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Mom’s Help

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

Mom told me about electric providers when I moved into my new house – we were having a hard time deciding where to look in this deregulated market which was totally new to us. I love having someone as smart and capable as her to call when I have questions about stuff like that – she ran her own household for years and years – and I know my husband’s just as clueless as me.

When we first got married we had to move out here to Texas for his new job and we really floundered. Neither of us had lived alone before so even with both of us in the house we didn’t know how to do simple things like cook well or unclog a sink. We’ve been learning on our own slowly but surely and I think we’re getting the hang of it. I feel more adult than I ever have and I know my hubby’s feeling good too. We’re a great team and I think it’s fun learning all this stuff together!

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Design and Behavior

Sometimes when we look at a design all we see is a pretty picture that the designer created. In reality the designer intended more then just to make something look pretty, they wanted to enhance not only what you see, but how you act to. I’ve done some research into the effect of interior design on behavior and I was very surprised to find how much an interior design plan can influence how people act or what actions they take. 

1053320_manchester_airport_walkways_1A great example is an airport. They want to keep you out of certain areas so security is designed to keep passengers in the correct area and others out of that area. Not only does the design achieve this goal, but how the airport is designed can change the way you move. If you are lost, you look up most of the time and are able to see signs, these are placed by a designer or someone who is trained to place these in a certain way.

In your home you do the same thing. My living room is designed so that you can move around easily. You can not walk right into my apartment and sit on the sofa, you have to walk around the sofa to a seating area. I did this to create an entry and keep people who are not watching TV out of the TV viewing area. In this way I am effecting the behavior of the people in my apartment. I have created areas that are specific to a use and they don’t interfere with other areas and uses. My dinning room for example does not interfere with the walkway to the kitchen or to other room, even though I have an open floor plan.

You notice this same idea in malls. When they want to you go up a level there is a ramp or stair. There may be choices for you to make, but you have to make that choice. Should you walk up and around to the store you want to go to, or should you walk though the common area of the mall.

Think about it the next time you visit a mall, hotel or other public area. How is it designed to influence what you do?

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Luxuries in Your Bedroom

My bedroom is my getaway, I can go in there and relax without worrying that I’m going to be uncomfortable. If your looking for the same feeling in your bedroom I have a few great tips for you. The first is to make sure your room stays organized and clean. I do struggle with this myself. I drop a lot of things in my room and I don’t have a place to put it all. I’m working on storage for all of my things and that has helped.


The next thing you want to do is invest in luxury sheets, when you sleep you want to sleep well so that you can feel ready for the day. I have 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed and I love them! They are soft, silky and feel amazing against your skin. If your not a cotton person find sheets that work well for you.

The last tip is the expensive one. Buy a new mattress. I know your thinking I have no money, but if you can get a new mattress and your mattress is over 10 years old you need to get a new one. Make sure you lay on the mattress and try it as long as you can in the store before you buy. This way you know your going to love the mattress and sleep on it for a long time.

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Buying A Mattress

There are many ways you can buy a mattress, but if your looking for a great one you want to follow a few different steps. One thing you have to remember when you buy a mattress is that shopping at a mattress sale can be both good and bad. When your sale shopping you don’t always look at what is best for you, but what is cheapest. Now I’m not saying that you can’t buy something cheap, but you want to make sure it’s going to last for a while and give you a good nights sleep.

I actually got my mattress at a Simmons mattress sale and I love it, but I also took the time to make sure it would work for me for many many years. I bought my mattress six years ago and it’s still in great shape. I laid on mine and I spent time on it before I bought it and that helped a lot. Now though they have sites like Coast to Coast mattress that have a Mattress Advisor tool that can help you pick out the best mattress for you. All from your own home. Though I’m not a huge fan of buying a mattress online I do see the benefit in it. The downside is that you can’t lay on the mattress, but you can go to a local store and check out the ones that are suggested to you. The best part is Coast to Coast offers free shipping, so your not having to worry about that. The best part is it’s shipped right to your home.

Would you buy a mattress online?

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Get Your Pool Ready For Winter

I live in Michigan and most people have already started to put their pools away for the winter. They may have already noticed that they need new swimming pool liners next year. They may have even found they have to do some major maintenance now after they are done with the pool for the summer. It would actually be easier now to do some maintenance then waiting until spring and summer when your in a hurry to use the pool.

One big thing that I have seen some people who have forgotten to put a pool cover on their pool and now it’s full of leaves and other debris. They may even have some animals or other things living or not living in their pool now. When I was growing up I stayed at my aunts home a lot and they had a pool. I remember how well they took care of it and what happened the one year they forgot to put the cover on it. It ended up a big mess and they had to pay a lot of money to get their pool back into working order.

Do you have a pool? What tips do you have for taking care of it?

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