Top 5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bath

When it comes to designing your bathroom it seems that sometimes people give up because it’s just too hard to too expensive. Sometimes though you can cut your cost if you just follow a few simple rules.


1. Shop online! Sites like Eden Bath have great deals on all kinds of sinks and other bathroom fixtures. There is also a much bigger selection online then in most local stores so you can get exactly what you want.

2. Contract out the hard stuff. Don’t try to do the plumbing or electrical yourself. Hire someone to do this. It’s much easier and will actually be better on your wallet in the long run. When people do their own bathrooms sometimes they just don’t get it right and you end up with a waterfall in your basement. (yes, this happened to my mom)

3. Design your bathroom for you. Unless you are selling your home, design your bathroom to fit your needs, not for resale. If you love stone vessel sinks add them if you would rather have a simple vanity with minimal storage then do that. It’s your bathroom and you have to use it.


4. Check your tile. I don’t know how many times I have had people tell me “I picked out this amazing tile and now I slip and slide around my bathroom!” Make sure your tile will hold up to being walked on when wet. You don’t want to injure yourself just for style.

5. Keep it simple. Yes, those shower heads in your bathroom wall would be great, but unless you can afford to have someone come in and fix them every so often you may want to skip them. Make sure you can afford the upkeep for anything you add to your home, including anything in your bathroom.

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  • Adele Grisham August 28, 2015 at 2:45 am

    Thanks for your tips. It’s all too easy, however, to get sidetracked during a bathroom revamp and find yourself drowning in unexpected costs and unanticipated problems.

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