Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Patio

There is no reason why you have to keep your holiday decorations in your house. Branch out onto your patio. Even if it is not warm enough for you to spend time outside enjoying them, looking at them from the window produces the same holiday cheer as looking at decorations inside your home. What is special about decorating a patio is that you can incorporate the natural elements into the design. Here are just a few of the ways you can make your patio festive.


During the Christmas season, no one thinks twice about bringing trees into their home. This year, you may want to put one your patio as well. It’s a great Holiday decorating idea! You can decorate it with lights that are designed to be put up outside. You can even find ornaments that are sturdy enough to decorate the tree with. You can essentially put a Christmas tree in the middle of your patio where it will be exposed to the snow and ice and other winter elements. It will look beautiful and set itself apart from the other trees in the yard.

In keeping in theme with the Christmas tree idea, you can put many other plants outside during the winter to add some festive cheer to the lack of greenery and abundance of white. Whether you choose to use artificial Christmas trees and plants or real ones, it will certainly add some color. This is especially true if you opt for bright red or green varieties. Again, you can feel free to add ornaments or lights to them for an extra sparkle.

Strategically placing a few decorative items around the patio can make a huge difference in the mood of the space. For example, filling a basket that you don’t mind getting worn by the weather with some pine cones and fake berries adds a nice touch. A couple stone statues with a Christmas theme can complete the look. Even a simple strand of lights and garland draped around a railing can transform the look of the patio.

If you have a large amount of space that you are trying to use up, you may choose to create an entire scene out of decorations meant to be placed outside. Most people create either a nativity scene or a Santa Clause scene that they can gaze on as they look out the window.

christmas-decor-patio-ideasHow you decorate your patio for the holidays depends on several things. You have to determine how much space you have to work with and what the weather is like in your area. If you plan on having snow, you can use that to create a festive look. If you don’t have snow and harsh conditions, you have more freedom to put out other decorations without fear that they will get destroyed.

Decorating for the holidays shouldn’t be restricted just to the inside of the house. Surround yourself with holiday cheer by decorating the outside. It will be wonderful to see when you look out the window, and it will also provide a welcoming tone to guests and neighbors.


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