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DIY Bedroom Ideas You Can Actually Do!

So I got some energy the other night and was a little bored so I decided to find some cool DIY Bedroom Ideas to share with you. This time I found some really amazing DIY bedroom ideas. A few of these don’t have instructions on how to do it, but it’s still awesome Interior Design inspiration for you and me too!

 Creative Ideas for Your headboard


Polka Dots anyone?


Awesome Lighted Headboard


Wooden Plank Wall


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6 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Home and Get Things Done

Here are a few interesting ways to Ways to Organize Your Home and help you with home improvement projects. Enjoy!

Organize Clothing

Organize cords

Fix wood dings

Painting Tips

How To Clean a Shower Head

Orgainize Cables


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PR Announcement: Holiday Decorating Guide

Welcome to all of you PR people. This year on Home Style Tips I am looking forward to bringing my readers a Holiday Decorating Guide. This Guide will start in late September and go though the beginning of December.

Holiday Decorating Guide


The guide is already up and running. I am still accepting pitches for holiday decorating items.

Check out my Holiday Decorating Guide Here

This will work similar to a holiday gift guide, but for holiday decorating!

Options for being included in the Decorating Guide:

  • Review Only (Free with minimum product value of $50) Under $50? Please contact me to discuss.
  • Review and Giveaway (Free with minimum product values of $50)
  • Giveaway Only ($50 fee made payable via PayPal)
  • Sponsored Post ($75 fee made payable via PayPal will remain for lifetime of blog)

Items included in the Decorating Guide will receive the following benefits:

  • Dedicated post to include detailed review (when applicable), pictures and/or video of the product, links to where the item can be purchased and your social media sites (if desired)
  • Promotion on Home Style Tips social media networks multiple times throughout the end of 2013. Advertising will start in September.
  • A 10% discount on banner advertising for a year placement on my sidebar. (Limited availability, first come first serve.)

Request for inclusion in the holiday decorating guide must be made by September 10th for Halloween décor and October 15th for Thanksgiving, Christmas New Years and Hanukah Decor ( I will also accept décor for other holidays that take place during this time). Products for Halloween must be received by September 20th for all other October 20th to be included. Any items received after this date may not be included. Exceptions are sponsored post I will accept  sponsored post until November 25th. They will be published on or before December 5th.


All items pitched must be home décor related. Gift cards will also be accepted.

All items will be considered for the Holiday Decorating Guide but all items may not be  accepted due to time constraints. 

No items included in the Holiday Decorating guide will be returned after the review is complete.  Any items received will be considered as payment for the time taken to review and promote your brand. Sponsor is responsible for shipping any products. Sponsor is also responsible for shipping any giveaway products to the winners of said giveaway.

To inquire about having your product or brand included in Home Style Tips Holiday Decorating Guide, please email Holly @ with the subject 2013 Holiday Decorating Guide so I can maximize the time your brand is being promoted.  The sooner you secure your placement, the more your advertising and exposure will be maximized!

Thank you so much for your consideration in participating in Home Style Tips Holiday Decorating Guide!  I look forward to working with you this holiday season!

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Top Tips for a Quick House Sale

The following is a guest post

Home For Sale Sign & New Home

With the recession being at it speak; the housing market has taken a hit. Fewer people are able to move home as they are struggling to make ends meet. Selling your home has never been a straightforward process and with the economic crisis things have become substantially harder. There are some straightforward Tips for a Quick House Sale that you can do to make your home inviting, welcoming and allows the viewer to imagine they living in the property.

Neutral Colours

If it wasn’t before, then your home being decorated in neutral soft tones is the best way to raise interest in your home. Potential buyers need to see a blank canvas so they can picture their possessions in it, what they would like to do to the property to make it their own and the fact it would be ready to move in to immediately.


It may sound obvious but making sure your home, the entire home, is neat and tidy will appeal to viewer. They will be unable to see past the mess if it is greatly untidy and they wont focus on how they could live in the home just wonder how you can live in such a mess.


No one is saying your home has to be immaculate and everything put into a place but things that are left out on work surfaces etc. should be positioned neatly so the space is clear to see.


A clean home is a happy home. Viewers do not want to walk around a dirty house as no matter how lovely the house is they will instantly be put off and again unable to see past the grime that surrounds them. Imagining their possessions in the home will scare rather than interest them.

The Outdoors

The garden areas are just as important as the inside. They too need to be well maintained and tidy to allow the viewer to get a better perspective of the size, positions and what it could look like as their home.


Before you put your property on the market, you should have it valued beforehand so you know the price that you ask for is accurate. You will be more likely to have offers and later sell if the price is realistic for the house.


Have different items within the house inspected and checked so you are able to tell potential buyers that everything is safe, guaranteed and there should be no issues after they have moved in.



Be prepared to negotiate on the price, the moving date and anything else that may crop up. People want the best possible deal for their money and will do all they can to get it. Make sure you come to an agreement you are both happy with.

Be welcoming

No one really likes having strangers walking around our homes, having them look in cupboards, at our furniture or possibly criticizing the way we have set things up but it is essential when selling a home so be welcoming, greet warmly and if they like you and your home there could be a deal in place.

Estate agents will be able to guide you on all manner of things when it comes to selling your home. The price, the way you should set up the home for viewings and will take a majority of the responsibility for selling your property. Fort Myers Real Estate will be able to offer the best guidance and advice on the best and quickest way to sell your home and will even help you to find the next dream home.


-Image taken from

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Interesting Ways With Books

The following is a guest post

Hello, all! I’m so happy to be here with you at Home Style Tips today with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a fabulous place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful buffet lamps to colorful wall art.

Today, we’re going to take a look at eight interesting and decorative ways to display books in the home. From the living room to the kitchen and then on to the nursery, we’ll see how books show up in all sorts of spaces. Please enjoy!

~ Mari

1 Ways with Books

A full wall of bookshelves seems as much art as utilitarian niches for storing and displaying books. With a Moroccan vibe, this is a cool contemporary global look.

2 Ways with Books

Casually arranged, books mixed with table decor fit perfectly on this narrow traditional fireplace mantel. Books and favorite found objects are a great way to warm up a space.

3 Ways with Books

How interesting are these built-in bookshelves? Filled with books along with artwork and decorative accessories, these shelves bring visual interest and great storage to this large dining room.

4 Ways with Books

This wonderful display not only keeps books at the ready for reading bedtime stories, but also serves as a pretty decorative element in this lively nursery. A striped ceiling and quirky pouf give the space a circus vibe.

5 Ways with Books

This glam tabletop vignette shows just how gorgeous a stack of design books can look. Actually a stack of books can be used as part of a decorative grouping in any style room.

6 Ways with Books

In a chic eclectic living room, bookshelves casually arranged are cleverly used to draw the eye away from the television above the fireplace.

7 Ways with Books

Stacks of books slightly askew add a wonderful lived in look to this dining room turned reading room. Potted topiaries take advantage of the beautiful filtered light that fills this space.

8 Ways with Books

Normally unused space near the ceiling has been transformed into a lovely bookshelf. Oversized swing arm wall lamps like this one are surprising lighting fixtures in the kitchen, but doesn’t it look stunning in this space? Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these book display ideas? Let us know in the comments below and stop by our blog for more home accessories, lighting fixtures, and interior ideas!

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4 Tips to Make Your Move Easier



Move Yourself.. Almost

Sometimes when you move it’s easier to just do it yourself. When you move yourself you keep track of what goes where and you know exactly how your things are being handled. Sometimes though you just can not move everything yourself and that is where a good Delivery Service could come in handy.

Use a delivery service to move things like a piano or other large items that take knowledge to move or that you want to keep from being damaged. Most movers do have some sort of insurance for these items, but paying movers to move everything can be expensive.

Paint Before You Move to Your New Place

Painting before moving in makes life a lot easier. You don’t have to remove furniture and you don’t have to cover everything,  just the floors. Make sure you do take smaller items that you may want to use as accents and a fabric swatch from your sofa or other furniture to match the paint to.

Don’t Pay for Boxes

Save boxes from shipments you get or check with your local stores and fast food places to see if they have any boxes available to give to you. Do this at least 2 months in advance so that way you have time to save up. Use plastic tubs for breakables and wrap those items up in newspaper or bubble wrap.

Arrange for Help Early

Get your friends and family to help you early on. Talk to them about coming over to help pack if they can’t help you on moving day. Pack up whatever you don’t need early if you can. Arrange your moving day early and remind your helpers as often as every week before the day.

Do you have any moving tips you would like to share? I would love to hear from you!

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