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Buying Real Estate Abroad

Sometimes when you want to get away, you want to do it a lot and buying a property in your favorite vacation spot can be easier then renting a room or a home for a few days. It can also be cheaper as when your not using it you can always rent it out to others who are looking for a relaxing getaway.

Say for example you are looking for Villas for Sale In Turkey, you may want to also see who is looking to rent a villa in Turkey to find out if it’s really a good investment. Of course what is also nice about buying your own vacation home is that you can decorate it in your style and make sure there is everything you need in the home to enjoy your vacation instead of enjoying someone else’s must haves.

Me? I would decorate my villa in Turkey with local flair and of course modern conveniences! I would probably add some netting over my bed to not only keep the bugs out, but give me that nice feel of being in a different world.

How would you decorate your villa?

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Maggies Direct: Earn Free Stuff for your Home!

You know that social networking is the big thing right now. How about social shopping? Have you tried that out yet, well with Maggies Direct you can social shop and earn points for free items for your home! Yes, I said FREE!

art clock

Maggies Direct has everything you need to make your home inviting, fun and functional. They sell bedding, accessories and cookware. The best part is that you get free shipping with no minimum order, if you live in the lower 48 states.


This really is a great site to take a look at. Get your friends to join and have them help you earn new great things for you home. Then have a party with them to show off all your cool new stuff!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and decorate your home for free!

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Shop Smart for Your Custom Home

Are you on the hunt for a custom home or are you thinking of buying a home and are wondering if you should build one instead. Sometimes that new home search can be very difficult. You have a lot of decisions to make and you may not be sure about what you want. Of course you could be one of those people who do know what they want and you just can’t find it.


That is where going online and checking out reviews is a great idea. Online reviews are not just for products, but they can help you find the best home and home location for you. For example if your looking for a custom home you may want to check out Schumacher Homes reviews. Schumacher homes is a company that builds custom homes. They have many locations in the Midwest and South. They do only build within 75 miles of these locations, but if you are in the area they are you need to take a look at what they do.

Custom homes really can be the best way for you to get the home you want. Really it just depends on what type of home you want and how many custom things you really have to have in your home. Home needs have changed a lot in the last few years and many of the new homes do not offer what people are now looking for.

Would you consider a custom built home?

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Design Styles for the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams

When you get a swimming pool for your home, this is something you will use to get fit, to entertain guests and to relax. It may even simply be a status symbol to show your family, friends, and neighbours that YOU have arrived! There are many important applications of pools and they really can transform not only your yard, but your whole day to day lifestyle. At the same time though, your pool also has a great aesthetic value, and it needs to fit in your landscape design and match the architectural style of your house too.

Picking the right pool style is highly important, and this means getting a pool that will look the part in your home, but also getting a pool that will also fit your lifestyle too. It is no good for instance getting a very small pool if you intend to use it for swim training, but then again you might not want a long thin one if it would not look right in your yard and if your primary goal is to use the pool for relaxing and maybe playing games.

Many design styles can work, regardless of the size of your yard, but each has specific advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, like any part of your landscape plan – your pool design will speak loudly about what kind of person you are and what you enjoy.

Here are just a few of the kinds of pools that you can pick from to help you get started:

Classic Pools:

Classic pools are designed to be reminiscent of Greek or Roman looking pools with straight and curved lines and 90 degree angles. Often they also feature decorative and ornate details and attractive tiles. You might even feature pillars to complete the look. These are perfect for unwinding and they will be highly attractive in any home.

Modern Pools:

Modern pools tend to use completely straight lines and are often completely square, or feature entirely right angles. This is a minimalist approach that can fit a modern décor and that will be well suited to swimming and staying fit. Modern Pools are sometimes also referred to as Fitness Pools.

Natural Pools:

Natural pools of course aren’t actually natural. However they are designed to mimic the more erratic and less square shapes that you find in nature. These work well with decking and with smaller gardens and are highly attractive. You can even opt for a sloping beach entry to allow you to wade in, or to sit and just hang your feet in.

Infinity Pools:

These are another very modern and very minimalist approach. Infinity pools are most commonly found in brochures for Caribbean resort hotels and if you want to make your pool look truly luxurious then this is how to achieve that. Here, rather than have a visible wall around the edge of your pool, your water will be at the same level as the wall and will just flow gently over the edges (to be caught in a reservoir of course). This allows you to feel as though you are in a suspended body of water or even swimming in the ocean as the horizon of the water will meet with the sky.

Michael Murillo is a member of Chicago pool builders and likes to provide assistance towards creative swimming pool design. His blog features some of the ways in which it can be done.

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Poppy Tree Frames Review

I love pictures, in fact I am an amateur photographer and I am always in need of frames. Not only do I want a frame that fits with my décor, but I want one that is stylish and different and the Faint frame from Poppy Tree Frames is just that, different and stylish!


The Faint Frame would fit in both modern décor and traditional décor. It’s a wooden frame that is very well made. I love that the has a great structure and doesn’t have a flimsy hook on the back but a very sturdy metal bar. The glass comes protected for shipping so you don’t have to worry about it being scratched. It is also very easy to put your picture in and take it out.

Some of the style aspects of the frame that I love are the distressed details and the scroll feel of the frame. I received the black frame and because it is a black color it can work with any décor.

Grey kim_final w RCheck out the Poppy Tree Frames website and share your favorite frame. Like what you see there? You may want to check them out on Facebook, Follow Poppy Tree Frames on Twitter and don’t forget to follow them on Pintrest!

Disclosure: I received this product to review from Poppy Tree Frames. All thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

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Get Free Valspar Paint!



All you have to do is go to the Valspar facebook page and get a free sample pack!

It includes a paint sample, a mini try and roller, coordinating color chips, and a $5 off coupon! They’re giving 750 of them out every single day in March. Add some color to your home for FREE!

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Giving Your Home A Quiet Upgrade

Has your home lately become a melting pot for temper tantrums and tirades? Have the kids gone out of hand blasting their music anytime day or night? Can you really relax in your once beloved and silent retreat? Does all this leave your ears constantly ringing with a continuous din? When it comes to the constant ear ring, the causes could be many. From constant exposure to the kids unwaveringly loud music to a resident illness trying to make its presence felt. Basically, if and when the ears begin to ring, the home is urgently due for a much needed quiet upgrade.

Stress in many homes today can also lead to a never-ending ear din. Other forms of trauma can also leave the ear negatively affected. Old age is another leading cause for ear din. Despite this, a person does not need to wait for their ears to ring so that they can do their quiet home upgrade. This is because, loud abrasive noise needs to be immediately dealt with if it is to become manageable. Trendy ways of giving the home a new quiet and fresh look involve;

Compact solutions

This involves mainly identifying rooms and places within the home which need to be permanently sequestered because of their reputation for constant high noise. Rooms like studios, teenage rooms and garages, to name a few, can benefit much from permanent noise-control doors designed to keep the noise in without invading its quieter surroundings. Compact solutions, unlike flexible PVC doors, are heavy duty in nature but can be painted and made to look as aesthetically beautiful as the rest of the residence.

Non-compact solutions

These are modern noise control devices that are designed for busy areas where residents need to keep moving into and out of them. Flexible noise-free doors are ideal for kitchen areas and other areas where noise emanates and interferes with its surroundings. Their flexibility is ideal because home residents are constantly in need of kitchen inputs just to get through their days. Other trendy and ultra-modern devices that can be used in busy workshops or farm sheds can include PVC strip curtains that are easy to keep clean and do not require much personal handling while in use. This low maintenance PVC curtains are long lasting can be designed to blend in perfectly with their surroundings and produce a neat and tidy finish wherever they are used.

The difference in noise levels with and without these silence-producing devices can be immediately noticeable. The consequent peace and quiet that settles on any restless home can be truly appreciated by all residents. In short, the investment in these modern and trendy devices returns benefits well into the distant future where loud noises will not be given any audience.

Joan Rivers is a safety expert. She advises flexible PVC curtains for high traffic work environments. She aims to make these affordable PVC curtains the hallmark for noise-control in commercial and domestic settings.

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Easter Decorating With Gifts!

Love decorating for Easter and spring, but don’t have a lot of money to spend this year. Do something different by decorating with your gifts. Using things like Easter Gift Baskets to fill your home with that great feel of Easter and spring is a great way to “kill two birds with one stone” Just make sure that the candy in the decorative basket can be eaten or fill it with something else that you already have like fruit, or silk flowers.


Of course if your not going to use Easter Basketsas a gift you could use other types of Easter items as decorations. Do you have an Easter egg hunt every year. use those eggs to decorate your home before the hunt. How about a young niece or nephew you always buy a gift for, if you get them the classic stuffed bunny you could use it as décor before the big day!

Of course not all Easter Gifts make great décor so you can’t use everything, but if you combine it with items you already have and a few new ones, you can decorate for Easter on a very tight budget or at least save some money for that new spring wardrobe!

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How a Heat Pump Works

A heat pump is a device that can heat up a room or a swimming pool using a fan. To many of us this seems to be counterintuitive – as we are used to seeing fans used to cool down a room that is too hot. Note however that it is not the fan in this case that is cooling us down itself, but rather the air that is being circulated. With a heat pump the idea works in a similar way, but the air is warm before it is circulated. Here we will look at how heat pumps work in more detail so that you can better understand heat pump reviews and choose the right heat pump for you.

First of all, a heat pump as mentioned uses a fan. But how does a fan work really? The idea is simple to understand at first – the angle of the blades means that as the fan spins around it ‘scoops’ air up from underneath it and then pushes it forward as it slopes. This then pushes the air forward and the momentum does the rest meaning you get hit by that air or it fills whatever the fan is pointing at.

The question that remains though is why the fan doesn’t eventually run out of air and leave an area of no air behind it. The answer is to do with pressure and it’s nature – you see wherever there is a high concentration of particles and a low concentration of particles, the particles from the high concentration will always rush to fill the area where there are few. This is called ‘equalization’ and is similar to filling a flat bowl with water – it will spread out to try and cover the area evenly rather than ‘piling up’ on top of each other. This then means that as you pump air one way, the air rushes around behind the fan to get ready to go again. This is also why the fan can ‘suck’ things from behind. A vacuum cleaner is actually just the reverse of a heat pump.

This is what allows heat pumps to keep operating. When you read the heat pump reviews, bear in mind that at it’s basic level, a heat pump is just a fan. Other heat pumps of course operate under water, but the principles are the same.

The way that heat pumps vary and why heat pump prices can vary is in where the hot air or hot water comes from and why it is hotter. For instance a geothermal heat pump is very different indeed from a heat pump that uses air. In a car for instance the heat pump will pump air from the engine into the car. This is warm because it has been around the engine which gets hot. With geothermal heat pumps the heat comes from deep beneath the Earth where the ground is naturally warmer. Of course these are the more expensive heat pump prices because that heat is sources by digging a huge trench and because the heat has to be pumped farther.

Before buying heat pumps gathering proper information on heat pump prices is very important rather than getting cheated. Jordan Quade is expert in field sharing heat pumps reviews on his blog to help audience in buying heat pumps.

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Make Your Home a Part of Your Personality

The following is a guest post:


Decorating your own home can fill you with enthusiasm and ideas. Your home is your castle, as the old saying goes, and how you choose to decorate it reflects some of your character and allows other people to see the kind of person you are.

Going to someone’s home for the first time can be very revealing. Although at work someone might seem formal and reserved, if you’re invited over for a summer drinks party or a dinner party you might see a totally different side to them in their own home. Obviously, it’s a social occasion and people are usually more relaxed in their own environment, but the furnishings and décor they choose helps to give an overall impression, too. And of course, the same thing will happen when you open your doors to colleagues and acquaintances too.

However, you shouldn’t worry about what other people think – or might think – when you decorate your home. Although it might tell them more about you as a person, your first priority is to make your home somewhere you enjoy spending time in; not about what kind of impression it will make on others.

So, when choosing a sofa, although you might think you ‘ought’ to get one of the latest shapes or colours, think about whether that’s what you really want in your home. Chic designer recliners might look great, but do you have the space in your living room for one, or will it just look overly large when in the reclined position? Likewise, a light coloured fabric sofa might be the best choice for the overall look of the room, but if you have young children who aren’t the best at washing their hands, how long will it stay looking good? Often, it’s best to go for the most practical colour and shape sofa that suits your household, and use other items like framed prints and ornaments to stamp your personality on a room.

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The New Scotts Spreader System Gives You a Great Lawn

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SocialSpark for Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's that time of year, it's starting to get warmer outside and your starting to think about your lawn. If your like many homeowners you know that a nice green healthy lawn is something that you want to have. It's great for curb appeal and it just can make you want to go out and enjoy the yard. With the Snap perks on Facebook you can get a great lawn for a limited effort! I live in an apartment, but my mom would love this system at her home. She has a large amount of land and it was not seeded or had any landscaping done when she built her home. With this spreader system she really could seed her lawn herself and it would look amazing!

This system is amazing. Not only is it very easy to use, but you don't have to worry about your seeds spilling all over if you have any left over after seeding your lawn. How? Well, the bag seals back up when you are done with it so there is no mess! Of course there are other great things about this system, like how you don't have to cut the bag, you don't have to worry about spreader settings and it has an edge guard so your grass seeds don't end up in your flower beds! Want to see what others think? Check out this video and get the information you want from real people.

Are you a huge lover of your lawn? You may also be interested in Scotts
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Scotts® Snap® Spreader System

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