Inviting Friends to Share your Garden

Inviting Friends to Share your garden You have spent countless hours tending to your plants. You’ve shed tears, sweat and blood getting it just right. Do you want to keep it to yourself? No way. You need to show off and put your hard work on display.

Throw a party

The easiest way to show off your garden is to get people to come over. Casually mention that you have a little project out back and I guarantee you will hook someone into taking a walk. If you really want to lock it in then throw a garden party. Start up the grill and serve some drinks. Make sure that people have a place to throw their trash so you don’t wind up with plastic utensils and paper plates strewn among your beds.


Get some furniture

People need a place to sit and some classy patio furniture will encourage people to spend more time outside and new your source of pride. I like to have a space in my garden that is just for entertaining guests. A few chairs, some small tables for drinks and a fire pit make for a nice arrangement. Remember that patio beds are not regulated to patio use. Put it directly in your garden and enjoy the night.

Light it up

Add some path lighting at the least for some late night strolls. Solar powered path lights are a good idea because they don’t require much extra work and you don’t have to worry about whether you turned them off after the party. If you plan on having a lot of nighttime parties then I suggest actually using lights to show off your garden. What’s the point of having people over to see our work if they can’t see a single leaf. All in all these are just some simple suggestions to highlight and help you show off your garden. After everyone leaves and the cleanup is done you can wipe the spilled soda off your patio table, take a seat and bask in the knowledge that your guests are jealous of your “little project”. Then it’s back to work in the garden.

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