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Top 5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bath

When it comes to designing your bathroom it seems that sometimes people give up because it’s just too hard to too expensive. Sometimes though you can cut your cost if you just follow a few simple rules.


1. Shop online! Sites like Eden Bath have great deals on all kinds of sinks and other bathroom fixtures. There is also a much bigger selection online then in most local stores so you can get exactly what you want.

2. Contract out the hard stuff. Don’t try to do the plumbing or electrical yourself. Hire someone to do this. It’s much easier and will actually be better on your wallet in the long run. When people do their own bathrooms sometimes they just don’t get it right and you end up with a waterfall in your basement. (yes, this happened to my mom)

3. Design your bathroom for you. Unless you are selling your home, design your bathroom to fit your needs, not for resale. If you love stone vessel sinks add them if you would rather have a simple vanity with minimal storage then do that. It’s your bathroom and you have to use it.


4. Check your tile. I don’t know how many times I have had people tell me “I picked out this amazing tile and now I slip and slide around my bathroom!” Make sure your tile will hold up to being walked on when wet. You don’t want to injure yourself just for style.

5. Keep it simple. Yes, those shower heads in your bathroom wall would be great, but unless you can afford to have someone come in and fix them every so often you may want to skip them. Make sure you can afford the upkeep for anything you add to your home, including anything in your bathroom.

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Decorate With a Piece of History

One thing I love most about interior design is that you can really use almost anything to decorate and improve your home. Many people run out and buy the newest and greatest trend then, in a few months, they have to do it all over again! That is why I prefer to use antiques in my home redesign projects.

Now, I know your thinking it’s just so much easier to just hop online and order something amazing that’s brand new and have it shipped to you. Well, you can do that with antiques too! With stores like Loveday Antiques you can shop online and have it sent to your home! Yes, right to your home and it’s all assembled for you already!

12870107164303_28_mainLoveday Antiques is a London antique shop, and sells many unique items that would work well in any traditional or eclectic design. Now, you may enjoy finding a rare find at a local antique store or market but sometimes you can’t. Where shopping online for something and then being able to actually talk to someone about it, may be a better option. Really it just depends on you.

When looking for antiques I have a few recommendations:

  • Always ask for discounts: You need to ask, because they will not tell you!
  • Always get a receipt! You need this in case there is a problem
  • Ask about wear and tear: They don’t have to tell you about this, so ask!

Some great antique items to look at are servers, bookcases, accent chairs and sofa or side tables. The reason that these are better then say a sofa or loveseat is that in today’s world we use our furniture in ways that would make most people want to yell at anyone who sat on their antique sofa. So it’s best to use antiques as statement items. If you have a formal dinning room you don’t use often, then an antique table may work wonders for you!

Really when it comes to antiques for your home, buy things you love, don’t just buy them because they cost a lot. You want to enjoy this well made and crafted items. Not worry about how much money your kids will get when they sell them.

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3 Tips for Designing an Elegant Formal Dining Room

When it comes to designing your dining room, there are many aspects that need to be considered. Here are a few ideas that you will want to implement into your design strategies so that your dining room will be of full service to you:

Overall Flow of Traffic

First, it’s a good idea to consider foot traffic regarding your dining room area. You will want the area to be a reasonable distance from the kitchen and pantry. That way, serving and cleaning can be easy for all involved. It’s also best for food presentation, that way, you can bring in dishes as needed.

For some, privacy is key. For others, a dining room is best when designed with an open floor plan. Figure out which alternative will best fit your needs.


Secondly, it’s important to consider the space. Or more specifically, how your dining room furniture ( will fit into the dining area. If you have more than one piece, is it of utmost importance to design a large space. Consider if you have enough wall room for items such as a buffet or china cabinet. Make sure each dining room furniture piece that you own will fit strategically. That way, you can enjoy the flow of traffic, food and entertainment with ease.


Decorating and Design

Lastly, you will need to consider the overall design of the room. If you are hoping to pursue a more elegant setting, it’s important to include items such as a chandelier and archways. Arches are an excellent feature to give your dining room a more solid and artistic look.

Other ways to improve your dining room is to consider the color and decorations carefully. Choose neutral colors along with a bold accent. This will give the area a solid and inviting presence. You may also want to consider adding fabrics through curtains or table top runner. It will create a more homey and eccentric feel.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when designing your dream dining room. Each step should help you throughout the entire process. Be sure to start taking notes as you begin planning your dining room. Write them down and keep them with you throughout the process.

Consider different options, to make sure you find the best solutions available. Eventually, you will be grateful for the strategic design process when all is said and done.

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Unique Outdoor Spaces

Interior design is not just about the interior of your home, but the exterior spaces as well. Designing outdoor spaces is not a huge part of an interior designers job. Here I have a few that I really love, they are unique and should inspire you to get outside and improve the outdoor area of your home. (Images taken from

outdoor fountan

Outdoor kitchen



grass bed

outdoor kitchen

outdoor living

Which of these outdoor spaces would you want in your home?

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Five Great Tips for a Interior Design Rut.

Are You in a Design Rut? I have been there before too. Even as an educated interior designer I find I am still unsure of things from time to time. It may be that I just am bored of my current layout or that I’m trying to help a difficult client, in my case friend get the design they really want. It can be hard when they or yourself are just unsure of what you really want out of your interior design project.

There are many ways to get inspiration though I have 5 great tips for a design rut:

1. Get out of your house and go to the store. Yes this may seem counter productive as you probably have been to the home improvement store a few times for ideas, but here is the change. Don’t go to the home improvement store. Go clothes shopping. Why clothing, well trends in clothing and interior design are very similar. You also may notice that hot colors in clothing are also hot colors in design. Check out the new clothing for new color ideas. You can also use clothing for fabric ideas too, though you do want to be careful when you do that as most clothing fabric does not work for furnishings.

2. Go house hunting: No I don’t mean go buy a house, but go around and look at other homes that are on the market. You can also find great open houses where people are showing off the interior design in there homes, but your not pressured to buy the house your viewing. This can be a really great way to see a design put into a home that is actually being used. If you are able talk to the homeowners about what they like and don’t like about the design.

3. Take a walk. Nature can really inspire you to decorate in a green and sustainable way if that’s what your going for. If you can and have a bit of a green thumb take some of those plants home with you. Plants are a great way to change the look and feel of your home in a hurry. If you can’t take them from your walk head to the local greenhouse and see what they have that you like. If your not very good with plants stopping at a green house and asking for easy care plants is the best way to go.

4. Go on vacation, or at least pretend to. Check out the reception areas at hotels and resorts in your area. What do they have that you really like? Take that and scale it down a bit for your home. Maybe they have a cool water feature or a sofa that is absolutely amazing and you have to have it. Whatever it is that catches your eye it’s something to consider when redesigning your home. If your looking for bedroom ideas you may be able to call a few local hotels and ask if you can view a few of the rooms. Explain why and they may let you in if no one is using them.

5. Keep a notebook. This is essential for any design project. If you keep a notebook with pictures, ideas and company names it will make your design project much easier. Not only will you have ideas at your fingertips, but you will also have contact information and company information in case there is a problem after the project is done.

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Protect your Home with Lifeshield

You spend a lot of time and money making your home look good and feel welcoming. How would you feel if someone came into that home and destroyed all of your hard work. Taking your items with them and leaving you with an empty shell? Luckily you don’t have to worry about that with This is a great inclusive home security service.

Some of the monitoring they offerapps-lg

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Smoke and Fire
  • Medical
  • Environmental

They of course offer a little more then just those I’ve listed. Lifeshield works with protection 1 and has centers not just in large cities, but in smaller towns too. I know many people believe that there is no crime in the suburbs and the country, but there is and it’s a growing problem. Having good security is really a must for anyone in this economy. They not only provide instillation and monitoring though their centers but you can also hook up the monitoring to your phone or access it online. This service is called lifeview and it’s really perfect for us tech types that love to play with our gadgets all day! With this service you can arm and disarm your system, see crime in your area and a whole lot more!

LifeShield also makes it very easy to Buy Security Alarm for your home. All you have to do is check out there website and pick a package that interest you. I love how there site actually gives you information on the products, and they don’t just give you a little bit, they have a ton of information about each package and you can also get advice from a pro in case your not sure what you really need. Really it’s a great service and I found so much information online that all of the question I had were answered by just browsing the website. How is that for a great company?


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by though my membership with BlogFriendlyPR. All thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

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3 Main Features to Keep in Mind when Buying Electric Showers

The following is a guest post

Electric showers work much like water heaters. They heat mains water quickly as it flows to the shower head. They are very economical choices as they heat only the water that you need at the time and are the only choice for a shower that is completely independent of a hot water heater. This means that if your boiler is in need of repair, you can still enjoy a piping a3507shot shower. When purchasing electric showers, there are a number of features that you may want to keep in mind.

1. Riser Rail – The riser rail is a metal bar that attaches to the wall. This is what allows you to adjust the height of your shower head. If you want a bit more flexibility, a longer rail is a good choice. Many electric showers have riser rails that offer hooks for shower gels and built-in soap dishes.

2. Spray Variance – You can choose electric showers that offer variable spray patterns from power jet sprays to wide sprays. Choosing the right shower depends of course on your personal preferences. When selecting, check to see if the shower head offers an adjustable spray. Many have up to five different spray modes.

3. Power Rating – You want to choose a shower that has a good power rating. Most vary between 8.5 kW and 10.8 kW. You will likely pay a bit more for higher power ratings but the higher they are, the more powerful your shower sprays will be. You may find that some also offer variable settings such as economy settings that will use less power by providing you with a lower temperature of water.

These are the main features that you should consider. There are however, many other features that you may find when you are shopping. Some offer water saving shower heads that enable you to conserve water as well as energy when showering. Others have push-button controls that make it much easier for you to enjoy the same flow and temperature settings each time you shower. Memory functions ensure that your specific settings are remembered and many models offer these that are capable of remembering up to five different shower users. Each time you get into the shower you simply choose your pre-programmed setting and your shower will be the way you like it every single time.

There are a number of other features you may want to consider as well, but these are the most important. Select an electric shower that suits your showering and design needs as well as your budget.

This article was written by Electric Point, one of the largest independent wholesale groups in the UK and Ireland. We are the electrical wholesalers UK residents rely on for quality products and fair prices.

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Benefits of Sleeping on a Latex Mattress

clip_image002What’s so great about sleeping on a latex mattress? We’d like to tell you about all the benefits of these types of mattresses! We believe once you’ve slept on one, you’ll never want to go back to another mattress.

What is Latex?

Latex is a natural substance derived from the sap of a rubber tree. It’s processed by one of two methods: the Dunlop method or the Talalay method. Typically people who prefer a firmer mattress opt for the latex mattresses manufactured using the Dunlop method as it produces a firmer latex product. The Talalay method produces a softer, more plush latex mattress and is wonderful for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface.

Why Sleep on a Latex Mattress? The Benefits Are Unmatched!

  • Latex breathes – it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s basically a built-in ventilation system for your body!
  • Some natural latex mattresses can last 20-30 years so your investment will stretch a long way
  • Excellent support – latex supports the body like no other mattress. You’ll enjoy proper alignment and support for your neck, back, shoulders, and knees.
  • Less pain in joints and muscles
  • Environmentally friendly – made from natural rubber sap
  • Latex is resistant to sagging or forming depressions in the mattress
  • Durable – excellent for adults and children
  • You can adjust your mattress by changing out, removing, or adding layers – customize your mattress
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No flipping of mattress necessary
  • Circulation increases – improving your overall health, vitality, and energy
  • Naturally deters and repels little critters like dust mites, allergens, and bacteria
  • Biodegradable – natural latex
  • Very buoyant and excellent for isolating motion – in other words, you won’t feel your spouse rolling about during the night and your spouse won’t feel you rolling around either. This translates into a better night of sleep for both of you!
  • You can readjust your sleeping position easily and quickly – no waiting for the latex to re-form to your body
  • Absolutely silent – no noise when you move on it

What Kind of Latex is Best?

Natural or organic latex is the best type of latex for a mattress whenever possible. These mattresses are manufactured without harmful chemicals or synthetics and the process produces a truly natural and safe mattress that you will feel comfortable sleeping on for years to come.

Are You Allergic to Latex?

Can someone with a latex allergy still sleep on a latex mattress? Some people can and others can’t. If you’d like to try it, ask for the company you bought it from to assemble the mattress and place a cover around the mattress itself. It’s possible that if you don’t come into direct contact with the latex, you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress.

There are however some people with a latex allergy that cannot sleep on a latex mattress no matter how it’s covered or protected.

If you have any question about whether a latex mattress would work for you, talk to your physician to get advice before moving forward with a purchase.

Learn more how to choose a quality and affordable latex mattress, which types of latex foam are less likely to produce allergic reactions, and which types are best for fragrance sensitive individuals at

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5 Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Living Spaces

The following is a guest post

If you love outdoor entertaining, designing your outdoor living spaces to reflect this is important. There are a number of ways that you can design your outdoor areas and choosing the best design for your specific family needs is important. Here are a few tips to help you to design the perfect outdoor living spaces for your home:

1. Think realistically – There are a number of ways that you can add to your outdoor living area and literally thousands of designs from which you can choose. Your design depends on your space and budget as well as your family. If you have small children you will want to ensure that you design a safe area for them.

2. Choose your location – You will need to decide on where you want to begin designing your outdoor living area. Choose an area that has the space that you need. Experts recommend using the area directly connected to your indoor living room as an outdoor living area. This makes it an extension of your living room and gives you a wonderful view from indoors as well.

3. Choose your size – You will need to know what size of space you are working with. You do not have to use the entire outdoor area. An outdoor living space or living room is however large you want it to be. Think about the dimensions of your living space. Just as you have a ceiling and walls indoors, you will want to think about these things outdoors as well. Your walls could be lower vertical elements like hedges or raised flower beds. A ceiling could be an arbor or pergola or even a lawn umbrella if you wish.

4. Make it comfortable – Choosing furniture should be based on comfort as well as style and budget. You do not have to place plastic outdoor furniture in your outdoor living area. There are a number of beautiful choices for outdoor furniture today. Choose furnishings that reflect your personal style and provide a comfortable place for you to relax with family and friends.

5. Add lighting – Be sure that you add adequate lighting but not too much lighting. You want your outdoor living area to be natural and adding too much light will take away the natural beauty. Choose lighting that is approved for outdoor use. Path lights will protect against bumping into things at night and you can add lamps and other lighting as needed.

This article was written by Trueshopping, an online department store with a wide selection of affordable luxury products for your home.

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4 Tips for Choosing Safe Yet Stylish Bathroom Accessories

The following is a guest post

Decorating your bathroom does not have to be boring to be safe. There are a number of bathroom accessories that you can incorporate that will promote safety and still add to your existing décor. If you are in need of a universal design that is accessible to everyone you do not have to choose between style and safety. Here are 4 tips for choosing bathroom accessories that are stylish and safe at the same time.

919450_hotel_bathroom1. Choose the features that you want – The first thing to consider when decorating your bathroom is that this is your room. You want your bathroom to be relaxing and to fit your specific needs. When selecting your accessories, think about the ergonomic design, size and specific look that you want. If you are choosing grab bars for instance, think about the design that most closely matches your existing décor. Choose the size of bars that will best fit your bathroom and think about rounded or curved grab bars, towel bars and soap dishes.

2. Plan ahead – You may spend a bit more during your remodeling than you had planned but this can help you to save substantially in the future. Adding bathroom safety accessories will ensure that slips and falls are few and far between. If you add your accessories during a remodeling project, you can also save on having to tear down walls in the future to install these items.

3. Think about your weight needs – The weight capacity of most grab bars are around 250 to 350 pounds. Think about how much weight will be put on these bars and choose the ones that are best suited for your family.

4. Choose the design that you want – There is no reason in the world why you should have to settle for boring, hospital-like grab bars. Choose accessories that match the finish of your existing fixtures or come in a style that you like. Just because you are trying to be safe does not mean that you have to give up design.

This article was written by Best Bathrooms, the UKs leading supplier of bathroom accessories at competitive prices.

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