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Warm Up With Sheep Skin

designercollectionsheepskinrugs3.imageI love a nice rug on a cold winter morning. Not only is it nice to step on a warm rug instead of a cold floor, but it also makes a room feel cozy and warmer too. If your like me your always looking for a new and interesting rug to have in your home. Have you ever thought about checking out sheepskin rugs? These are really very warm rugs that will allow you to keep your toes warm and add an amazing look to your home all at the same time.

Sheepskin products are great to have in your home because they are natural and they feel amazing. They are not extremely hard to take care of either. I love the many different styles you can get with a sheepskin rug. You can be more traditional and do one that is not a finished rug and have a rustic look. You could also get a rug like the one shown, that more modern and finished.

Did you know that you can also get sheepskin seat covers? Again I love this because sheepskin is so soft and feels so amazing. it would also keep your seat warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. So, check out some sheepskin products and see what how you like them.

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Living Room Design Ideas

It is usually the first room you see when you walk into your home, but many people don’t think about living room design. Most people put their furniture in front of the TV and that is all they worry about. They don’t worry about how people will use the room besides for watching TV and many people don’t think about how the flow of traffic will effect the ability to see the TV while watching it from your sofa or chair.

Great Living Room Layouts

These layouts have one thing in common, the furniture is not against the wall. It’s out in the room creating a more private setting and easier flow through the room.




This Layout shows that sometimes color is only needed in moderation.


This is a great example of when furniture on the wall does work. The focal point is the fireplace, not a TV.


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Top 5 Principles When Designing Your Bedroom Interior


Designing the interior of a bedroom requires skill and patience. There are several things that have to be kept in mind to achieve the perfect look. Considerations vary depending on who the bedroom is being designed for. For kids, the interior designing is easy but not so for adults. Some principles for interior have been defined which have to be followed to the letter to achieve the perfect results. Here the top 5 principles when designing your bedroom interior.


Theme Defines the Room

Choosing a theme for your bedroom is important. The theme defines how each element of the interior decoration would fall into place. The theme is a blueprint for how the room is going to shape up and the ambience it will have. There are many themes available, some which have been around for centuries while some are relatively modern. Selecting a theme will make the interior designing easier because you will know the boundaries in which you have to work. You can be creative with regards to the theme you select.

Color is the King

Selecting the right color for your bedroom can be challenging. Every bedroom theme has a set of colors for you to choose from but sometimes people want something different. The color is important because the paint, decoration and furniture have to be according to the color. The traditional colors such as white, blue and red can be chosen. You can be a little flashy and go for aqua blue, brick red, sunflower yellow or any other variation. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to choosing colors for your bedroom.



Furniture Cannot Be Ignored

The furniture has to gel in with the room. Rather than filling up your room with furniture, you have to choose furniture according to your needs. If you are sleeping alone, you don’t need a king size bed. It is only going to take up space. The less furniture you have, the easier it will be for it to blend in with the color and theme of the room. Furniture has to be in sync with the theme you select.

Space Accentuates Ambience

A cluttered bedroom with lots of furniture does not give a good impression. Furniture has to be adequate but the room has to have some space left over. This might not be a problem for large bedrooms but small and medium sized bedrooms don’t have much space once the furniture has been put in. Space accentuates the ambience of the bedroom so keep this in mind.


Accessories to Add a Little Zing

After all the other elements have been taken care of, you can look at a few accessories to add a little zing to your room. From paintings, pictures and decoration pieces to fancy lights and rugs and carpets can all be included to enhance the feel of your bedroom. Accessories are secondary as compared to the other principles.

These are the top 5 principles you have to follow when designing your bedroom interior.

Chris is an experience interior designer specializing in bedroom decoration at Christophe Living. He loves matching modern interiors with antique furniture.

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Decorating Themes for The Holidays


How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you decorate with red and green? Maybe you like blue and white, or you’re someone who likes lots of colors and shiny things. Whichever you choose you want a theme, something that will tie everything together and make it one cohesive design. The following are a few ideas to help you keep your interior design and holiday decorating stylish and uniform.



Winter doesn’t just mean Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah and other holidays. Winter brings snow and snowmen; these are great decorating tools and themes to use in your home that will last throughout winter. Using colors like white, blue, silver, and purple will create an effect that can last all season long. You can even create your own snowmen using holiday ornaments or foam balls from the grass store. Decorate these however you would like using colors that you choose.



Gingerbread is another great theme to use during the holiday season. Gingerbread warms up the cool tones of winter and allows you to bring in the warm colors that make your home feel like a home. You don’t have to stick with baking gingerbread and decorating your house with food. You can find great gingerbread ceramics in stores and online, these will create the same effect and bring in the same warmth as making it yourself. You can of course get crafty and make your own gingerbread decor in your own oven.


A Desert Holiday

When you think about the holidays, most people don’t think about the desert. But, if you know the true Christmas story you know that Jesus was born in the desert. So why not use camels, sand, palm trees and other desert items to create your holiday theme. Adding holiday lights, some Christmas Holly, and a few other traditional items, could help tie the desert theme to your Christmas decor.


Bright Colors

For some people Christmas is all about fun and whimsy. Using bright colors like blue, orange and lime green is starting to be a huge trend. You can make this work by only picking a few colors and not using every color of the rainbow. If you’re not sure what would work together look at flowers and choose those colors that are on the same flower. Green by the way goes with everything!

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Decorate your Home for the Holidays: Christmas

Christmas is that time of year where everyone is decorating, everyone is shopping, and everyone is picking up the same decorations. Because we all tend to strap at the same stores, many homes tend to look alike. That is why it’s always a great idea to try to be creative with what you buy, to find ways to buy different and interesting decorating items, and to create a space in your home that is unique and exclusive to your style.

I do this in various ways, some work while while others not so well. I’m a huge fan of catalog shopping for decorations, as many of you know I actually do catalog sales and home parties sales this is one of my jobs. While this gives me some interesting decoration ideas, everyone I know also wants to buy from my catalog so we tend to have the same items. Luckily I have found different ways to use these items along with items from stores to make something different and a lot more fun so that when my friends come to visit they don’t feel like they’re in their own home.

2011-12-02 11.00.54

I love mixing and matching reusing items in you checking out yard sales drive sales and consignment shops for new ideas and items. Last month I showed you how to decorate for fall and Thanksgiving. I took many of these items and reuse them for my holiday decorating. I like items that can be changed out throughout the year easily as this makes decorating easier on you since it will take so much time to accomplish your goal. The example above is a vase that I have used in the summer, fall, and winter. The only thing that changes is what is in the vase. During the fall I had fall leaves and a candle. I changed those out to create a more Christmas like theme by adding decorative colorful ornaments and another candle with a holiday scent.

You of course may choose to add something else to a vase such as Evergreen, fake snow, snowmen, or any other type of winter or holiday related item. You can get ideas not only from the Internet, magazines, and craft shows but from your friends, family and neighbors. Had you already decorated for the holidays is so feel free to share your pictures and images by sending them to me and I will post them during the coming weeks.

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