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Scary Halloween Decoration Tips for Your Home

The following is a guest post

November is virtually here and which suggests taking out spider webs, pumpkins, hags brushs along with other Halloween home decorations to make your home’s entry into the most scary in your area. Of course, Halloween is probably one of the best times to have some seriously wacky fun with terrifying decorations folk will remember for years. This vacation is thought to be one of the most fun and casual laid back of all vacations.

It’s an occasion where folks of any age group can wear silly get ups, decorate their houses to look like weird mansions, and wander round the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Decorating your place for Halloween is tons of fun, and it’s rather more fun if you begin early and become creative with your plans. So let’s rap about some of the most scary and creepiest methods to decorate the interior of your house.

Here are some Scary Halloween Decoration Tips

Halloween Decorations

Where To Put Your Halloween Decorating Ideas:-

If it is in your home, you can most likely decorate it. Here’s some fast concepts to start:

1. Corners of the room
2. Tables and countertops
3. Ceilings
4. Steps and staircases
5. Walls
6. Doors and doorways
7. Fireplace mantels
8. Windows and window sills
9. Picture Frames

Halloween Decorations – Guidelines To Make Your Skin Crawl:-

Windows are one of the most apparent locations to show your Halloween night decorations. You will find never-ending paths to create a scary and attention-grabbing present, only use your brains.

Here is a awesome idea:

Require some heavy design paper and cut down baleful shapes like a picture frames, bat, hag or black moggy. Put them in any corner or window of your home. You will be startled in the effect this straightforward touch makes.

More Spine-Chilling Ideas:-

Find some crisp, colourful dry leaves in your garden or close by park. Details them in a gigantic suitable container and propagate them anywhere you would like that spooky, deserted Halloween experience. No Halloween party is really finish without crazy spiders! Scatter a lot of them across the yard and house. The greater the better! And do not ignore the artificial spider webs that flip any home right into a spooky haunted house.

Scary Lighting Effects:-

The best lights can deliver chills up any visitor’s backbone. Dim your lights very low, put dark coloured bulbs in the nicest places or go without electrical lights and use only candles – that may truly wig out perhaps the ghastliest nature who dares move into your Trick or treat chamber of horrors! Just observe in places you set those candle lights so that the small ones ( and not-so-little-ones ) do not get hurt. The right lighting can really do or die your Halloween decor.

Why not raise the stakes with a mist machine – now you are truly rocking! Also try out different coloured lights, like red or orange, to make your decorations rather more strange and mystical.

There’s No Boundary To The Awful Fun:-

You actually can’t fail with anything Halloween party home decorations you attempt this year. Creating your personal is a smart approach to possess some family fun. Additionally, you can go shopping for the countless variety of selections stocked in shops during this time period. Whatever you do, just remember to have a laugh and share the wackiness of Halloween with all of your friends and family.

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Keeping Your Home Bed Bug Free

The following is a guest post

Having a bed bug infestation in your home can be stressful and embarrassing. There is a stigma of dirtiness associated with bed bugs, though it may not be deserved. The pests are highly adaptable, able to easily hide in the smallest of places and capable of moving unnoticed from an infestation spot to an area that is not infested. Once in a home, they can be difficult to remove. It is far easier to take the proper steps to avoid an infestation in the first place than to try to eliminate one.


Keeping bed bugs out of your home

Once thought to be nearly extinct, bed bugs have been making a real comeback in the last couple of years. This has largely been due to the fact people have not had to deal with them, as well as the ease with which people can travel vast distances. The bugs often hitchhike in the luggage of travelers and return home with them. Here are some tips to help keep them out of your home.

*When traveling, take the proper precautions. Before you book, research the hotel for any previous complaints. Try to avoid having luggage mingle with the bags of others during transportation. If it can’t be avoided, wrap the suitcases in plastic to prevent the bugs from being able to move from one piece of luggage to another. Upon arrival at the hotel room, thoroughly inspect the quarters before unpacking the luggage. Make sure the bags remain off the floor during the inspection. When leaving, check the bags again. Upon returning home, launder all clothing that was taken on the trip at the highest temperature possible to kill any bugs that may be lurking. Store luggage as far from bedrooms as is possible. Ideally, they should be kept in a garage.

*At home, remove as much clutter around the house as possible as the pests will use the piles as hiding places. Create a regular schedule to vacuum all the carpets around the house regularly to remove any bugs or their eggs before they get a chance to multiply, and remember to empty the vacuum after each use.

*Take a walk around the outside of the home and seal any openings with caulk. Do the same for the inside, looking especially for cracks along the bottoms of the walls.

*If used furniture or clothing is purchased, check it over before bringing it in the house. Bed bugs are very flat and can hide in the smallest seams or folds of clothing or upholstery. It might also be a good idea to run a steamer over the items as a way to kill any bugs that might have been missed.

Bed bugs are highly proficient at moving from one place to another. Though they have been associated with places that are not clean, they can find their way into just about any residence. Keeping them out of a home is the best way to avoid having to deal with an infestation. Doing so means taking certain precautions when traveling and proper maintenance at home, but by taking a few simple precautions you should be able to avoid an infestation.

Karen Barnes writes for a website where you can read more about bed bugs and learn how to spot signs of an infestation.

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Start an Interior Decorating Business Online

0183InteriorDesignBusinessIS11314028250I have been looking at starting my own design business again. I kind of have one going, but the area I live in keeps me from doing too much. Because of this small town problem I have decided that I am going to look into getting a business set up online. Currently I am working on getting images of the work I have done and then it’s time to set up the website.

I’ve been looking at to host my site as I would like to keep it separate from my blogs and I know it will be easier to do if the host are different. I know that having a good webhost is important when you want to get a business going! You need to keep that site up at all times and make sure people can see what you can do, where you can do it and how you can do it. They also need to be able to contact you and they can’t if they don’t know how.

If you have dreams of being an interior designer or decorator share how you would start your business. If you have already started your own how did you do it? Did you start online or with friends?

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Our Vacation Home

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

We bought a house last year at the beach because we were sick and tired of constantly paying for hotels. Our family is relatively large so by the time we got everyone a hotel room it became pretty expensive to do year after year. I love that we all go to the beach together as a family and I’m really happy my husband and I were able to afford a place. It’s been nice to just pick up whenever we want to and go to the beach.

Debbie & Fred Pictures June 2004 078We’ve put a lot of money into the place already in renovations and whatnot and it’s actually inspired us to change up some things at our place here in Dallas. I went to and checked into the best energy rates and my husband actually contacted someone about putting new tiles on the roof – I’ve always wanted more of that Mediterranean feel even though I live in Texas! Who would have thought in our mid-thirties we’d own two homes?

Sometimes I think my husband’s brother feels bad he couldn’t contribute more to the family beach house but you know, he’s really good with his hands and he’s worked in construction all his life so we told him he could pay us back by doing some labor on the house. He’s going to put tile in all the bathrooms and possibly look at expanding the deck and he even told us he’d come to Dallas for a long weekend to do some renovations on our fulltime house, too.

I just love my family and my husband’s, too, since they’re all so willing to help each other and so great about being a team. I’m an only child so my cousins are like my siblings but my husband’s one of six – there are always PLENTY of family members to go around! Having a big family is something I always wanted for my kids, too, and now I can say we’ve got it.

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DIY Pest Control Gone Bad


(Image Via

In todays cash strapped world, an increasing number of us are choosing to ‘do it ourselves’ when it comes to jobs around the house. Anything from painting and decorating to laying flooring, to building extensions – it appears we can do pretty much anything we set our minds to.

However, there are a few jobs that are best left to the experts, one of those being pest and vermin control, especially jobs that require the elimination of stubborn pests and vermin, such as bed bugs, rodents and termites.

There are several online tutorials and ‘how to’ guides talking you through the process, which sound relatively easy and effective. However, they often leave homeowners out of pocket and injured, usually without even fully sorting the problem.

Here are some examples of DIY pest control gone very bad:

Hot Topic

In 2010 a woman and her mother tried to take the fight against bed bugs into their own hands. Bed bugs cannot withstand high temperatures, so the two women decided to try to heat the bedroom to sauna like conditions using a camping grill. This resulted in a fire and an unscheduled visit from the fire department, who couldn’t quite believe their eyes.

The crazy idea was formed from some advice the pair read on the Internet, which seriously backfired. And guess what? They still have bed bugs!

Fogger Disaster

A lady in North Carolina was so frustrated with having bed bugs she bought 18 cans of fogger to try to eliminate them. However, if not used in the correct way, fogger spray can cause serious injury and in some cases even death. Sadly, this lady died shortly after administering them around her home without the correct protection.

Squirrel in the attic

A British Man was recently fined a significant amount of money for drowning a squirrel he had caught in a cage trap. Another was fined for incorrectly setting a squirrel trap and inadvertently trapping and killing a woodpecker.

Glue Boards

Glue boards are frequently seen as quick and easy solutions to vermin and pest problems. However, it’s worth noting that professional pest controllers will only use them as a last resort. There have been numerous incidents where cats, kittens and owls have been caught on a glue board, causing unnecessary suffering and trauma.

So it’s pretty clear to see that DIY pest control may not be the great, cost effective method of eradicating pesky bugs you think it will. More often than not people end up spending more money on DIY pest control than if they had just called the experts in.

The pest control industry is heavily monitored and regulated and puts it’s employees through extensive training before attempting to operate in people’s homes. Young children and pets are particularly at risk when chemicals are misused or overused by amateurs in the home.

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Create a Spa in Your Home

Everyone wants to be able to relax when they get home. This may mean sitting in front of the TV or participating in a hobby, but for most people this means being able to go and enjoy your bathroom in a way that will make you relax and enjoy it. That is where great interior design comes into play and where amazing and high quality products are helpful.

flyte_magento_familyOne place in your home that I do encourage people to spend money on is the bathroom, the other is the kitchen. I say this because bathrooms and kitchens tend to be where we look to relax or spend time with the family. So if your looking into a bathroom remodel go ahead and buy one of those high end faucets that you have been looking at. Just make sure you like it and that it’s not to trendy, that way your money goes farther. 

Here is where I suggest you spend your money on your spa bath:

  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Tub
  • Towels/rugs

Skip the expensive tile or use a combination of unique high end tile and cheaper common tile to create an interesting look. Also don’t spend a ton of money on mirrors or shelving.

If you could design your own spa bath what would you have in it?

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A Home Add on That Will Make You Money

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SocialSpark for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My mom has been wanting to add on to our home for years, the problem has been money, now her add on will probably cost us about $25,000 or so, no we are not adding a bathroom or a bedroom, but we are looking into Home Solar Panels. Yes, it can be costly and since Michigan doesn't have a lot of incentives to do solar power right now it's not something you can just throw up and wait for a check, though hopfully this year that will change.

home solar panal roof

Whats the big deal about solar? Well in southren states this is a great way to not only make your home more energy efficent and save yourself some money, but you may also be able to get a check for the energy your panals produce. You of course will want to see what yoru local utility company offers. Ours unfortunatly is not offering anything. Another reason we have yet to switch over, our utility company does not offer anything, though Consumers energy does!

Own your own business? You may want to see if you have any solar panal rebates or incentives that will help your business. You could save thousands on electric, heating and cooling use and of course there may be the added incentive of an extra income! Why miss out on this?

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