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Get Rid of the Fear of Unexpected Visitors Once and For All

Is money so tight that you can barely make ends meet? Are you just surviving from hand to mouth literally? Have you let your house run down until it looks rather faded and rough around the edges? Do you prefer to meet people in hotels, cafes or restaurants? Do you feel somewhat nervous when people appear at your door step? Do people look surprised when they enter your home? Modern furniture has all the hallmarks of being trendy and long lasting without showing the wear and tear around the edges. This means that, when you decide to revamp your home, despite the challenging financial times, look for the following attributes;

· Fade-proof – Evergreen pieces of furniture can be found all around us. These furniture items do not fade easily irrespective of how many cleanings they undergo. They also look new and well kept in any surrounding whether domestic or commercial. Evergreen furniture is excellent for tight budgets where someone cannot keep changing their furniture every so often.

· Fashion-proof – unless someone has an unlimited budget, changing their furniture frequently is not a priority. Trendy furniture is both stylish and expensive and changes quite often. Sometimes it becomes impossible to keep up with all the new changes. Despite this, there are some timeless pieces of domestic and commercial furniture which can look elegant and fashionable in any setting.

1341306_sofa· Age-proof – for those without the time, budget or energy to keep redecorating their homes, long lasting furniture is ideal for them. This furniture is sturdily built to last many years into the future and provide generations of children and grandchildren with excellent service and durability.

· Rigid-proof – good furniture is flexible for many needs around the home and commercial premises. For example many items of restaurant furniture can be used around the house with equal results as far as adding beauty and style to their surroundings. These adaptable pieces of furniture can also be effectively modified to suit their new settings quite easily.

· Damage-proof – for furniture to be really versatile, it should not easily be damaged. This is because; furniture is used to support all kinds of weights and activities from all members of the family. This means that, it must be resilient enough to withstand the rigors of use over long periods of time without showing lasting damage. This kind of furniture makes an excellent return on investment.

· Store –proof – furniture like domestic or restaurant chairs that can be stored easily are more preferable because they can be moved around much more easily than their more rigid counterparts. The pieces of furniture that can be stacked easily are easier to maintain because they can be used as and when they are required.

Betty James is an interior designer. She works with all clients to ensure that they get the domestic or commercial furniture of their dreams and budget. She ensures that any new changes are designed to create win-win outcomes.

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Proper Vacuum Disposal

I went on a search today to find some ideas about how I could dispose of a vacuum. I really thought maybe I would just throw it into the dumpster and call it good, but after reading this great article on the Good Human about vacuum disposal I have decided to donate my vacuum.

185228_vacuum_cleanerYou see great designers all have something in common. We care about what happens to the items we use in our home after we are done using them. By donating my vacuum I know that it will get a second life. There were a few other options given in the article as well. I could give it to a friend. I thought about that, but everyone I know has one already.

Another option and one I do love is fixing it! I know is seems obvious, for me this is not an option as I needed something with a light and pet attachments as there is fir all over my apartment. For many people though fixing a vacuum is a great way to save money in the long run. Think of it this way if you have to pay 50-75 to fix your vacuum that cost $200-$300 it’s worth it. Also fixing it keeps yet another vacuum from heading to the landfill.

Would you fix your vacuum or get rid of it if it stopped working?

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My Decorating Dilemma

Yes, even those of us that go to school for interior design have problems decorating our own homes. Yesterday I took down all of our holiday decorations and today I realized something, my apartment looks very empty.

As you can see I have a basic design to work with, but I think it needs something more.


mirror 1

I added this great olive swag I have above the artwork and I will be adding a shelve under the artwork to put candles and other things on, but the will with the mirror on it still has me stumped. I’m thinking maybe find some cute Valentines day garland or something. Even though I am not a Valentines day fan. My sister is so I’ll think of her while I decide I guess.



What do you think?

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