A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections: What is a Home Inspection?

Home Inspection - Magnifying Glass

In simple terms, a home inspection is a visual examination of the structural, electrical system and other components of a home. Used to identify unsafe and malfunctioning items, home inspections alert homeowners to any possible problem areas. Home inspectors are required to provide written descriptions of any issues found, and may recommend a course of action.

A home inspector’s report will contain a professional recounting of the home’s condition including the state of its heating and air condition systems, plumbing, electrical systems, walls, roof, floors, doors and foundation. Some inspectors, like ones from A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections will offer additional services, including radon and mold testing.

What a home inspector doesn’t do is predict the future. For instance, if an air conditioning system is in working order, the inspector will report it as so. However, a quality inspector will make note of the unit’s age, and may advise the buyer to replace it soon.

It’s also not an appraisal. Far too often, buyers expect home inspectors to place a price tag on a home’s worth. This is not what home inspectors do, nor will they provide buyers with any advice regarding whether or not they should purchase the home. Home inspections are also not code inspectors. They judge the safety of a home, and while they may make recommendations, it is not their job to pass or fail a home.


Today’s buyers are encouraged to demand that a home inspection be conducted before they close. By doing so, they are provided with a clearer picture of how much money they’ll have to invest in repairs. Some buyers go so far as to insert a clause in their purchasing agreement allowing them to back out should the corrective action be cost prohibitive. However, in most cases the owner is usually willing to negotiate a fair resolution.

The benefits of home inspections are many. For one, they dissuade buyers from making impulsive, emotionally driven decisions based on their own high level examination. Secondly, because home inspectors are required to provide detailed descriptions of their findings, the buyer will not only be alerted to any issues, they’ll also be notified as to the severity of the problem.

One of the main problems with the home inspection industry is that most home inspectors do not possess the necessary credentials and experience to do a good job. In fact, the average inspector is not insured or licensed. To make matters worse, general contractors often try to double as home inspectors. What home buyers fail to realize is that just because someone is good as constructing homes doesn’t mean they’re qualified to inspect them. To ensure a proper home inspection, buyers should consider hiring a professional from A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.

The buyer is more than welcome to accompany the home inspector. This allows the inspector to explain any problems as they are found, and enables the buyer to ask relevant questions. The home inspectors at A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections encourage buyers to join them, and are more than willing to teach them everything they want to know about their new home.

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  • Beth September 16, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Home inspectors are absolutely essential when it comes to buying a home. My mom used to sell real estate, and this is one thing she really drilled into my head.
    Beth recently posted..Author InterviewsMy Profile

  • Jessica September 18, 2013 at 12:24 am

    When we bought our first house… I fell in love with one. The home inspection did not turn out well, though. Saved us a ton of $$$ in future repairs!
    Jessica recently posted..Omron Fitness and Interview with Bob Greene!My Profile

  • Andersen July 5, 2016 at 7:54 am

    Hi buddy,

    Hope you are doing great and we all know that it’s necessary to have home inspection once in a 2 weeks as this will help you in determining the health hazards in your home.

    I think one of the hardest things to do is pull out mold, mildew and gunk from in between the tiles in the bathroom. You can prefer to hire the services of professional mold inspection company to safe your family form serious health problems.

  • Dorris J Smelley December 27, 2016 at 3:03 am

    Initially, the inspector brings you to a detailed walk-through at the home. The inspector is like a scholar who looks at perceptible indications of problems. Since the home inspection is a visual exploration of accessible components of the house and home inspector can review only what he sees, items that are hidden from view such as plumbing inside the walls are not directly inspected but are tested for functionality.

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