Five Great Tips for a Interior Design Rut.

Are You in a Design Rut? I have been there before too. Even as an educated interior designer I find I am still unsure of things from time to time. It may be that I just am bored of my current layout or that I’m trying to help a difficult client, in my case friend get the design they really want. It can be hard when they or yourself are just unsure of what you really want out of your interior design project.

There are many ways to get inspiration though I have 5 great tips for a design rut:

1. Get out of your house and go to the store. Yes this may seem counter productive as you probably have been to the home improvement store a few times for ideas, but here is the change. Don’t go to the home improvement store. Go clothes shopping. Why clothing, well trends in clothing and interior design are very similar. You also may notice that hot colors in clothing are also hot colors in design. Check out the new clothing for new color ideas. You can also use clothing for fabric ideas too, though you do want to be careful when you do that as most clothing fabric does not work for furnishings.

2. Go house hunting: No I don’t mean go buy a house, but go around and look at other homes that are on the market. You can also find great open houses where people are showing off the interior design in there homes, but your not pressured to buy the house your viewing. This can be a really great way to see a design put into a home that is actually being used. If you are able talk to the homeowners about what they like and don’t like about the design.

3. Take a walk. Nature can really inspire you to decorate in a green and sustainable way if that’s what your going for. If you can and have a bit of a green thumb take some of those plants home with you. Plants are a great way to change the look and feel of your home in a hurry. If you can’t take them from your walk head to the local greenhouse and see what they have that you like. If your not very good with plants stopping at a green house and asking for easy care plants is the best way to go.

4. Go on vacation, or at least pretend to. Check out the reception areas at hotels and resorts in your area. What do they have that you really like? Take that and scale it down a bit for your home. Maybe they have a cool water feature or a sofa that is absolutely amazing and you have to have it. Whatever it is that catches your eye it’s something to consider when redesigning your home. If your looking for bedroom ideas you may be able to call a few local hotels and ask if you can view a few of the rooms. Explain why and they may let you in if no one is using them.

5. Keep a notebook. This is essential for any design project. If you keep a notebook with pictures, ideas and company names it will make your design project much easier. Not only will you have ideas at your fingertips, but you will also have contact information and company information in case there is a problem after the project is done.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this post, why not comment?

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