundle, bunk bed, etc.)
– a colourful comforter
– matching drapes
– a wallpaper border with their favorite animal or action hero
– a bedside table
– a desk
– a computer
– lamps or other lighting
– a bookcase
– a shoe organizer
– a personalized wall decal

Once the furniture is in place, take a look at the walls. Is there any empty space? It’s a great idea to frame some of your grandchild’s more impressive works of art and hang them up on the wall. That way, he or she can be proud of the work and show it off to all his or her friends. If your grandchild is not an artist, take the time to find out his or her interests. If he or she is into ponies or the SpongeBob TV show, get a couple posters that features these. Your grandchild will love to look at them and see the things he or she likes most in the brand new room.

Sometimes your grandchild might not know what he or she wants. Be patient, make suggestions, and give choices. Grandchildren can be picky or finicky, but with a little patience, you can redecorate their room and have a good time doing it.

Sarah writes for Homes With Care, who provide a unique and dedicated service that helps inform interested parties on the availability of assisted living facilities, retirement homes for sale and rent offering integrated close care, close care, extra care and independent living.

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Are You Ready for the Holidays

The holidays for me start now, I love Halloween and I start decorating and getting ready now. One big thing is keeping my home nice and clean and ready for anyone who may stop by. The holidays tend to bring unexpected visitors to your home as people start to visit friends and family more. Having a clean room to entertain in is something that is very important and one big problem in the winter is the build up of dust. It can be hard to keep it clean but I have found a combination of gadgets, dust spray and a dust collector can really save you time and energy.

I also worry about pet hair and dusting plus vacuuming is a huge help to keeping allergies that people may have . When you keep your home clean it makes people feel more welcome and your end up healthier for it. Of course a clean home also helps make it look amazing and highlights your great interior design skills. How do you keep your home clean and looking great for guest, do you have any good cleaning tips to share?

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