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Living in Another Season

Have you ever visited the ocean and seen the amazing homes and condos that line the water? I have only once and I still dream about living in one of those homes and designing the homes ar0und me. I find that when your in an area you love your life just seems to work a little better and that is why design and location are everything.

I’ve been looking around the Orchid Island Properties website for some summer decorating inspiration. Yes I’m working on some more post for you that deal with summer décor already! I’m also looking for myself. How could you not find that view pictured below inspirational?


So yes I do have a bit of the winter blahs, but I have found my hunt for summer ideas is really helping and I have started changing a few things at home to increase my energy and get me out of the winter mindset.

Here are my 5 decorating tips to make you think warm weather and get rid of the cabin fever.

  1. Brighten things up. Buy pillows that speak summer or other bold bright accents.
  2. Use tropical scents in your home, be it candles, scent warmers or oils
  3. Put up tropical pictures or paintings and light them up. It will make you think summer!
  4. Bring in some plants, this not only makes you think spring and summer, but also can improve the air quality in your home.
  5. Paint, Paint one wall a bright color, make sure it’s in a room you spend some time in.

So how do you decorate to get rid of the winter blahs? Share your ideas with us!

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Use New Homes for Inspiration

I always love to check out new homes that are going up in the areas around me. I currently live in farm country and there’s not much here, but taking a trip to the city or checking out new homes when I’m on vacation is always a great way to inspire me to design something new, change my style or just plain and simple remind me of why I love interior design.


Let say your on vacation and you decide to check out some local home. Search something like New Communities In Martin County and bring up some great new homes in the area. Now why new homes? Because most of the time these homes are going to feature the latest and greatest or at least the latest of what normal people can afford. Also many times new communities hire designers to help decorate and sell the model home to people coming in. That means they are up on selling trends along with making the home look amazing. I do suggest visiting model homes if your selling your home also. You can really get some amazing ideas that will really help you sell.


But lets say your not selling. Checking out these homes could give you some amazing ideas for your next kitchen or bath remodel. Maybe you want to add on and are not sure how to do it or maybe your looking forward to summer and an outdoor retreat like the one above. Well, these homes may just give you that light bulb you have been looking for and the inspiration for your next home improvement project.

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Sometimes You Just Have to Cover It

Do you have a wall that you just can’t stand, but you don’t know what to do with it. Paint doesn’t look right and the wall paper that’s in your local home improvement or mass retailer just does not inspire you. Well maybe you need to check out Designer Wallcoverings. With designer coverings you get custom wall covering that is unique and full of style and you know not everyone will have the same thing.CIRCLE DANCE HC Full

Handcrafted wallpaper is not only very unique and fun to have, but durable and will last you a long time with proper care. Wallpaper it seems has a bad reputation, but if you buy high quality wall coverings you will find that it’s amazing and really adds something to your home. I love the wall covering I have pictured not only is it unique but it’s fun and it would take forever to paint that type of pattern on your wall, so wall coverings also can save you a lot of time that you could be spending on other home improvement projects.

What are your opinions on wall covering, do you have a love/hate relationship or do you just hate or love it?

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