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It’s Time To Start Your Spring Garden

Start your spring garden

Have you already started thinking spring? Yes, it is officially here but if you live in the north areas of the United states you may be thinking winter will be here forever, the good new is it won’t and you can start planning out your spring garden now. You want to take this time to plan out not just your garden, but your garden storage areas as well.

First you want to sit down and write a list of what you would like in your garden. If you want both a vegetable and flower garden make two list. Make sure to check and see what will grow in your area, you don’t want to plant tropical plants if you live in Montana. You need to make sure your plants will survive in the climate you are in. Exceptions to this is a potted garden.

If you already have a garden layout that you like then you can keep that and skip this next step, if you do not draft out a garden plan that meets your needs. You will want to make sure you measure your outdoor space and take into account trees and other non-moveable objects.  If you want to take the time or money to move them of course add that into your plan.

Decide if your garden is a project you can do on your own at this point. You may be better off hiring someone or you may want to get some of your friends involved. If your just moving into a new home I do suggest you get some help. Check out your local garden center for assistance and ideas for your home. You also want to check out lot plans to see if there is anything you want to be aware of under your lawn.

The last thing you want to do is go visit a nursery or garden store to see if the plants you chose are there and are really going to work. Sometimes you may want to start by visiting your local garden center to see what is available, most of the time they will only sell items that will work in your climate, but you can also see if you even like the look of the flowers and other plants together.

Remember until it’s in the ground you can always change your mind.

What tips do you have to start your spring garden?

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