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Things to consider when looking for new blinds

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Adding blinds transforms how a window appears particularly if you choose a window dressing such as roller or roman blinds. Other very popular choices include Velux blackout blinds from Itzala. Your decision should be tailored to the look and feel of the room.

Roller blinds are popular as they can fit inside and outside a window frame. They can blend well with wood or fabric and add to the overall look and feel of the room in terms of the colour and style. Once you have covered the small details such as light fittings and other decorations, this is usually when the eye looks at the windows for those finishing touches.

When it comes to blinds, certain points need to be considered

Rather than buy the more expensive blinds, consider how it differs with other cheaper choices. It may be a very small subtle difference such as the embroidery. How does it fit the room? Choose a balance between functionality and decoration. Patterned blinds can fit in with the current look of the room such as the paintings and cushions adding to the room’s snug feel.

freeimage-4453099Know the differing types of blinds so you can take a peek at a selection and decide which fits the intended rooms: Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Pleated Blinds, Conservatory Blinds, Specialist Blinds, Velux blackout blinds.

Roller blinds tend to be the cheaper choices though as mentioned above, choose if the patterns fit your room and do not retract from the style already in place.

Choose blinds that cover the whole width and length of your windows and ones that will not break easily.

More so for bedrooms and play areas. Materials can be wood, or usually plastic. Wood is tougher but do check they are able to block light sufficiently. The traditional type usually sought is the blades type as it offers easy control of how light filters into the room.
Some blinds allow sliding sideways which is perfect for large windows. The size of your windows should be a prime factor in choosing the type of blinds. Panel or vertical blinds suit larger windows.

Some companies offer a made to order service whereby you can have blinds made to fit your exact measurements. These companies will also deliver to your door.

The type of cord used to open and close the blinds can be hazardous to your child or your cat. Children may decide to play with the cord and can get hurt and cats love playing with long dangling string.

In Conclusion
By following the tips above on things to consider when looking for new blinds, you will choose a style and type of blinds based on a practical approach that will simply add to the elegance of your rooms.

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Maximize your Curb Appeal With a Stylish Mailbox

One thing that so many homeowners forget to worry about is curb appeal. Remember the show dedicated to just that? Making your home’s exterior look as amazing as the interior. They were not wrong when they said that curb appeal will make or break your home. It really is the first thing anyone sees when they come to your home and may be the only thing that some people see.

One way to make that curb appeal sparkle is to get an amazing fancy mailbox. Sometimes it’s just that one thing that makes someone think “That person has an amazing sense of style.” or sometimes they may think that you have “A huge lack of style” and that is why picking the right mailbox is important.

7245With the plethora of fancy designer mailboxes available now, there is no reason to stick with the normal bland mailbox. Take a look at this one I have picked as a favorite. It’s classic, but still very modern and stylish. It’s makes a point and the best part of all is that it will also hold your newspaper! Yes, I still get a newspaper, I love the coupons and the yard sale section!

Now you may think. “I don’t need a mailbox like that!” I just want something simple and without a post! Well there are a lot of wall mount mailboxes you can pick from if that is what you need. In fact some are really very nice and would look great on any home.

What’s your preference? A street side box like the one I have shown or a house mounted box?

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Use Sheepskin To Warm Your Home

I know it’s summer and the last thing you want to think about is warming your home, but I’m not talking about temperature, though in the winter sheepskin rugs would be really helpful in warming your home. I am talking about making your home feel warm and inviting. Making your friends and family want to stay there and making new friends feel welcome.

longwoolsheepskinpillowscushions.imageSheepskin products are really very versatile. You can buy rugs, pillows like the ones shown and so much more for your home. Personally I would love to curl up against one of these great pillows and watch a movie. Don’t they just look really comfortable! The best thing is that these products are very soft and you can even get sheepskin products for your baby.

Another great way to bring sheepskin into your home is by buying something for your pet. How about a sheepskin bed or pet mat. You know your pets love to stay on something warm and inviting right? Why not get them something soft to lay on that isn’t going to harm them with strange chemicals?

The best part about the site comfy sheepskin, where I found those great pillows is that they have products for everything! Me I live in Michigan and I’m thinking that sheepskin seat covers for my car sound wonderful in the winter. Think about it though if you have leather seats you may want them in the summer too! So if you like one stop shopping you can get your home décor and your car décor all at the same time!

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5 Tips for a Restful Home

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With most of us leading hectic work schedules and active social lives, the home is becoming more and more of a sanctuary from the outside rigors of daily living. When you come home from a busy day, do your surroundings encourage you to relax and let go of stress? If not, then these valuable tips could help.

Clutter is chaos.

Any space where there is a lot of mess can cause stress. If you would rather not spend hours dusting and cleaning your home, then it’s time to get organized. Get rid of unnecessary knickknacks and other items which don’t serve any important purpose. Use shelving and cabinets to store items instead of just leaving them out in plain sight. You can also organize your personal space and closets with baskets and clear plastic bins, so that finding something you need is much easier and convenient.


Let in fresh air and natural lighting.

Exposing your home to natural light and fresh air can instantly lift your mood. During the cooler hours of the day, lift up your shades and allow sunlight and air to come inside your house. At the very least, this will allow stagnant air to get out, so that your home will not have a musty, closed-in smell.

Play it light.

Browse through any interior design magazine and you will see that zen interiors typically use light colors and neutrals, such as white, grey, taupe, and beige. That’s because these colors help open up a space, so that it seems bigger than it actually is. No matter how big your home is, designing in dark and gloomy colors can dwarf it so that it appears more confined. Aside from using light colors, using other elements like streamlined furniture and minimalist décor can increase the zen appeal.

Create a personal haven.

Every now and then, enjoying some privacy and quiet can significantly keep you grounded, no matter how busy you get. For most people, the bedroom serves this purpose. Aside from being a place where you sleep, your bedroom should allow you to let go of worries and other concerns—if only for a few hours at night. Strive to design your bedroom so that it looks as appealing as the best rooms in the house. A beautiful space is more conducive to rest and relaxation.

Invest in quality.

Some people who would willingly spend thousands of dollars on a designer couch but hesitate to make the same investment in a bed. This is actually a foolish economy, considering the fact that we spend roughly 1/3 of our day in our beds. When it comes to sleeping needs such a beds and mattresses, it is always wise to buy the best that you can afford. A quality bed will not only last you for years; it can also directly affect the quality of your rest, which in turn, affects your mood and performance. Mattresses should be ideally replaced every five years or so, so that they can provide optimal support and comfort in various sleeping positions.

Author Bio- Patric Seeley is a Global Brand Manager at -The UK’s no 1 best supplier of beds and mattress. Mattressnextday stocks a LARGE assortment of beds and mattresses, probably the largest collection on-line today!

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Protect What Makes Your Yard Beautiful with Flood Wood Care

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Flood Wood Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love spending time outside in the summer. It's a great time to spend with family enjoying the outdoors and relaxing in the sun. The problem is that though the sun is nice, it can have some damaging effects on your outdoor furniture, decking and other wooden products. The sun is not the only problem your wood products face, wind water and other types of weather can damage them too.

The good news is that Flood® Wood Care can help you to keep your wood products looking amazing! It's the best solution for your wood care projects and it's a brand you can trust. They have been around since 1841 and was founded by a family of painters, so they knew what they were doing when they created the product. The Flood® brand has earned its reputation as "The Wood Care Specialist" because their products are reliable and exceptional in their quility. You don't have to worry about your wood products when you use Flood® Wood Care.

Think about the items in your yard. Do you have a deck, chair swing or benches that are wood. How do they look. Are they dried out and in need of some tender lovin' care? Don't just think about your back yard either, what about the front yard, what wood products do you have there. Remember curb appeal is everything when it comes to a first impression of your home. The inside can be amazing, but if the outside is not that great then you ruined your chance!

For my home, or in my case my mothers home, I would use Flood® Wood Care on our decking both front and back, her chair swing and on a wooden well we have that covers our actual well. Yes, I live in the country and drink well water!

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Protect your Home with Detectors

Recently I moved from my apartment back to my mothers home. When I lived in my apartment I had to remove the smoke alarms from the living area because my oven would set off the alarm every time I used it. When I started unpacking the other day I found the smoke alarm covers in one of my boxes! Luckily I will be heading back the the area in a couple of weeks and will be returning the covers.

This made me start thinking more and more about how homes are designed and how the detectors in our homes have evolved. Think about your home, do you have smoke alarms and at least one carbon monoxide alarm? My apartment had these and my mom’s home has both too, but when I was growing up we didn’t have a carbon monoxide alarm. This made me wonder if there are more homes that don’t have alarms


  • Every year in the United States, about 3,500 people die in home fires. Even though about 97 out of 100 homes have alarms
  • Only 37 percent of US homeowners have a carbon monoxide alarm

This was surprising for me, but at the same time not unexpected. People just don’t think about these things, but if you are here reading this blog then you care about how your home looks, but it doesn’t matter if you have a great looking home if it burns down or you become very sick because you don’t have the correct alarms and detectors.

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Improve the Look of Your Bathroom with TrueShopping Accessories

If you want a more enjoyable bathroom experience, purchasing accessories to improve the visual appearance and functionality would be recommended. Trueshopping currently offers a plethora of bathroom accessories, including but not limited to towel rails, brush holders and rings, as well as soap baskets, shelves, apparel hooks, toilet paper roll holders, showerheads, shower seats, pedal bins, soap dispensers, and much more. If you want to add some entertainment to your shower, consider the relatively affordable waterproof televisions, which are available in several colors and styles.

Trueshopping showers are some the finest in the industry, offering the best of both modern and traditional styles. With 48233_imagea comprehensive catalog and a simplified shopping experience, true shopping makes it easy for you to find all of the components needed to create a fully custom bathroom or shower environment.

Trueshopping also offers a variety of shower enclosures, including quadrant showers, walk-in showers, wet rooms, and shower cabins, as well as a vast selection of shower accessories such as doors, screens, shower trays, showerheads, soap trays, and much more. In addition to their extensive selection of showers and shower accessories, they also have plenty of bath styles to choose from, including acrylic, steel, corner, freestanding, and old-fashioned baths. offers a user-friendly interface in which you can browse for products based on collection, type, or name. If you’re planning on completing a full-scale bathroom renovation project, this site has all of the products needed to accommodate your needs and preferences. If you want to add a bit of comfort and functionality to your bathroom, consider the wide range of bathroom furniture available, including vanity mirrors, vanity sinks, cloak units, back-to-wall toilets, sink fixtures, and cabinets sets. Trueshopping also offers a full range of bath taps, including showers, basins, toilets and furniture for bathrooms."

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