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Bathroom Accessory Collections

Unless you have ever undergone a DIY bathroom remodeling project, you may not be aware of the fact that there are actually a that come as a full collection. In fact, bathroom accessories can complement literally any era in décor from Victorian to ultramodern times. Usually these full collections contain the toilet roll holder, a hand towel holder, a tumbler holder and a soap dish. However, it is also possible to order each of the components separately if the need arises. Although these attractive accessories are well-built and durable accidents do happen and pieces may need to be replaced from time to time.

55203_imageWhen it comes to period pieces for the bathroom there is no finer source than bathroom accessories. It is possible to find Edwardian accessories, Victorian accessories and modern accessories as well. Also, mirrors are available in a wide array of styles some of which are backlit while others are representative of different eras in UK design. The Art Deco mirror is a great example of this as it is styled after the lines of that period. You may also want to consider adding any towel rack, heated or non-heated, to add to your full collection of accessories in order to have a place to have a bath towel on the ready.

Since it is possible to get free delivery to all orders on the mainland UK if they are over £65, it is wise to order the entire collection at the same time. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or simply find that your accessories have lost their luster, it is best to order them as a collection and install them all at once. You can literally have the best bathroom imaginable with a few small changes, and it needn’t cost next year’s salary.

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Buying a First Home

I know that many people who are looking at buying a home are first time homebuyers. I myself have yet to buy a home, but I do have a huge interest in real estate and a few friends who have bought homes as well. There are many reasons to buy a home right now. One is that prices are very low, so it’s easier to afford a home. Two there are first time buyer mortgages made just for new homebuyers. Three since real estate prices are low, you know that in ten or twenty years your home will be worth more.


There of course are some downsides to buying a home now. One is that you need to have good or great credit. Banks are not lending like they use to. They are lending smart and though this is bad for people looking to buy a home. It is something they have needed to do for a while. How can you get around this? Well, first check your credit and fix it. Then shop around for good rates about 6 months after you have fixed it. Don’t take out other loans, get new credit cards or anything else if your looking to buy a new home.

Also start looking before you intend to buy, just keep in mind that your not buying, but getting an idea of what you like or don’t like. You can also use this time to meet different real estate agents that could help you in your house hunt later on.

Have you recently bought a new home? What tips do you have for first time buyers?

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5 surprising ways solar will be different in 20 years

Solar power is a technology that is always changing and even though solar is a great way to power your home now, it’s going to get even better! If you don’t know much about solar now, there is a lot of information out there. Really solar is made easy online, but do you know how fast this technology is changing and how it will effect your home design?

5. Solar will go Thermal: Solar thermal systems are based on the physical principle of energy conversion from short-wave solar radiation into heat, this is  also described as photo-thermal conversion.

4. Solar panels will get smaller: Solar shingles are already in production and these will start to become more and more popular. a1_4

3. Solar will grow on your home: New Solar Ivy will allow solar panels to be placed on the side of your home and business walls to not only power your building, but to create signs, decoration and more. The image shown above is just one way this Solar Ivy can be used.

2. Spray on Solar: You can already do this, though it’s not widely used yet. Spray on Solar will allow solar panels to be put anywhere! Currently they are used on rooftops for businesses, but the applications are endless.

1. Solar will go organic: Stanford researchers  found that adding a single layer of organic molecules to a solar cell increases its efficiency. This could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar panels!

Do you have solar in your home or business? If so how do you like it. If not would you consider adding solar power?

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Inviting Friends to Share your Garden

Inviting Friends to Share your garden You have spent countless hours tending to your plants. You’ve shed tears, sweat and blood getting it just right. Do you want to keep it to yourself? No way. You need to show off and put your hard work on display.

Throw a party

The easiest way to show off your garden is to get people to come over. Casually mention that you have a little project out back and I guarantee you will hook someone into taking a walk. If you really want to lock it in then throw a garden party. Start up the grill and serve some drinks. Make sure that people have a place to throw their trash so you don’t wind up with plastic utensils and paper plates strewn among your beds.


Get some furniture

People need a place to sit and some classy patio furniture will encourage people to spend more time outside and new your source of pride. I like to have a space in my garden that is just for entertaining guests. A few chairs, some small tables for drinks and a fire pit make for a nice arrangement. Remember that patio beds are not regulated to patio use. Put it directly in your garden and enjoy the night.

Light it up

Add some path lighting at the least for some late night strolls. Solar powered path lights are a good idea because they don’t require much extra work and you don’t have to worry about whether you turned them off after the party. If you plan on having a lot of nighttime parties then I suggest actually using lights to show off your garden. What’s the point of having people over to see our work if they can’t see a single leaf. All in all these are just some simple suggestions to highlight and help you show off your garden. After everyone leaves and the cleanup is done you can wipe the spilled soda off your patio table, take a seat and bask in the knowledge that your guests are jealous of your “little project”. Then it’s back to work in the garden.

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5 Tips for House Hunting in Todays Market

I know so many people who are house hunting right now. They have had both good and bad experiences and I decided to talk to a few of them and see what they suggested to do when you are house hunting in todays market.

1. Make sure that you have a great research skills, finding the right mortgage is the best way to start your house hunt on the right foot. A bad mortgage or dealing with a company that gives you problems can really cause a lot of problems when house hunting.

2. Don’t expect perfection, unless you have the budget for it. Even with home prices falling, perfect homes don’t actually exist. You will change something in your new home. You may have to paint, change the flooring or update a few things. Keep your standards up, but not higher then your budget allows.

3. 1385676_street_view_1Research home prices in the area you want to move before you start house hunting. You may not be able to afford the area you love and knowing that before you start your hunt can save you time, money and stress.

4. Look at more then one home, look at both fixers and “move in ready” homes. You may find paying someone to come in and create your perfect home will be cheaper then paying for the “move in ready” home.

5. Your budget need to reflect what you actually make. Don’t get into a home you can’t afford. Try to keep your monthly home payment to 20% of your income or less. This allows for savings to fix things, taxes and more unexpected things.

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Make Your Address Stand Out


I know you can’t change your address, but you can make the numbers stand out so that people can find your home easily and you can of course keep up that curb appeal you work so hard on. How can you do this? Well, with house address plaques! You of course want to pick one that is going to work with your house and style, but there are a few other things you want to consider also.

Your address plaquesneeds to be big enough to be seen from the other side of the road you are on. You want people to know how to find your house. If your really friendly with your neighbors you may want to see if you can read it from their yard or door. This makes sure that people with minor vision problems can still see the plaque.

Keep it simple address signs are a decorative piece, but if you make it too complicated people won’t be able to read it. Remember you know where your house is, others do not. Match the style, but don’t go overboard.

solar_lamp_2If you can find a plaque or sign that lights up, that is a great way to allow people to see the sign at night. If you can’t try to put the sign near a light so it can be seen. I myself have had a problem finding homes because you couldn’t read the sign.

No matter what you choose for your address plaques remember these tips and to pick one that goes with the style of your home. That way your curb appeal is amazing and your house guest love that they can actually find you.

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Whitney Farms Helps you Grow Organic

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been growing a container garden and I have been thinking more and more about going organic with it when I do it again. Useing organic soil, and organic plant food can really help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a very healthy home. Both things that I am very invoved in and want in my home.

Many of the chemicals we have in our body's come from plants even if we grow them at home. Even some organic soils can have things in them you may not want to have in your home so why use Whitney Farms® soil

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

  • low to no dust
  • no manure odor
  • easy to apply
  • Contains beneficial microbes
  • Specially designed protein-based blends provide your plants with both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive

This sounds to me like a great product to have in your home. It's natural and has the micronutriets you need for your plants so that they will grow and grow and grow.

109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

Whitney Farms® also offers plant food that is organic and great for the environment. Of course both the plant food and soil can be used in an outdoor garden to create amazing and healthy plants. Going organic of course not only helps you, but helps the environment as well. It's really a great win/win for everyone, you don't lose the amazing veggitables and you don't worry about what is going into your water supply!

Now of course food plants are not the only thing that benifit from organic soil, flowering plants also benifit. The picture above is not my garden, but maybe someday it will be. This would be the perfect garden for my needs and wants. I love water and I would probably have fish in my garden. That means the organic soils would help me keep my fish healthy.

Want to try Whitney Farms? You can with a $3 coupon! Make sure to come back and share your experance!


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Fire Alarms and Your Home

I have learn a few things living in my apartment this year. One being that apartments can be great if you have good neighbors and horrible if you do not. I also learned that an open apartment is wonderful, until you start trying to cook things. The reason there is a problem is because of fire alarm codes. They are great and they are there for a reason, but when your fire alarms go off every time your oven is on there is a problem with the codes.

It use to be that alarms would only go off if there was smoke, now they go off when there is a change in temperature. In my apartment this is a huge problem, There are no windows in the kitchen area. This is not a huge deal because it’s an open concept, but because of that open concept the whole apartment heats up quickly and the alarms go off like crazy.

The picture below is the floor plan for my actual apartment:


I have actually disconnected the alarms in the living area. I usually leave my door open when I’m not home or when I am sleeping so this is not a huge problem. But, I’m sure there are many people in my apartment complex who do not. It would be nice to see codes change a bit to reflect open floor plans in small areas.

What are your thoughts?

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Time to Get the Pool Ready

Summer is a time to be outside and enjoy the warm air, but is your pool ready for you to jump in and get involved in some great summer fun? If not you may want to make sure it is. Order yourself some discount pool supplies from and start working on your pool design.

Once you have those supplies you of course want to take a good look at you yard design, can you have great pool parties or is your pool kind of blah and not too inviting. Using some inspiration from websites and magazines. It’s a great way to get inspired and find things that you may never have thought of using. How cool would it be to have this pool in your backyard?

Pools-1There is also a small checklist you can use to help with your pool design:

  1. Stone or brick
  2. Plants and flowers
  3. Deck or no deck
  4. Fire pit or no
  5. Pool supplies

So what are you waiting for?  Head out and get your amazing new pool design and enjoy your yard and your summer!

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Steel Building – A Smart Solution for a Perfect Home

If you are planning to build a permanent home which will protect you from encountering hazardous weather conditions and all sorts of dangers, go for steel buildings. Today, it’s not only homeowners but business professionals and also retired individuals are making plans to construct buildings made of steel.

Earlier, buildings made from tin, aluminum and even steel were used for manufacturing purposes. Currently, people are considering steel to be one of the most preferred materials in making homes. Whether it is durability or flexibility, steel buildings score high in each and every aspect. However, it’s very important to talk to a professional architect if you decide to construct steel buildings.


Well, here are some more points which will help you install steel buildings:

  • As mentioned earlier, an architect’s advice is a must before heading to install steel buildings. Since they specialize in steel buildings, you can get the best suggestions from them on how to build a perfect home out of steel.
  • The home you are going to built for yourself must have a layout design. Remember, a steel building’s layout design can be altered just like a typical house made of wooden frames. So, it’s you who need to decide what kind of layout you would like to apply for your steel building. Discuss it with your architect so that he can accordingly frame the structures accommodating the floors and the walls.
  • Take note of the insulation. Owing to drastic temperature swings, traditional steel buildings are sometimes found non-insulated. Hence, foam board insulation should be added for comfort during construction.
  • For the roofs and walls, you must look for reflective and smooth metal panels. Although people prefer to get patterned steep panels, the ones that are made of smooth metal perfectly reflect sunlight. Moreover, the smooth metal panels can keep you miles from receiving high energy bills.
  • Make sure that your steel buildings look clean and modern. Overloading your rooms with furniture will give you very little space to move around. On the other hand, beams made of still can always bring a new look to your home.

So, you can see how steel can make your home look good and stylish. You simply need to talk to a professional designer who can give you the best suggestions for constructing such a sweet and secured home. Browsing a few websites can ease your job of choosing a professional steel building architect. Talk to him in detail about the layout, location and other aspects of a steel building and accordingly take your initiatives. Live life king size!!

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Renew your Home with Leviton’s Renu®

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Leviton for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Renu<sup>®</sup> > Brands > Solutions from Leviton Web Site

Are you looking for something amazing to add to your home decor that will wow without spending a ton on new tile, carpet, wood flooring or expensive furnishings? Well, I have a great solution for you. Finally there is a new take on the the small things we use in our homes, yes, I'm talking about wall plates and switches.

With the new line Renu from Leviton you can update the look of your home for a lot less and wow your friends all at the same time!

Leviton Image.png

The Renu® collection includes:

  • Switches
  • Combination switches
  • Wallplates
  • Dimmers/Remotes
  • Tamper Resistant Outlets
  • Tamper Resistant GFCI Outlets
  • QuickPort Connectors

Want to know a secret and probably the best part of this product line? Renu® products are available in 20 popular paint colors, and they can easily be changed out. That means that if you want red covers, then decide a few years later you want blue or green all you have to do it get a new plate. You don't have to worry about the new plate fitting or having the wrong screws!

I live in an apartment and I know this is perfect for those boring apartment spaces that are just bland and boring. I can easily update the look and feel of each room by using these plates and then I can take them with me when I leave! Looking at the picture above, you do, I'm sure understand my pain. I have an open concept and I love it, but you see those dang horrible kitchen outlets from the front door!

Interested in these and other Leviton products?

Leviton is hosting 3 twitter events and the dates and times are as follows:

  • Wednesday, April 18th 9pm EST
  • Thursday, April 26th 9pm EST
  • Wednesday, May 2nd 9pm EST

Just follow @Leviton and #Renu for the twitter events and participate and they can possibly win some Home Depot gift cards!

You can also like Leviton on Facebook and get updates and ideas for your home.

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Cut Yardwork with Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SocialSpark for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's that time of year, your going to have to go outside and work on that yard of yours, but it needs help. It's just not green and lovely anymore even in the spring. You need to re-seed, but it's just too much work. You know you need a nice lawn as curb appeal is everything, even if your not selling your home. It's still what guest see first.

Well, now it's not too much work and you have no excuse to not get it done. Just go out and get yourself the new Scotts® Snap® Spreader System, and see how quickly you can seed your yard.

What's so cool about this system?

  • No mess, no guess spreader system
  • The Snap Pac connects directly to the Snap Spreader – no cutting, no opening and no pouring from heavy bags – no spilling or waste! ?The system auto-sets the proper flow rate. No Spreader settings required! It also has a unique EdgeGuard feature that keeps product where you want it…. on the lawn! ?
  • When you’re done, the Snap Pac self-seals upon removal making it easy to store – No more half empty bags on the garage floor.

I'm thinking of getting the system for my mom. She has a large yard, and though she won't be able to do the whole thing, there are some areas in the yard that have no grass. They have been driven over or the dog has dug up the grass. She hates looking at it so, this would be perfect for her.

Love the idea of the Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System and also "like" Scotts ® Snap perks on Facebook so they can be in the know of Scotts great promotions and contests. It's free and you of course have nothing to lose, so why not!

If your still not sure if this system is right for you maybe you should check out this testimonial.

So are you ready to make your yard look amazing?


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The Ultimate Baby Shower Nursery Giveaway

Having a baby means a lot of joy and a lot of expense! A great group of bloggers and companies have come together to give away…everything!

Just check out this prize list!


  • Nursery Furniture: Crib and Dresser- Sponsored by your blogger hosts!
  • Crib Bedding- Sponsored by your blogger hosts!
  • High Chair- Sponsored by Joovy
  • Stroller- Sponsored by Joovy
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  • Hand Made Quilt- Sponsored by a Rafflecopter giveaway
  • $200 Gift Certificate for Organic Baby Clothing- Sponsored by Baby Essentials
  • $200 Gift Certificate for Organic Bathing Products- Sponsored by Happy Future USA
  • 100 Keepsake Favor clips and Bows- Sponsored by Keepsake Bows
  • Loaded Gift Basket- Sponsored by Bea’s Gift Baskets
  • Pampers Premium Diaper Cake- Sponsored by Cute-Ecakes


Overall Retail Value: $2500.00!!!

Best part- you have so many ways to enter! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below! Rafflecopter Code // <![CDATA[
// ]]>a Rafflecopter giveaway You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.

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Spring Scent your Home With Glade® Expressions™

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

What do you love most about spring, me it's the ability to open my windows and let in the fresh air. Now during the day that works great, but when the nights are still cold you just can't get that same fresh smell. That is why I love using Glade® Expressions™ in my home.

Glade® Expressions™ comes in the following scents

  • Pineapple & Mangosteen
  • Cotton & Italian Mandarin (only available in Fragrance Mist form)
  • Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice
  • Lavender & Juniper Berry

They also come in two different styles: - Glade Expressions Air Fresheners

new Glade® Expressions™ fragrance mist

1. Long-lasting, true-to-life fragrance opens your home and invites life in.
2. Artfully designed and pretty enough to fit any décor, making it a convenient and stylish home-fragrancing option.
3. Squeeze-to-spray activation for easy and comfortable spraying.
4. Refillable with your favorite Glade® Expressions™ fragrance.

new Glade® Expressions™ oil diffuser

1. Long-lasting, true-to-life fragrance opens your home and invites life in.
2. Fragrance lasts 30 days and doesn’t require electricity.
3. No-spill design fits with any décor in your home.

Glade® also has a fragrance satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. All you have to do is mail the original UPC and purchase receipt within 30 days of purchase and fill out this form

So there is all the information on these great products, but what do you do with them once they are in your home? Well, you put them out and even though they are very pretty alone, I love the modern design of both products. I would pair any of these scents with vanilla candles or surround them with some wonderful plants or silk flowers. This will help add that special something to your rooms and of course your guest may have no idea that the amazing smell is really coming from Glade®!

Looking to get your hands on one of these great scents? Look for the coupon for $1.50 off of any Glade® Expressions™ This coupon can be used at Walmart where you can find Glade® at everyday low prices.

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Relax with Outdoor Seating

Summer is coming quickly and that means more time outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. You do know that you will need some nice stylish seating to create that wonderful outdoor oasis right? Well it’s not very hard to get the look you want in your garden. It just all depends on your wants, needs and of course the furniture you choose to put into your outdoor space.


I’m loving these Adirondack chairs, they are simple, stylish and inviting for your guest. The addition of a table gives people a place to sit, eat and relax. It also provides an anchor area for people to gather in your yard.


Of course if your not into dinning sets like that set you may love using Picnic Tables in your yard instead. This one is an eco-friendly table made of Resinwood slats and a black recycled plastic base. This is a great option for anyone who wants to help the environment and have a stylish table too!


Another great addition to any home garden space is using park benches around your garden areas. This encourages people to sit and enjoy your yard or allows for small group or one on one conversations during gatherings.

So what are you waiting for? Get some great outdoor furniture for your garden area and go enjoy summer!

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Luxurious Design On A Budget

The following is a guest post:

Luxury is defined as “indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable and sumptuous living”. The words ‘rich’ and ‘sumptuous’ give away the concept of it being expensive, but enjoying your living space shouldn’t have to be. This is why I am going to present you with some easy and inexpensive interior design tips that can create a richly looking and very comfortable home.


The atmosphere of a room is very much dependent on the color of the room. While bright and bold colors are great fun to work with, they aren’t associated with luxury. Shades of white, creams and especially pastel tones are. To give your room more depth, consider mixing a nice cream shade with a lovely pastel such as blue, pink or green. When you are choosing furniture and accessories for the room remember to match these with your chosen color scheme.


Another major influence on the feel of the room is how light it is. Light is especially important for a luxurious feel, as large windows are associated with luxury due to the old window tax making windows only affordable to the rich, so it’s best to make the most of your windows. Highlight your windows by using curtains instead of blinds. To make your windows appear bigger than they really are use long curtains that even cascade along the floor. You can save a lot of money by buying curtains online and the variety is so much larger, too. You should also be aware of the artificial light of the room. One big light on the ceiling can give a very harsh glow. Instead use a collection of standing and table lamps. They have a softer glow and can be strategically placed in front of mirrors to make the room look bigger.


You needn’t buy brand new furniture, or replace the old, just consider adding some furniture that has a more luxurious look to it. Take the time to head off to your local flea market and find some old style furniture for a bargain. Don’t worry if it looks a little battered, as it can be done up. New upholstering on a chair can instantly recreate its luxurious look, while some white paint on an old cabinet creates luxury chic. Depending on the condition of the furniture you have scavenged, a layer of varnish can be all you need.


As with many things to key to success lies within the details. Accessories give your room a bit of luxury to tie it all together. Silver candleholders with long white candles are ideal for a luxurious look, but do not fear they needn’t be real silver. Either buy some cheap yet silver looking candle holders, or purchase some cheap alternatives and spray paint them silver yourself, just make sure the paint isn’t too bright or metallic, else this risks the look turning tacky rather than luxurious. An array of pillows and cushions on your sofa and chairs further highlights the luxury look. Be sure to match the colors of these with the rest of the room, but feel free to add stripes to the design.

When designing your luxurious home, remember that it is about your indulgence and your enjoyment, so choose the items that make you feel comfortable and surrounded by luxury.

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How Create More Space In A Small Home

Whether you are living in a small home or you are planning to move into one, it is in your best interests to make use of all the space that you can. No one likes to feel cramped, and if you are invested in making sure that you can get the most use out of your home, there are some key things that you need to look at.

Open Up Your Windows
Many people default to mini-blinds when they first put in window dressings, but the truth of the matter is that there is no reason to do this. Remove the mini-blinds and put up sheers, which let in the most light while giving you a fair amount of privacy. Given that sheer panels are fairly inexpensive, you will discover that this is a great way to open up a small area.

Spiral Staircases
If you are dealing with a stairway that feels cramped, fix the issue by installing a spiral staircase. Spiral staircases take up a fraction of the space that a standard staircase does and you will discover that installation can be a breeze. Use a spiral staircase to add some physical space to your home.

Double Duty Furniture
Remember that everything in your home can do more than one thing. For example, take advantage of of a folding wooden futon as a couch and as a sleeping space for visitors. If you need more seating, think about purchasing a storage ottoman or two. Not only can you store things inside it, you can sit on it very easily. Take some time and think about what your options are going to be when it comes to furniture that can fill more than one purpose.

Raise the Viewpoint
One way to make a small home look more spacious is to put more decorations slightly above standard eye-height. This causes people entering the room to lift their gaze, which encourages a more spacious look in general. Use small objects hung up on the wall to raise the eyes or frame your favorite small prints and scatter them through the area. A small amount of work can help you create a space to be proud of. 
If you are in a small space, you will find that there are plenty of things that you can do to open it up. A small home does not necessarily mean a cramped home, so start looking around and considering what your options are going to look like. It is completely possible to decorate your home to your tastes without having it look too small.

About the Author

This article was written by Phillippa representing – supply a wide range of loft ladders, stairs, spacesaver stairs and spirals.

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Warning: Hardwood Will Make you… Happy!

I loved having hardwood floors in my home. My mothers home has hardwood and I really wish my apartment did, but oh well, I can’t exactly change that and if I could I would have by now. The good news is that if you’re a homeowner and don’t already have hardwood floors in your home you can change that easily and for a pretty good price too!

How? I know people think that all hardwood flooring is expensive, but if you buy your hardwood flooring wholesale, you can save yourself a ton of money and get beautiful hardwood flooring for a fraction of the price! Now, you don’t have to be like my aunt and hit the manufactures on your way home from vacation to get a great deal on hardwood flooring, you can just hop online and find amazing wholesale deals.


Some of the benefits of hardwood flooring:

  • Better for the environment depending on type
  • Improves air quality
  • Easier for people with disability’s to move on
  • Easier cleaning
  • Can last hundreds of years

Reasons not to have carpet

  • Allergens live and bread in carpeting
  • Mold can grow easily in carpet
  • Promotes static electricity and this could cause problems in your home
  • Carpet can loosen and shied over time making your carpet look worn and old.

If you look then at how hardwood can not only be better for your health, but better for the environment depending on the wood you choose, you can see that getting hardwood is something you do need to look into. There are other great things about hardwood, it’s timeless, so you don’t have to worry about trends clashing with the color or the style of your flooring. When sealed well you don’t have to worry about staining and spills. The best part about changing to hardwood: with the great wholesale prices on hardwood flooring you should be able to do your whole home for a great price!

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All About Toho Bugle Beads

When it comes to bugle beads, one name stands out and this is the Toho bugle beads. Toho bugle beads are manufactured in Japan and are regarded with the highest quality. This type of beads are very small and their sizes range about 2mm to 9mm long to complement whatever types of beads that you are going to use to make your accessories. Moreover, Toho bugle beads also exist in other sizes that are larger than the standard 9mm length. This brand of bugle beads also offers long bugle beads that are 30mm long. These types of bugle beads often look tubular in shape.

Toho bugle beads are made from high quality glass thus they look beautiful and they glisten well especially when hit by light. Each of the beads is also inspected properly so each pack containing hundreds to thousands of individual beads are perfectly identical with one another. Toho bugle beads do not only exist in different shapes aside from the usual round design that are commonly seen in bead shops. They can take on the square shape with the four corners running lengthwise while they can existed in funky twisty shapes, hexagonal shapes or a combination of each of the shapes mentioned.

Toho beads are available with both round and square holes and they are often big enough so that needles can pass through them easily. You can use lovely Toho beads to make whatever accessories that you fancy since they exist in different shapes, sizes and colors.

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A Country Manor Provides an Oasis from a Hectic World

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A majority of homeowners opt for urban and suburban living ; however, a luxurious manor in the country offers a haven of peace and style. From the use of handmade luxuries to natural décor, country homes express an appreciation for a simpler time that an increasing number of homeowners find irresistible. Read further to find out what makes a home in the country so inviting and simple touches you can include in your decorating style that add a rural touch to your home, wherever it may be.

Country manors offer an escape from a hectic, fast-pace life, and the decor of a country style home harkens back to a time when life was simpler, when technology was slower. In fact, many items that decorate a country manor are reflective of manual tools used in country life. However, those who celebrate the simple life do not have to sacrifice luxury.

In addition to items that reflect the necessities of rural living, homes manufactured in country style employ the use of simple luxuries like hand crafted items, luxurious sheets, and quilts. Layered textiles that add a tranquil and cozy touch to a room are also the trademark of a country home.

Furniture and flooring in light, natural tones are signature facets of a country manor. Choosing furniture, flooring, and accents or pine oak are a great way to achieve a country style. Flagstone and tile flooring are two more options that offer a rural feel. Accentuate natural furniture and flooring with braided or hooked rugs for the perfect rustic touch.

The furniture in a country home reflects the beauty of nature. In addition to furniture made of light wood, a country home may feature wicker furniture as well. Furniture made of natural materials blends easily with the landscape of a country manor, and it exudes the serenity and simplicity of the outdoors.

A unique country home makes use of these timeless icons of a rural manor and blends them with the personality and character of the owner. Through the use of decorative touches, including replicas of old-fashioned tools, quilts, and layered fabrics, a country home emulates a simpler time, and it offers an oasis from the clutter of modern life. Natural furniture, flooring, and accessories present in a country home also help to reflect beauty of the natural world.

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